Lions will reimburse employees for lockout losses, too

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The list is now up to five.  And we’re already getting bored with it.

But in fairness to the teams that had been criticized for taking money away from their employees during the lockout, we need to point out those who have committed to paying the money back.

The latest?  The Lions.

Per Tom Kowalski of, Lions president Tom Lewand said that non-player employees will be reimbursed for losses incurred during the lockout.

The Lions join the Jets, Dolphins, Chiefs, and Falcons.

13 responses to “Lions will reimburse employees for lockout losses, too

  1. Too bad the Lions can’t reimburse the fans for the pain they go through every season.

  2. Just another reason why this team is on the rise to GREATNESS in all areas. WE FANS ARE READY,, GO LIONS!!!

  3. Bearsdrool, don’t talk sh!t when both your wins against the lions came on two of the worst calls in NFL history. D!ickbag!

  4. @lionpride10

    The first one followed the rule to the letter. Don’t blame me if your lame team doesn’t know the rules.

    The second happened at the 8 minute mark in the forth quarter. It was a 4 point game. You’re telling me that play cost you the game? Bull.

    Plus, you need to move on. 2 games in an otherwise disappointing season? Deal with it.

  5. Your name should be updated to bearsruled26yearsago. Lions and Packers are the new division powerhouses for the foreseeable future.

    The Bears were very fortunate last year in many games not just against the Lions. Bears will finish 3rd in the division this year.

    Most Chicago fans are terrible.

  6. This whole idea of withholding pay from front office staff was just stupid, and sick. It sounds like something Mitch McConnell would advocate.

    Withholding pay from people who make 1/10,000th of Mathew Stafford’s salary was necessary to keep the Lions business operations afloat during the strike? Really?

    Players and management owe the front office staff a lot more than just reimbursement for lost wages. Somebody better by buying some expensive dinners.

  7. @bearsfool
    You are in the vast minority of homers who still rabidly cling to that lame argument that it was a fair call according to the rule. It seems pretty obvious to most that hauling in the ball with 2 hands, taking 3 steps backwards in the end zone, falling down in bounds, rolling over with the ball firmly gripped in one hand, then planting it on the ground as he got up constitutes a legit catch even according to the rule.

    Most Chicago fans I’ve heard are happy about the win but classy & football savvy enough to admit the call was bogus. They join all the other non-biased fans & analysts alike. Rule or not, it doesn’t pass the eyeball or common sense test.

    Calvin will remove all doubt when he waltzes a pair of TD’s in next time and seals the deal leaving nothing to chance or criminal officiating.

  8. Lion Fans will have to be put on suicide watch when the Lions start the season 2-6 …… Sure they’ll have a strong DL …… However, just how many TDs will the DL score? ….. Maybe the Lions are planning to drop the DL into pass coverage ……. The Lion’s LBs & DBs sure can’t do it ……

    Two playmakers out of 53 just doesn’t translate into a playoff season ….. Lion Fans ….. Time for a reality check ……

  9. Bearsdrool: Cutler will be on his back where he likes it soon enough. Monday night game is going to be awesome. Win or lose, the Lions will be bringing the pain to opposing QBs this year. I laugh how some bears fan is talking trash on a post like this, and we are the ones that “need to move on” ? And before your Boring reply about how our QB is a “china doll” let me save you some time and just say get a life!

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