Sunday morning one-liners

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Athletic quarterbacks could be on the Bills’ shopping list.

The Dolphins will have to figure out a way to fit DT Paul Soliai into the cap.

Patriots RB Kevin Faulk isn’t sure what to expect when he gets back on the field.

The Jets’ actions during free agency will tell us what they think about QB Mark Sanchez.

Tyrod Taylor is eager to show the Ravens he can be an NFL quarterback.

Will the Bengals defense be good enough to carry an offense in flux?

The Browns need help at tackle if Tony Pashos isn’t healthy enough to do the job.

Comparing the value of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and Colts QB Peyton Manning.

The Texans defense is one that could use CB Nnamdi Asomugha enough to justify the price tag.

If S Jamie Silva’s knee is sound, the Colts could bring him back.

How much longer will Jack Del Rio coach the Jaguars?

If another team signs DE Jason Babin away from the Titans, they’ll be taking a risk.

Broncos RB Knowshon Moreno wants to be in the best shape of his life this season.

Signing WR Steve Breaston won’t be a priority for the Chiefs.

Keeping LB Kamerion Wimbley could cost the Raiders other players.

WR Vincent Jackson’s big play ability makes his value to the Chargers quite clear.

Does S Gerald Sensabaugh fit in the new Cowboys defense?

The Giants have some cap issues to work out.

Free agents not named Brett Favre that the Eagles might target.

Don’t expect H.B. Blades to start at linebacker for the Redskins.

How does Bears RB Matt Forte measure up to Vikings RB Adrian Peterson?

Lions DE Turk McBride feels like he’s been gone too long.

A look at the contenders for playing time in the Packers backfield.

The Vikings are considering different ideas to welcome back fans once the lockout is resolved.

Falcons WR Roddy White discusses his perspective on the labor issues.

Said Panthers C Ryan Kalil, “There’s a sense of urgency for us to get back to the game of football. We don’t want to miss any games. I don’t want to miss any games.”

WR Adrian Arrington feels ready for a bigger role in the Saints offense.

Will any of this year’s undrafted rookies be able to make the impact that Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount made as a rookie?

Thursday’s labor developments made Darren Urban of think of Simeon Rice.

It’s hard to find people who don’t think the Rams need help at receiver.

LB Manny Lawson sounds ready to move on from the 49ers.

Should the Seahawks re-sign C Chris Spencer as a free agent?

A look at the top 20 undrafted free agents.

9 responses to “Sunday morning one-liners

  1. Said Panthers C Ryan Kalil, “There’s a sense of urgency for us to get back to the game of football.” Well, yeah, in their case it has been a few years.

  2. The Ben Roethlisberger / Peyton Manning comparison article was an absolute joke. Is this guy a relative of Ben or did Ben just pay him off. In describing how Ben is the same if not better than Manning, he said…

    “The Cold, Hard Football Facts ignore those volume stats that fantasy football fans and misguided analysts seem to obsess over, such as attempts, completions, yards and even touchdown passes, which alone are not necessarily indicative of team success (especially if accompanied by a lot of INTs).”


    Those are EXACTLY the stats you look at when judging the QB position.

    YPA says more about the receivers’ abilities to get YACs, which Ben has had some very good ones in his career like Hines Ward and Randle El.

    And Passer Rating is such a dumb stat to follow because if you are a “game manager” or “play-it-safe” QB, you will have a high QB rating. That doesn’t make you one of the greatest all-time, that makes you Trent Dilfer.

    Trent Dilfer wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t Peyton Manning. Neither is Ben.

  3. Comparing the value of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and Colts QB Peyton Manning.
    Here’s a good rule of thumb.

    If the Steelers have the very best – as in number one in the entire NFL – defense, the Steelers can get to the Super Bowl and if they can get a defensive score (the James Harrison pick six) or an offensive trick play touchdown (Randle El to Ward) they can squeak out a win..

    But if the Steeler defense has (for them) a slightly off season and is only fifth best then the Steelers don’t make the playoffs.

    And of course any comparison between Roethlisberger and Manning has to of course include Charlie Batch.


  4. Notice there’s no talk about the Pats getting a pass rusher in FA. That means BB has probly got something up his sleeve! Should be interesting cuz if they do get a good one, they’re a real threat for the SB title!

  5. Its still comical to hear so called football fans down Ben when they compare any stat to the golden boy of the NFL P. Manning!
    Without Ben the Steelers don’t win the 2 SB’s he took them 2.. I remember the times throught Cowers time wit the Steelers he had the best defenses year in and year out wit no SBs to show for little do we forget the Kordells and that other bum that handed the Cowboys that SB. No way to get over the hump in the playoffs wit bad qb play! Great defense can’t help when your qbs throw bout 12 ints in 3 afc champ games losses and 1 SB loss! Besides his rookies year and 1st SB he had played well. On his arm we went to that SB..
    Still crazy that a qb can be underrated after 7 years and helped his team get to 4 Afc champ games won 3 of em 3 SB’s won 2! Has won I don’t kno off had like 75+ games and lost like 30 sumthin.. He’s not the Golden boy for sure but seems like he gets the job done well

  6. “Tyrod Taylor is eager to show the Ravens he can be an NFL quarterback.”

    Cuz that worked out for Troy Smith

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