Chris Johnson’s reporting deadline? 23 days after league year starts

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In past years, NFL players under contract who held out of training camp were required to show up at least 30 days before the Week One regular-season opener, or lose a year of accrued service toward free agency.

This year, based on the new CBA, a player under contract must show up by the 23rd day of the 2011 league year.

The league year is expected to begin no later than August 4.

The name to watch in that regard is Titans tailback Chris Johnson.  He’s entering the fourth year of a five-year rookie deal, and there’s a growing belief that Johnson won’t show up until he gets paid not just like an elite tailback, but like an elite player, regardless of position.

Johnson could still hold out until the 10th week of the season and get credit for completing the fourth year of his contract.  Given that he’s under contract for another year beyond 2011, it arguably doesn’t matter whether Johnson picks up the all-important fourth year of accrued service this season.

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was in the same boat last year, and he willingly gave up the fourth season of accrued service since he knew he wasn’t going to be a free agent in 2011, even if he showed up before the deadline.

So despite the headline, don’t be surprised if Johnson doesn’t show up on Day 23 of the 2011 league year.

34 responses to “Chris Johnson’s reporting deadline? 23 days after league year starts

  1. the cheap owner will never pay him. when was the last time you remember a titans player getting paid. VY is the last to come to mind but that was b/c he was a top-3 pick.

  2. The guy deserves a new deal. He’s one of the top players in the league and right now he isn’t even getting paid as a top player on his own team. The Titans offense revloves around CJ. Pay da man!

  3. Johnson is in a prime negotiating position if he opts to take that route since the Titans will need to have a strong running game to be competitive this fall, even if they do sign a veteran QB like Matt Hasselbeck.

  4. Maybe he should use the time he’s holding out to figure out how to not speak like he has a bag of marbles in his mouth.

  5. Perfect example of why the 5 year rookie contracts should have never even been an issue. If Cam Newton or any other rookie comes in and lights up the league taking him to elite status within a couple years, you can almost GUARANTEE he’ll hold out for a new deal before that 5 years is up.

  6. CJ is inching towards those years where a RB typically loses a step, yet he will be paid as if his production is going to increase tenfold. Go figure.

  7. @broncobeta

    How is it selfish to want to be paid the wage you deserve?

    Give it a rest with the greedy players/owners. The lockouts over and both parties were as bad as each other.

  8. A deal is a deal thats why they call it a contract. No Team, Owner or Player should gain by not following the rules or a contract!

  9. It took almost zero effort on Johnson’s side to make me hate him. I think it started with self promotion of League MVP in 09. Might be cause I can’t understand a single word he sez

    I guess a “Johnson” is a tool after all so there we have it……

  10. After 5 months, what’s another 23 days? He knows the offense and the job description for RB does not require a background in rocket surgery. As long as he stays in shape, he can avoid the wear and tear. See Clinton Portis’ dislocated shoulder covering a Todd Collins interception in a preseason game.

  11. Why pay No-Way CJ? He can’t move the pile and usually goes down from the first guy to lay a finger on him.

    I don’t mind giving him a healthy contract, but not a top 5 type contract. But I would put performance clauses in there in case he has an “injury” and we end up paying him to stand on the sidelines.

    I want to see what the new Titans coaches will do with him and how he handles it. I sure hope they don’t just line him up behind the QB.

  12. Depending on if he does actually hold out, this should end the argument of CJ2k going number one overall in fantasy drafts this year. He could even drop out of the first round depending on how ugly this gets by time people start drafting.

  13. dcbassguy says: Jul 25, 2011 3:34 PM

    He needs more gold teeth.

    He needs more gold toofs.

    Fixed it for you…LMFAO

  14. the cheap owner will never pay him. when was the last time you remember a titans player getting paid. VY is the last to come to mind but that was b/c he was a top-3 pick.

    Not anymore since that cheap-o will have to spend a minimum amount of the cap. What better way to close the gap to the minimum than to actually PAY the player that has kept your team remotely relevant. Pay the man.

  15. What ever happened to signing a contract and playing it out? I don’t give a rats ass that he “outplayed” it. Play out your contract and then get paid. If he keeps playing this way, the money will come tenfold when he comes up for a new deal.

  16. How can players be expected to honor a contract when owners don’t honor a contract CJ put in his work to make 800 800 racks reggae didn’t for his due 10+ mill

  17. I agree with oscojoe, a contract is a contract, play out your contract then get your pay day. In essence thats like a normal person does a 6 month contract but does such a exceptional job then decides “hey im doing really good pay me more or i won’t work.” Those using Revis as a comparison, Jeff Fisher wasn’t going around saying Chris Johnson is the best player in football either.

  18. The contract post are funny. People bring up the fact that players are holding out even though they signed a contract, yet ignore the fact that the team can just dump the guy when they feel like it. It’s a two way street people.

  19. no way he should get a top 5 player deal since RBs are expendable but he deserves to be paid like AP.

    he should def hold out especially after they promised him a long term deal after last years bandaid. just because CJ holds out doesnt mean its the titans fault though since CJ is expected to be paid like a top 5 player and no GM will give a RB that kinda money.

  20. Give him the contract he deserves it…. besides who is going to fill his spot if he doesn’t play… Titans should of kept Blout…. for this reason…

  21. Pay “Twitch”, without him the Titans are not worth watching.
    He is real hoot, gold teefs, dreads and fast as a cat on a hot tin roof. A fun person with a great smile.
    He seems like a great guy, pay him!
    He has several good years left, a little help on 3rd down and he will have a long career for a tailback.

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