Glazer chimes in with a timeline, too

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No matter how much every other media outlet tries to ignore it and/or claim it for their own, Jay Glazer of FOX was the first to report that a deal in principle has been reached between the NFL and the NFLPA*.

And so Glazer gets extra special consideration when he reports on the events for the coming week.

Glazer reports that, starting Tuesday, teams can make trades and start signing rookies (presumably, both draft picks and undrafted).

Though free agents from other teams can’t be signed until 6:00 p.m. ET Friday, teams will be permitted to talk with them (and, presumably, line up deals in principle) beginning Tuesday.

When on Tuesday?  We reached Glazer by phone.  He said that there’s no specific time on which the doors will open.

It’s safe to say that, when the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. ET on Tuesday, the process will begin.

Glazer’s timeline meshes with the schedule posted by Albert Breer of NFL Network, who has been working this story like no one else, on site for all meetings and always playing it right down the middle, despite technically working for the league.

21 responses to “Glazer chimes in with a timeline, too

  1. So Glazer reports a deal is done but even says in his article that there could be some unforseen issues that delay the deal, yet he is supposedly the one that broke the news? What he reported is no different then what Adam Schefter or Albert Breer report, except his timeline was different.

    Bottom line, who really cares who broke it? Not the fans.

  2. The Buffalo Bills will look to the 70-100th ranked players in FA after losing there own & spend in the 125-150 range after shopping.

    They will then overpay for their own mediocre talent to get to the cap minimum, all internally done of course.

  3. So all the fun starts at midnight tonight? Looks like I may need to be calling in tomorrow!

  4. I’m a grown man at 32 yrs of age. honestly, I’m so happy i could cry! thank you football!

  5. Glazer has the inside scoop somehow. I remember when he broke that favre was coming back when everyone was calling him nuts. Thumbs up.

  6. Ok we’ve had enough of all the speculative articles can we now get some definitive articles now???

    If the deal is done then let the NFL open for business as usual @ 12:01am tonight for everything…

  7. Glazer seems to have an inside track and seems to check with sources. He and Schefter have both reported this timeline so assuming a vote happens at 11 and passes I am going with this one.

  8. I really liked the job Breer did @ NFL Network. He was on top of everything, broke it down in understandable terms and his information was up to the moment. When he was with the Herald, I always believed he did a better job covering the Patriots than the guys at the Globe.
    Glazer drives me nuts but he’s broken more than a handful of stories over the years so I gotta acknowledge that he does his job well.
    Thank God this thing is over.

  9. Trust me, these dates and this schedule were drawn up long ago. This has all been a big dog & pony show. Nobody lost money, games never in jeopardy of being cancelled, the draft went on as scheduled, all the lemmings will line up to buy their “gear” per usual. Please.

  10. BUT WAIT, couldn’t former Purple People Eater Carl Eller still torpedo deal?….That’s what i read here yesterday…..LMFAO!

  11. So wheres the reports of this starting actually? When is this going to be publicly announced so everything can start if the deal is done. I want resigning teams free angents today so i can see some positive football talk to let me know the season is actually on the way.

  12. I’ve heard a lot of reports from a lot of the talking heads during this Lock-Out. Jay Glazier by far has been the most accurate and timely (or being silent when silence was required) than anyone else.

    …on the other hand. The crew at the WWL has been downright awful. Chris Mortenson leading the way.

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