Glazer says deal is done, barring an “unforeseen obstacle”


Jay Glazer, a/k/a The Groundhog, is back.

With only one prior report regarding the status of CBA talks (Glazer broke the news of a De Smith conference call in which the NFLPA* executive director told a group of elite players that a deal isn’t close, which amounted to Glazer seeing his shadow and predicting six more weeks of labor unrest), FOX’s Jay Glazer says that, in the wee hours of Monday morning, the league and the players agreed to terms on a new labor deal.

But Glazer also acknowledges that the players still must approve the deal, which would come after the NFLPA* Executive Committee and the board of player representatives recommend its acceptance.

Given the ups and downs and highs and lows of the past several weeks, we’re not going to regard the deal as done until it’s done.  On Sunday, we were told that the class action filed by Hall of Fame defensive end Carl Eller and other retired players on behalf of all retired players could still screw this thing up, given the plaintiffs’ new position that they no longer want the NFLPA* negotiating the benefits to be made available to retired players.

Indeed, Glazer acknowledges that “[t]here is still a chance that some unforeseen obstacle can somehow stall the agreement again, although that now seems unlikely.”  That “unforeseen obstacle” could be the foreseen interference of Eller and company.

Thus, the cork is staying in the champagne on this one until it’s all official.

Glazer also reports that facilities will open as early as Tuesday, that training camp will open for 10 teams Wednesday, another 10 teams Thursday, and the last two on Sunday.  Free agency, per Glazer, could start as early as Friday or Saturday.

We’ve got our fingers crossed for Friday, since we don’t want PFT Planet to have to follow the free-agency frenzy on their non-work time.

Glazer’s report fills in none of the gaps regarding the terms that were open as of Sunday, most notably the presence of an opt-out provision that could shorten the agreement from 10 to seven years.

25 responses to “Glazer says deal is done, barring an “unforeseen obstacle”

  1. “Thus, the cork is staying in the champagne on this one until it’s all official.”

    You guys have said that so many times, #PFT:CorkStayingInChampagneBottle is trending on Twitter

  2. 99% of media reports indicates the deal is done, this blog is the only one still trying to report the possibility of it coming apart. Stop it.Its old tired and lame.

  3. I feel like I’m trying to follow a football game on my phone, where my team has the ball with a minute left and no timeouts on the 50 and the score is tied. Constantly refreshing to see if we won or if we’re going to overtime… At least I’m not a Redskins fan, then I’d be more concerned about someone throwing a pick 6 and losing instead

  4. A new “unforeseen obstacle” what else is new… seems like throughout this whole process nobody has been on the same page. Whatever nothing we can do as fans. All we can do is sit back watch ESPN and hear how the lockout is so close to being over for another 2 weeks.

  5. I hate myself for this, but I actually have a good feeling today. I didn’t on Thursday at all, but I have a good feeling about today…. and I hate it. Running into a brick wall over and over.

  6. i don’t know the last time i was so excited about Monday. i am geeked up!!!! FOOOOTTTTBBBBAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

  7. a little football fan is waiting to jump out of me and scream..but I keep telling him to shut up until i know 100%…I’m in Japan and I think I might scare these people if/when that happens…

  8. As long as there’s an actual vote, it’s done. Absolutely no chance it goes less than 50% + 1.

  9. PFT “non-work time” and vacationing at Hilton Head?

    Come on, Mike! You and your guys need to work 24/7 until this deal is done!

  10. BARRING AN UNFORESEEN OBSTACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With D Smith involved, you just never know.

    Keep the bubbly on ice for now until you see The Fedora tell you its over.

  11. Is Kessler considered an unforseen obstacle. The opera ain’t over til the fat lady sings.

  12. While I certainly respect the players that made this game what it is, players such as Carl Eller have no place in the negotiation process. That’s like phone company retirees banging their canes on the the windows of the local union saying that they can’t ratify a contract or they’ll sue. It sucks but it is what it is.

    They may be due a great amount of respect but that is, unfortunately, all they are due.

    Get it signed and let the finger pointing begin so we can get past that too!

  13. Trust me, these dates and this schedule were drawn up long ago. This has all been a big dog & pony show. Nobody lost money, games never in jeopardy of being cancelled, the draft went on as scheduled, all the lemmings will line up to buy their “gear” per usual. Please.

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