Bears tell Brad Maynard he’s done in Chicago

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The Chicago Bears will find a new punter for the 2011 season.

Brad Maynard, who has been the Bears’ punter since 2001, found out this afternoon that he won’t be back in Chicago. Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears informed Maynard that they’ll move on without him. Maynard is an unrestricted free agent.

The punting job in Chicago is expected to go to either Richmond McGee or Steve Weatherford.

Although the 37-year-old Maynard has a knack for landing punts inside the 20-yard line, he just doesn’t have a strong enough leg, finishing 32nd in the league with 40.1 yards per punt and 29th in the league with a net average of 35.2 yards. Now he’ll need to compete for a job elsewhere.

14 responses to “Bears tell Brad Maynard he’s done in Chicago

  1. I’d rather see the Bears get rid of their punt returner, honestly. That Hester guy is scary.

  2. wasn’t martz’s offense supposed to be so high powered that the punter wouldn’t need a high average as much as the ability to put the ball inside the 20? isn’t that maynard’s forte? oh yeah, he got cut because of cutler and forte….

  3. In his day he was a hell of a punter, but like all football players, we’ll be seeing him riding off into the sunset….

  4. He’ll get Drunk tonight get a DUI, have a disorderly
    conduct against an officer! This story hasn’t ended yet!

  5. That was stupid. Just stupid.

    One of the better punters (in the NFL) for years probably won more games during his tenure than the crappy 3-and-out P.O.S. offense. I’ve been a Bears fan since the 60’s so I have some history with watching punters on the Bears.

    Dumb asses. Why don’t frickin’ you cut Gould too?

    But at least I’m bitching about football!!! HELL YEAH!!!

  6. By the way, any team can find a kid on the cheap to boom the ball. Have them try to pin offenses back on a consistent basis. Nah, just give the opponents the ball on the 20 this year and make the aging defense work harder.


  7. He was very good but he was starting to look washed up last year.
    I get the move… just as long as you have someone better lined up or else what is the point?

    Worried about how much a punter makes?

  8. A class act. His punting avg was hurt last year because he was recovering from surgery. Hopefully this will not come back to haunt the Bears, as they might be punting a lot this year.

  9. Meh, no biggie. Maynard’s famous “inside the 20” stats were always overblown. Many of those were the result of the offense taking over at midfield after a spectacular kick return (or the other team was scared and kicked short out of bounds) and going 3 and out. No team has ever wasted good field position like the Bears, although it did make Maynard millions.

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