Vikings player rep predicts “good news” tomorrow

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Vikings guard Steve Hutchinson, who serves as the team’s representative to the NFLPA*, shared an intriguing — and encouraging — observation with Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Said Hutchinson:  “I think there will be some good news coming out tomorrow.”

Hutchinson’s remarks come amid rampant reports that the NFLPA* Executive Committee and then the board of player representatives (including Hutchinson) will vote Monday to recommend acceptance of the labor deal passed by the owners last week, presumably with some tweaking.

It’s widely believed that, if the Executive Committee and the board of player representatives vote to recommend the deal, the players overwhelming will vote to accept it.

Notwithstanding the optimism, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco earlier characterized the reports of a looming deal as the figment of the media’s imagination.

Can we not seeing [sic] what the media is doing?” Ochocinco said on Twitter.  “Hype up a deal will be done n when it’s not it further angers the public perception of players!!!!”

Apparently, this is one situation in which Ochocinco’s media company, OCNN, has missed the boat.  Or, perhaps more accurately, the plane to Washington on which the members of the Executive Committee reportedly are flying.

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  1. I love the fact that the executive committe for the players is assumming the players will sign off on the deal.
    Isn’t this how the owners behaved and the players all had their panties in a bunch?

  2. Domonique Foxworth also apparently told his teammates that it was a pretty good deal. We know how influential Foxworth is. I’m feeling good about this.

  3. There is now no more excuses for this week. This thing was predicted to get done by June 20th, then by July 4th, then a couple weeks ago, last Thursday, Friday and now Monday (tomorrow). Camp better be goin on by next weekend at the latest.

  4. Man I sure hope they get this done. Im ready for some free agent signings, trades, and a mini(mini) camp. Please guys just get-r-done!

  5. Cue idiot wise-guys who will make weak remarks about either (1) a move to LA or (2) a stadium deal.

  6. Yeah, first it’s the owners, now it’s the media. News flash, nobody needs help to be angry with the players. We already know the majority of players have the emotional maturity and intelligence of children. Take the deal, and enjoy yourself until the cash runs out.

  7. I love the musings from an irrelevant receiver now more famous for his mouth than his play.

  8. Actually what Ochocinco said is exactly what this site has done. By posting every half tidbit of unsubstantiated information they possibly can,as fast as they can, and then immediately posting an article saying that the previous one probably wasn’t accurate.

  9. and then the best news of the off-season will come on Saturday………..THE LIONS SIGN NNAMDI!!!!

  10. Funny thing…all the player outrage from Friday went away quickly after they actually read the stupid document.

    Once again we see guys that need to stay off twitter when they don’t have any facts to form an intellegent opinion. Many of these guys over-reacted for no reason and it could have ended up killing this deal.

  11. You all have to realize that the “good reporter, bad reporter” makes money. Who cares about credibity. We are talking manipulation, sensationalization, and most of all, coin.

  12. yada yada yada, blah blah blah! The owners and these mefirst, me only, whaaa I dont wanna practice, whaaa I dont want two a days, Whaa, I dont want the Commish to fine me, but I want to launch myself and spear players with my helmet mofo’s can kiss my big fat pituna! no more $$ from this household in their pockets! Ever!

  13. Before the end of the night we’ll have another article on here from another player rep that says a deal isn’t close yet and there’s still a lot of work to do.

    Mark it down.

  14. loser vets like Chester Pitts are the ones that put this deal off, they don’t want to have to get into camp and compete with younger players!


  15. I am still in amazment that Fouro finaly named a source (something his coulegues on espn, si and other sites have been doing all along).

    To me that lends this report some credibility his other reports he contridicts an hour later have lacked.

    To think he used to be my go to guy for NFL news the last two weeks with his phony reports has convinced me he should go work for the north korean media.

  16. I’m just as excited as everyone else that this thing FINALLY seems to be coming to an end. But, as fans, if you’re still upset with the way this thing drug out, there are a few things you can do to let your voice be heard.

    If you’re angry with the players, write them a letter. Send a letter to the nflpa and DeMaurice Smith expressing your displeasure with the way they chose to litigate instead of negotiate. They avoided talks for two months. If they had spent that time working, this thing would be done by now. Also, stop buying jerseys. Brees, Manning, Brady all had their name attached to this lawsuit. I think if they each sold close to a million jerseys last year, only to see that number fall to a few thousand this year, that would send a loud message of fan disapproval.

    If you’re upset with the owners, let them hear you. Cancel your season tickets. Cancel your NFL TV package. Quit shopping at the proshops and online stores. Write letters to the NFL sponsors that keep putting money in their pockets.

    As soon as this deal gets done, everyone involved is going to go about their business, assuming that the fans will get over it rather quickly. If that’s not the case, then tell them about it. The only ones who have been left out in this whole ordeal is us, the fans. Now is the time to let them know that labor unrest is not ok.

  17. wasn’t it 72 hrs ago that the players were complaining about being “bamboozled”? Now everything is great and there’s a news conference tomorrow? what a bunch of prima donnas. Its like they didn’t get to have their press conference first so they had to stall over this thing the whole weekend to draw it out. What a bunch of BS.

  18. Och sees this as a good news/bad news situation. Sadly, the good news is that it’s Monday.

  19. Does Ocho really have an credibility with anyone left?

    To me he is just an attention seeking blowhard.

    Kind of like a certain coach I know that likes to look at pictures of feet.

  20. rofl at the delusional lions fan who think #21 is going to detroit. hate to break it to all the people who are hoping he lands on their team if he can’t get a contending team to sign him he’s staying right where he belongs. he doesn’t need money he wants a ring. so heres hoping that the chargers, chiefs, pats or steelers dont pull the trigger on him. that would ruin my day.

  21. some people know nothing about big business…its not the players fault, its not the owners fault…its a labor negotiation, it happens…each side has to be comfortable with the deal or theyll get 5 years into it and someone will be complaining…the good thing is theyre working on it and its almost done…there will be football, the world will keep spinning and life will go on

  22. ocho was right last week when he said it as well as back in June. give the dude some credit. 2/3 ain’t bad. assuming he’s wrong.

  23. I don’t need false media reports to be angry at players. All I know is that owners have proposed several deals and even voted on 1 and accepted it while the players keep complaining about how they never got the proposed deal, while at the same time the deal (of which they apparently haven’t seen) had too many things the owners tried to “sneak in”.

    Don’t blame the media for how disorganzied and un-unified you guys appear to be.

  24. Disable that clown’s tweeter until he learns English. Or just disable it period. He’s gotten tiresome. He’s further angering the public perception of semi-literate NFL wide receivers. Soon to be ex-NFL wide receivers.

  25. It will be all over and you all can stop bashing other teams and players ….such a bad site for bad fans ….out of here….you can a cry on your smelly cheese when the Vikes get an awesome new stadium …..that’s right….idiots !!!_

  26. If it obviously isn’t about Arden Hills, which won’t happen for a while if ever, it doesn’t matter… Anyone who wants them in LA knows where to shove it.

    What an absurdly idiotic notion of having a team called the Vikings in LA. Morons…

    You guys can still root for them however when we open Arden Hills in 2015 and LA is still chasing the Chargers, Bills, 49ers and Raiders on the ‘build it and they will come’ and yet still no team arrives. hmmm…. bummer LA. I might almost feel sorry for you… just like our fathers did when we would whoop the LA Rams of the 70’s in the playoffs, cause they couldn’t play at the cold out at the Old Met… Not.

  27. Lets rejoice that NFL could return in full action by this time next Sunday…. And not bring LA Vikings into it and ruining a good thing.

    Minnesota lawmakers, business owners, Ramsey County and Dayton this fall and into winter will put together one last run at keeping the Vikings in either Minneapolis or siding with Ziggy on whatever Dayton needs to hear and we’re off to Arden Hills 2015.
    They will get it done. Or they won’t. And the LA pundits will win.
    But a major piece of history of the NFL will die, just ask the Browns fans. They’re nothing compared to the great tradition they had before they moved. Vikings-Packer-Bears is one of the best tri-team rivalry in the NFL, mainly due the closeness of their state borders.

    It’d be sorely missed as it’s been a fun 50 years of intense battles on the playing field and some of the best off the field storylines in the entire NFL.

    Please, hold off on LA til Feb 1st, 2012. Or may your favorite NFL team be doomed in 2011.

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