Goodell says NFL has work to do to win back fans

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Flanked by the owners and players who had hammered out the final details of the league’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said this afternoon that the deal will improve the league. But he acknowledged that the process of getting the deal done has alienated some fans.

“Everybody worked hard, everybody had a passion and everybody believes in this game of football and what we can do to make our game better, and I think this agreement is going to make our game better,” Goodell said. “We’re grateful for all the work that both parties did to make sure that we came to this day today, and make sure for the fans that we can stand here and say, Football is back.”

Goodell later added, however, that he knows fans have grown increasingly angry during the lockout.

“We know what we did to frustrate our fans over the last several months,” Goodell said. “They want football and our job is to give them football. We think that through a 10-year agreement we’ve secured the future of the game to ensure that pledge to bring great football to our fans. I think we have some work to do, though, to make sure they understand that we are sorry for the frustration we put them through over the last six months. Our commitment is to bring them better football going forward.”

Goodell sounds confident that the NFL is going to give the fans what they want.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Goodell said. “Football is back and that’s the great news.”

55 responses to “Goodell says NFL has work to do to win back fans

  1. The first thing they could do to go a LONG way in doing that is to get rid of Goodell.

  2. At least us fans don’t have to worry about it for the next 10 years. You know the season is getting close when Brett Favre is in the headlines of yet another comeback.

  3. How about not charging the fans for the Preseason games… oh wait.. never mind.

  4. They’ll probably do a 90% off discount on all replica jerseys on NFLshop… and the price will still be $100.

  5. “scytherius says: Jul 25, 2011 2:43 PM

    The first thing they could do to go a LONG way in doing that is to get rid of Goodell.”

    Dumbest thing ever said, and that is saying something. He negotiated with a hard liner lawyer type a 10 year deal that satisfied both parties as much as possible. He also was able to keep the season from being canceled. I hated De Smith the entire time but I still have to give him credit for getting a deal approved by all 32 player reps. Wake up.

  6. This is the biggest canard in sports.

    If the 2011 season was canceled and then resumed in Aug of 2012, there isn’t one fan who wouldn’t be glued to their TV come Sunday afternoon or in a seat at a stadium. After all what are NFL fans going to do on Sunday afternoon besides watch football?

  7. NFL doesn’t have work to do because everyone will still buy tickets and grown men will still buy and wear another dude’s jersey. I wish they wouldn’t…sad but true. The fans should now lock out to prove a point.

  8. How about no blackouts for teams in markets with struggling economies for this season? Doesn’t apply to my team in Indy but it would be nice to not punish fanbases that love and support their team but are on hard times financially.

  9. Fans need to begin to give credit where credit is due ……. Trash both sides, Goodell & Smith all you like but the truth is that the NFL now has labor peace for 10 years & the only 1 pre-season game was lost in the process …….

    Even more important, the field will remain level for all 32 NFL teams …… Big markets or small, every fans’ team has a chance ……

    I applaud both Smith & Goodell for avoiding a 1987, MLB scenario or for that matter any labor deal involving the NHL & NBA ….. The NFL will still remain the only major US sport that isn’t a sham ….

    Now on to the Pack dominating in 2011 on their way to another Lombardi Trophy ……

  10. bturner032002 says:
    Jul 25, 2011 2:44 PM
    how about free nfl network for 1 year on every cable and satellite network


    Now you’re talking.


  11. Translation : We need your money to meet the revenue forecasts estimated in this deal.

    Pretty please spend your money.

  12. The league can go a long way toward repairing relations with me by giving us the simple NCAA booth-review system rather than a convoluted mess. They also need to simplify the rulebook and improve training of field officials. And if it’s necessary, add another field official to ensure they can keep up with the action.

    Stop enacting nitpicky rules that haven’t been demonstrated to improve player safety. I have no problem with requiring defenders to demonstrate proper tackling technique–but everyone, especially the officials, needs to be on the same page about what constitutes proper technique. And fines don’t help when the game is over. If the hit is bad, I want to see players flagged on the field.

    In the future, please make the NFL Network available to more cable providers and come up with a Sunday Ticket option for cable or online watchers rather than limiting it to dish subscribers.

  13. BTW… thinking the NFL is going to “give” back in terms of financial value to the fans is a pipe dream.

    At the crux of this deal was and always will be money.. money drawn in directly and indirectly from the fans.

    They (majority of player and owners) don’t give two pinches less about the fans past what will draw in more revenue for their pockets..

    I am glad football is back.. but I will be damned if I am going to spend any direct dollars into the league this season.. only thing that I can control.

  14. yeah i’d say you and your boy’s have some @ss kissing to do to the fans! this could’ve been done in a week or 2, if both sides actually would’ve sat down and talked about it. i’m a very disgruntled fan, unfortunately i’m also a crack addict and the nfl is my crack.

  15. Goodell is saying the right things, but no one should need to be “won over”.

    When this deal expires the NFL will have missed a total of one pre-season game over a 35 year timespan (1987 – 2020). Anyone that’s upset over that track record is just expecting a little too much perfection from an iperfect world.

  16. Again, Goodell impresses me with his complete lack of awareness. This is not baseball. You don’t have to “win back” anybody: they never left. They just wanted the damn thing over with. Not one fan needs to be consideered – as usual.

  17. the only way you win fans back is by making it less expensive to attend a game, buy merchandise, free TV programing, but that will never happen. The opposite will actually happen. Everything will get more expensive and less fan friendly. FU NFL.

  18. Goodell doesn’t need fans to like him, he just needs to do a good job and have the owners like him.

  19. its funny how out of all this CBA this n that.. n hearin were workin for the drops in ticket prices, no drops in merchandisinsgs.. i will NEVER buy another nfl ticket until it drops. idont got time 2 work 2 save up money to buy a 2 hr game. forget that. noone in my family is goin 2 a game for a long time i know plenty for friends who say the same..

  20. Not really……….

    We’re addicted and you know it. You can do anything you want and we’ll come running back for our “fix”……….

  21. Mr. Goodell,
    Don’t worry about it! All is forgiven! I will trade missing one pre-season game for 10 years of peace! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t imagine having to deal with de smith, vonnie holliday and the chester pitts of the world PLUS have to keep 32 owners happy.

  22. No matter which side i took during this lockout, i commend Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith on getting this done with nothing being lost. You dont owe me anything. What was really lost in this whole thing?

    We had the draft, yeah we lost minicamps, but the players were holding their own. We now have 10 years not to worry about this, and though there hasn’t been free agency, it will be more exciting in the next few weeks than it ever has been in the past.

    Roger if you still feel the need to win me back there is only one thing I ask, Please do not let Brett Favre back in the league.

    Man it feels good to be sick of hearing about Brett Favre as opposed to the lockout.

  23. Two items, to my knowledge that weren’t brought up was whether to make officials full time employees of the NFL. Another was putting a microchip in the football to assure the ball crossed the goal line. Other than that, let’s get it on!!!!!

  24. In the future, please make the NFL Network available to more cable providers and come up with a Sunday Ticket option for cable or online watchers rather than limiting it to dish subscribers.


    I couldn’t agree with this more! I never understood the fact that they are actually freezing people out of NFL network and Sunday ticket. More subscribers = more money. DUH!!!

  25. Like a few others said. That worthless Puppet Adolf Goodell needs to just go away. The sooner the better………

  26. Goodell was being politically correct in saying they need to win back the fans. It’s sort of ridiculous. Not a single game was missed, other than the most meaningless of preseason games. The owners and players managed to work out a 10 year agreement without losing a single meaningful game. Two of the four other major league team sports organizations have managed to not have a postseason once in the last couple of decades and a third seems headed in that direction. My opinion is the owners and players did a reasonably good job of working out a deal to keep this thing going.

  27. johnnycamparm says:
    Jul 25, 2011 2:55 PM

    “Free Sunday Ticket!!!”

    It is, to new subscribers.
    DirecTV is offering free NFL-ST right now…

  28. The NFL will thank the fans next year, buy telling us fans, to pay for the new CBA, we need to raise ticket and concessions prices since they are all greedy pigs..

  29. YES YOU DO!!!!!!!!!! But we will all forget once training camps start. I for one am sticking to my guns and not buy one NFL item that has to do with any players. Now all the talk to individual players there has not been one that doe not say they are happy for the fans, they pay the bills etc etc. They know they showed their back sides the last few days, the fans saw it. Yes I’m happy we will have football but NFL players and their demands as if they owned the teams has left a sour taste in my mouth for now. The teams come on the field with name of team on the jersey, when the player leaves that players name is gone but the team name stays. Owners take a chance on each and every player and yet the players feel they are the game. Today they are puffing their chest instead of being a little more humble for what they have.

  30. I may have got stoned and missed something Mr. Goodell but all I lost was the off season.

  31. Biggest thing for the fans that the league could do it lift some blackouts-especially in those cities hit hard by the economy.

  32. I think NOT charging 10 bucks for a warm, flat beer at the stadium would be a good start.

  33. I’m sour about losing the Hall of Fame Game. That’s one less day this year I can drink guilt free. Throw some sort of exibition game together (maybe UFL or College or something or that lingerie football league) on NBC that day so I can suck down some cold ones and yell at my tv.

  34. I commented earlier that he doesnt need to do anything. to all the people that complain about the money, remember that is what makes this league the best. There is enough money for all teams, including small markets, to compete and still turn a profit, unlike the MLB or NBA. if you dont like the money then dont pay it. I for one will be, but i degress.

    I think that to truly entertain the fans in a different way, may all these major figures in the lockout play in a fantasy league together, televise the draft, also televise a weekly teleconference with all the teams being mandatory.

    Imagine Goodell, Smith, Manning, Kraft, Brees, Foxworth etc having to play a highly public fantasy league, show us you truly love the game the way us fans do. Wouldnt it be interesting to watch Goodell and Smith having to negotiate a trade for a Flex player for a starting defense and backup QB?


  35. I want to thank the season ticket holders around the NFL that gave up their prime seats. Some of those seats are now in my accounts. Thanks!

  36. Here is what NFL needs to do:
    1. Give season ticket holders half their money back this season!
    2. No blackouts this season!
    3. Season ticket holders get a $20 voucher for food and drinks at every home game.

  37. ratbastardshanahandjob says: Jul 25, 2011 3:14 PM

    Like a few others said. That worthless Puppet Adolf Goodell needs to just go away. The sooner the better………

    It would make no difference if his name was Joe Schmo.

    Goodell speaks for the owners, as has all commissioners ahead of him.

    The problems many have is not with the league’s front man, whoever that may be, but the owners. Tagliabue was also hated by many, as well as his predecessors..

    Not the same situation with the players, IMO. Most players have no clue really what’s going on or care. As long as they can get big $ contracts, they could care less. 1900 Vs 32 – who do you think knows more details about what’s going on?.

    The animosity against Goodell, the person, is not warranted. He’ doing what he’s told to do.

  38. It was already mentioned here but, no more blackouts, and a instant replay review that was officials only, without a a challenge system. That would help win me back. (I never left).

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