Jeff Saturday pays tribute to Bob and Myra Kraft

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During a stream of remarks from a variety of the key figures in the NFL-NFLPA* labor deal, Colts center Jeff Saturday paid special tribute to the Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his late wife, Myra Kraft, who passed last Wednesday.

Saturday praised Mr. Kraft for continuing to attend the meetings during the final days of his wife’s life, and Saturday praised Mrs. Kraft for allowing him to do it.

Saturday was unequivocal regarding Mr. Kraft’s role in the process.

“Without him, this deal does not get done,” Saturday said.  “He is a man who helped us save football.”

Saturday and Mr. Kraft then embraced, and from that point forward we’ll never look at the rivalry between the Colts and the Patriots the same way.

39 responses to “Jeff Saturday pays tribute to Bob and Myra Kraft

  1. Pure Colts class! Jeff is a great dude. I’m honored to have him as our Center and Bob Kraft seems like a great guy, as well.

    GO COLTS! It’s FOOTBALL time!

  2. Two classy men who do not let the outcome of a game influence their opinions of the other. Glad to see a player put aside petty difference and offer praise for a selfless owner in his time of lass.

  3. That was such a touching moment. My heart broke for Mr. Kraft. It was good of Jeff Saturday to recognize how difficult all this has been for him. Deepest condolences to the Kraft family in their grief.

  4. He may have lost a step on the field but he has always been a hell of a man off of it. Classy stuff, Jeff. Condolences once again to the Kraft family on their loss.

  5. Something tells me that Robert Kraft and Jeff Saturday each individually earned themselves a number of fans today. It’s always good to see that, out of months of argument, something so classy and good can come from it.

  6. No surprises here. Two intelligent and beyond-decent people who know that life is so much bigger than football.

  7. Bob Kraft is all about football. Many people don’t know that he once sat in the stands as a fan. He is a self made man and worked his was to ownership of “his” Patriots. He also privately funded the new stadium without the use of the dreaded and evil PSLs. (the old stadium was simply a giant highschool field with aluminum bleacher, which we called “the ashtray”) Thanks for everything, Mr. Robert Kraft.

  8. Rumors of Saturday being traded to NE run rampant…………

    In all seriousness, Saturday keeps it all in perspective regarding his comments for Mr. Kraft, and Jeff’s wife and family.

    Class all the way.

  9. Too bad we don’t hear more positive stories on here like this one. From one of the biggest Colts fans on here, Great job Mr. Kraft… and my deepest conolences to you and your family as well.

  10. Hats off to Jeff Saturday and Robert Kraft. Thanks for giving professional football back to us. I will echo what many others are feeling and saying right now.

    You are both class acts. Thank you for your time, effort, and sacrifice.

    Game On!

  11. Leave it to a Colts fan like leftysmoke to make it about ‘Colts class’. All Saturday he did was thank the guy that made the yeoman effort under tragic circumstances, as several other players did.

    At least he acknowledged Kraft seems like a good
    guy as well.

  12. Can’t stand the Pats or the Colts, but this moment was a reality check. There are more important things in life. And though I bleed Black & Gold, I’ll set the rivalries aside because above all, I’m a football fan.

    Let’s have a great season and best of luck to all your teams.

    Go Steelers!

  13. I feel sorry for people who lack any sort of compassion and click a thumbs down on a story like this.

    Kudos to Jeff Saturday for that moment.

  14. radrhatr / mbrennan10:

    Leave your patronage at the door, and show some class for once, instead.

    Jeff Saturday and Robert Kraft know and exemplify what sports are all about; honor and class.

    RIP, Myra Kraft, a truly great woman.

  15. tedmurph says:
    Jul 25, 2011 3:16 PM
    Leave it to a Colts fan like leftysmoke to make it about ‘Colts class’. All Saturday he did was thank the guy that made the yeoman effort under tragic circumstances, as several other players did.

    At least he acknowledged Kraft seems like a good
    guy as well.


    There’s no need in trying to find a way to bring the “negativity” out of my statement. By saying “Colts class”, I didn’t mean we bring more class to the table than anyone else, or that only a Colt could do something this classy. However, I do like the fact that my team prides itself on class and usually provides a great example of it (i.e. Robert Mathis stating that #18 is first). I think we have a great group of guys, and Jeff Saturday is one of the best. He stayed with the negotiations through thick and thin, like many others.

    Thankfully, Patriot fans can pride themselves with having one of the best, if not the best owner in the NFL. I have a lot of respect for Kraft.

  16. I’m not a Colts nor a Patriots fan at all, but I am now officially a member of the Jeff Saturday Fan Club. Super extra classy move on his part. And because it bears worth saying again – RIP Myra Kraft.

  17. Such a touching moment. After all the barbs traded during the lockout, it’s wonderful to see such professionalism from these two men. Much respect to Mr. Saturday and Mr. Kraft, as well as the organizations they represent.

    Good luck to everyone this season!

  18. It’s nice that even though I hate the Colts as a team, I can still appreciate what a class act Jeff Saturday is. Throughout the past few months during the lockout, and the past week with the passing of Mrs. Kraft, it’s good to see people setting rivalries aside in favor of more important things. Once football starts, the rivalries will return. Thanks Bob, thanks Jeff, and God bless football.

  19. I knew both men were class personified. Just confirms what we already knew. God bless men of integrity.

  20. “Without him, this deal does not get done,” Saturday said. “He is a man who helped us save football.”

    Patriots fans heard Bob Kraft say early on that he wanted to get a deal done sooner, rather than later, a deal fair to both sides.

    We believed he was the guy who would get it done, if given the chance.

    Great job, Mr. Kraft!

    “Excuse me, would every lawyer in the room please go out for a free danish in the lobby?”

  21. I don’t think there’s ever been any hard feelings between the Patriots fans, coaches or the organization and Jeff Saturday.

    There’s several high caliber players on the Colts that Patriots fans and organization members alike have an immense amount of respect for and Saturday is one of them.

    Nice to see that’s a two way street.

  22. @leftysmoke

    And yet it’s still about the Colts and their class
    because of a ‘touchy feely’ photo op.

    WRONG! It’s about KRAFT saving the day.

    In the spirit of the moment, we’ll save the class
    discussion for another time(ie MHarrison and
    the whining GM.

  23. What a great moment. Kudos to Saturday for his comments on the owner of my team. It was touching, and heartbreaking to see Mr. Kraft so obviously devastated.

    Heard that Mr. Kraft offered De Smith to fly on his private plane during Smith’s trips to Boston for negotiations. I don’t know that I could have been a big enough person to put aside any bad feelings for my opposition to that extent even though it was better for the big picture.

    Mr. Kraft exemplifies great leadership. He sacrificed his time while his beloved wife was gravely ill in order to do right by the sport. As a leader, you never ask of others what you won’t do yourself and how could anyone sacrifice more than he did?

  24. What a bittersweet photo. Reminds us there’s more to life than money and business. Mad respect to Mr. Kraft and Mr. Saturday.

  25. I just wanted to say what a wonderful thing for Saturday to pay tribute to Mr. Kraft. I don’t think anyone can imagine the sacrifice that Mr. Kraft made in getting this deal done. But I want to recognize the sacrifice that Myra Kraft made as well. She had to know she was nearing the end of her life. Most other people would have insisted her husband be with her, and no one would have blamed her. But she insisted he go, because she knew of the importance and she put the long term well being of the players, owners and fans above her own comfort. As much as I recognize the efforts of many in getting this deal done, I don’t see how anyone can say that anyone gave more than Bob and Myra Kraft.

    Thank you both. This will not be forgotten, I assure you.

  26. gregjennings85:

    You’ve obviously misunderstood what I was trying to say. I was saying that times like these, the death of Robert Kraft’s wife, are reality checks for us all. There are much more important things in life than business & money. It was great to see Jeff Saturday & Mr. Kraft come together like that, that’ll be the image that stays with me forever when I think back on this lockout. Nothing but respect to those two individuals, they were two of the driving forces that ended this lockout. The fact that Mr. Kraft came to be with everyone after sitting Shivah is truly amazing. I was simply stating my Steelers loyalty & setting rivalries aside, to show that we all have our favorite teams, but we are all fans of the game. And without Jeff Saturday & Mr. Kraft, we might not of been able to look forward to the game that we all love so much.

    Sorry you misunderstood what I was trying to say.

  27. The “leader” for the players paying tribute to and adding to the legacy of an owner. An unbelievable moment. The 2nd best moment of the the new CBA only after the actual signing of the CBA.

  28. Mrs. Kraft was a leader in charity around the New England area for decades. She would welcome the players as friends and bring their wives into the social circle of big donors to make them know how much their time and efforts to raise money meant to people. This was always done with out fanfare or the need for recognition.

  29. Here is a perfect example that we fans put too much into disliking certain teams and or players. Here is the Pro Bowl Center from the Colts, showing sympathy and respect for the Owner of his team’s biggest rival, Bob Kraft of the Patriots. While Colts fans dislike the Pats, Pats fans dislike the Colts and the rest of the team’s fans dislike them both, reality is, most of these guys have a liking and mutal respect for one another, including Tom Brady and Peyton Manning who are in reality, great friends. My condolences to Robert Kraft for his loss.

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