Alex Smith’s return to 49ers “pretty well set in stone”

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The end of the lockout means that Alex Smith and the 49ers can stop being semi-furtive about their glances toward one another and start making out in the middle of the room.

Or the football equivalent of that, anyway.

Even with second round pick Colin Kaepernick in the fold, it has been an open secret for some time that the 49ers would bring back Smith for a seventh year with the team. He spent the lockout working out with his offensive teammates, learning the playbook and talking like the leader of the offense. More importantly, new coach Jim Harbaugh spoke about him the same way.

Smith said Monday that he plans to sign a contract with the 49ers as quickly as possible.

“I’m not going to wait for anything,” he said. “I’m excited for this to start … waiting for that opportunity. I’m sure it’ll be pretty quick. I’m sure it’ll move fast. It’s pretty well set in stone, I think.”

Smith wouldn’t answer questions about the deal, including whether or not there was an option for a second season. With Kaepernick in the wings, you have to imagine Smith’s stay, regardless of contract terms, is going to wind up being impacted by how quickly the rookie develops. Still, Harbaugh made it clear this offseason that there’s something he likes about Smith which means that he’s gonna get another chance as the starter in San Francisco.

18 responses to “Alex Smith’s return to 49ers “pretty well set in stone”

  1. And the 49er’s continued absence from the playoffs is “pretty well set in stone.”

  2. Actual football stories on PFT…I’m fired up!

    Alex has the physical skill set, he just needs help getting out of his head. That’s where Harbaugh comes in. These two just might surprise this year…or its wishful thinking.

  3. This York’s are going to shock the world with this one. Just another 4-5 years to develop and Alex could be a .500 starter someday.

    Stay patient niners..

  4. Great. Cant wait to see Smith throw costly INTs in meaningful games, only to light up division rivals late in December.

  5. There is no reason to believe that Kaepernick will ever be better than Alex Smith. I think there is just 3 years difference in their ages.

  6. Jim Harbaugh to Alex Smith

    Jim: alex you are goin to be our guy this year

    alex: thanks coach i wont let you down

    jim “in his head”: i know you wont another 5 win season and possible number 1 pick..andrew we will be together soon again”

    alex: you okay coach?

    jim: yeah andrew everything is alright

    alex: who andrew coach?

  7. I agree with nineroutsider, has shown at times he can be good at NFL level, not a niners fan but im sure a different O-coordinator almost every year doesn’t help much at all.

  8. ‎”I’m sick of hearing people say cut him and sign someone. There is NO ONE in FA to replace him. Troy Smith is like the Warriors, he’ll make some plays to fill up seats, but he’ll never make the Niners a playoff team. Nate Davis couldn even make the roster. If he was so damn good, someone would’ve signed him last year when e was cut. Carson Palmer does NOT fit the West Coast scheme. He’s too damn slow. Face it, Alex is QB this year. Kapaernick is far from ready, I he starts, it’s Alex Smith all over again.”

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