Matt Forte looking for contract extension, but won’t hold out


Bears running back Matt Forte is undeniably one of the most underpaid guys in the league. He’s also a nice fit for what coordinator Mike Martz likes to do on offense.

The fourth-year player has gained more yards from scrimmage since 2008 than everyone in the NFL except four people. He’s looking for a contract upgrade before the season, but won’t become a problem for the Bears.

“It never benefits anybody — a player or organization — to hold out or miss practices,” Forte told the Chicago Tribune. “That’s obviously something I wouldn’t want to do.”

Forte believes the Bears will be open to giving him a new deal.  They don’t have a huge amount of key free agents, and will have to spend to get to the salary floor.

“Any time a player has been producing very well,” Forte said, “they’re going to come back and say, ‘Hey, throw me a bone here.'”

Expect Forte to get a bone sometime in 2011, even if it doesn’t happen until the season starts.  We expect teams to spend a lot of money re-signing their key young stars, and Forte is a perfect example of someone that is due for an upgrade.

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  1. Crap. That is Matt. I guess it’s not the PFT research staff that needs some sensitivity traning … its me. My apologies to PFT for my last post. But, I guess there are no pix of Forte in a Bears uniform available? 😉

    Good catch @christopher

  2. I’m a Giants fan, and I think Forte absolutely deserves an extension. He’s been the only constant in that offense for the past three years. He’s also the absolute perfect fit in Martz’s offense, considering how often they throw. He’s an incredibly underrated back.

    My only criticism is that he’s absolutely pitiful on picking up 3rd and short situations. What’s mind-boggling to me is that Chicago hasn’t gotten him a legit thumper of a RB as a compliment. Then again, I may be eating those words in a few days… Marion Barber?

  3. Just a gut feeling, but Matt Forte seems like the kind of Running Back that should get an extension, and that won’t burn out 1-2 years after signing a 5-6 year deal. But with the wear and tear Chris Johnson has taken the last few years, he might do just that, and so he should maybe be traded for a 1st and a 2nd round pick.

  4. I don’t know. I suppose Forte is underpaid given his draft status and what he’s accomplished…but is he really anything special? Seems like a dime-a-dozen guy to me and the Bears probably realize it. I think more and more NFL teams are starting to realize as well, that unless you have an Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, MJD, Jamaal Charles, not much separates the rest of the RBs, so why pay out the rectum for one of them?

  5. Running backs have a shorter playing career than other positions on the field. I can understand why he wants a new contract given his production. Kudos to him though for not holding out.

  6. The Bears are going to burn Forte out if they don’t get someone else to step up on offense.
    They need a big power back to go along with him and signing Chester Taylor was the wrong move.

    Too bad because Forte is a good player and a class act.

  7. While I wouldn’t break the bank for him (or any RB for that matter) the Bears should lock him up for at least a few years. While his rushing numbers aren’t mind blowing, he’s quietly become one of the best all purpose backs in the league. I think I heard he was fourth in the league in total yards over the last four years. Pretty good considering his o-line has been horrible.

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