Falcons reportedly won’t go after Ray Edwards, will make Clabo a priority


Considering the Falcons were the No. 1 seed in the NFC last year, they have a lengthy list of goals to accomplish in free agency.

It appears they will focus on keeping their own players, and staying away from signing a high priced defensive end.

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes the Falcons had a “change of heart” when it comes to free agent defensive end Ray Edwards. Ledbetter  believes Edwards will land in Philly, while the Falcons try to re-sign their own players.  (We’ve also heard Seattle as a potential Edwards landing spot.)

The Falcons have three unrestricted free agent starting offensive linemen, and we’ve wondered aloud all offseason how many they could keep. They are reportedly making tackle Tyson Clabo their highest priority. Guard Harvey Dahl and Justin Blalock are next.

On another Falcons note, super-sub linebacker Stephen Nicholas is reportedly likely to leave via free agency for the Giants.

Man, posts like this are fun to write again.

20 responses to “Falcons reportedly won’t go after Ray Edwards, will make Clabo a priority

  1. I hope the Falcons lose all of their free agents.

    *Too soon for smack talk? What are the rules under the new CBA?

  2. Keep in mind this came from the AJC, accurate journalism isn’t one of their strong suits.

  3. They’re not signing Ray because they’re trying to save cap space for Nnamdi!!!

    Make it happen Dimitroff!!

  4. I love it! We can talk football again. Being a Rams fan, it has been depressing for the last few years (before Bradford) so it’s wonderful to have some hope again. Now, if my UCLA Bruins could only do something good!!

  5. Being a Minnesota Viking diehard (and yes unfortunately there’s been a lot of dying), I am here to tell all of you especially you perspective NFL employers that Ray Edwards is virtually worthless. He had one good game in the playoffs against the Cowboys two years ago. Other than that he’s worth about $1.50 a year, in fact Ray Edwards should be paying to play. The next team naive enough to take him gets what they deserve……….mediocrity at it’s finest!

  6. That’s a smart move – signing Ray Edwards would be the biggest waste of money they could make. Keep the OL bolstered and protect Ryan.

    Whatever team running a 4-3 defense who is most desperate at DE will sign Edwards… if I had to guess who that would be, I’d say the Jaguars. Their starting LDE is Jeremy Mincey, who has a career total of 7 sacks in three seasons. Yeah, I’ve never heard of him either.

    They’re my pick for the Ray Edwards sweepstakes, not that anyone should care where he ends up. Enjoy $40M+ down the drain, Jags.

  7. Any Falcons fans who can shed some light on Stephen Nicolaus? I’m a Giants fan, and would love to finally have a playmaking OLB for once…

  8. Falcons- the teams that could not stop Green Bay from going up and down on thier home field in the playoffs last year? The team that drafted a receiver with the #4 pick in the draft?

    I dont understand how they expect to win a SuperBowl with no Defense. Offense will get you wins in the regular season but you have to at least have a defense that can make stops in make it to the SuperBowl.

    In their division they have the Saints offense, Tama Bay offense and really good defense. I dont see them making it to the playoffs without some defensive free agents.

  9. Charles Johnson is twice the player, anyway. Name the other three guys on the line with him…you can’t. Johnson had 11.5 sacks and led the league in sack-yardage.

    Edwards played next to three All-Pros and had 3 fewer sacks. He also had fewer tackles, fewer TFLs and played 20% fewer downs.

    Meanwhile, Johnson is a Georgia alum, and his folks live near Atlanta.

    So good move Falcons. I wouldn’t go after Edwards, either. Not with Johnson available.

  10. Yes.

    Get Edwards out of Minnesota, ASAP.

    That guy is scary, from an opposing fan’s perspective.

    Moreover, Bryan Robison and Everson Griffen do not equal Ray Edwards.

    Prortections will slide even more towards Jared Allen. Be prepared for a giant letdown, pressure-wise, Viking faithful.

  11. Ha, wait until the Falcons find out that the Eagles no. 1 priority is to sign Clabo. He will get LT money as a RT in Philly b/c of Vick’s blindside.

  12. The Falcons don’t have a lot of wiggle room under the cap.

    They really need help in the secondary. That was their undoing in the playoffs.

    They can’t re-sign the 3 OL and fix the secondary at the same time unless they can work miracles.

  13. Well robison should be able to fill ray’s shoes here in mn. Kennedy and Guion are studs too. Ray was just a little wrong about his…I’m gonna have the new nfl sack record this year statement. ha. Can someone tell me if it is a good hire by the vike’s for hiring musgrave the falcon’s former OC? why did he get canned there? thanks.

  14. I just don’t understand the fixation everyone has on Ray Edwards. The guy is a disruptive force in the locker room and off the field, is good for 1-2 penalties a game, and rarely excelled despite playing with 3 pro bowl linemen. He’s a good NFL DE and not worthy of significant free agent riches. All outside fans saw of him was the Dallas playoff game, and that only happened once folks.

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