Opt out clause not fully resolved

As of Saturday, PFT was hearing early word that there would be no opt out clause in the new collective bargaining agreement.

An NFLPA* source has told Florio that the opt out issue is not yet fully resolved.   (Florio called the news in while scarfing down some bacon and eggs somewhere in a West Virginia diner.  No word if “Don’t Stop Believing” is playing on the jukebox.)

The opt out issue is not expected to be a stumbling block before the players vote Monday, but it sounds like the issue is still being discussed.

13 responses to “Opt out clause not fully resolved

  1. Anyone notice that since the owners vote on Thursday things started to excellerate? The contract had been leaked. We are told of the issues the players don’t like in what they approved and submitted.
    The public opinion on those items gets voiced.
    The rank and file players can see it too and express opinion.
    The “Vincent Jackson” type issues have gone away.
    We keep hearing a back and forth on the Opt out, but at the same time there is a schedule on how the players will vote. (I believe the vote will be approval by the rank and file no matter how the last issues are resolved – even if the owners get their way on all).
    Prior to Thursday’s vote we kept hearing new odd ball road blocks. To me they appeared designed to make sure there was no agreement to vote on Thursday. Or had the goal to force the owners to give in on them in order to save face, because it would look bad if they left Thursday without a deal.

    The vote put a spotlight and the roadblocks and forced the BS to cease?

  2. Unfortunately I had to spend some time in Morgantown WV. Best Thing I can say about WV is the folks are friendly. Really a poor, backward state. Try Black Bear for some descent grub. That’s what they call good food in WV .

  3. Kessler is an ass. Pash an idiot. Smith incompetent leader, Goodel a puppet. Lastly NFLPA* president Kevin Mwawe, a trouble maker who should not be involved as ita been over 20 months since he has played a down. he is just a worthlesa clown.

  4. D’OH!!!! and here’s the Monkey in the Wrench!!…..DRATS, I knew it was too good to be true!

  5. “Don’t Stop Believing” doesn’t get played so much anymore. Ever since Pop ran off with that divorcee from Quebec, leaving Mom to run the place by herself.

  6. The players will VETO THIS DOWN! Who in their right mind wants a 10 year contract, no opt out and the owners can go to a 18 game schedule in 2013 without the NFLPA anything! By the time this deal is up 80% of the players won’t be around. BAD DEAL!!!

  7. “I didn’t say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, I said I wanted all the bacon and eggs you have.”


    Great quote from Parks and Recreation.

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