More reports emerge that deal was reached at 3:00 a.m.

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Jay Glazer was the first to report it.  And now the rest of the reports are following.

Both the Associated Press and Albert Breer of NFL Network report that a deal finally was reached between the legal teams for the owners and the players.

Again, it’s not done until the NFLPA* leadership (Executive Committee and board of player reps) vote to recommend the deal, and until the players vote via a simple majority to accept the deal.  And we remain wary of the lawsuit brought by Hall of Fame defensive end Carl Eller.

But I’m starting to feel like Costanza after eating a handful of mango.

24 responses to “More reports emerge that deal was reached at 3:00 a.m.

  1. How long are you going to remain leery of Carl Eller. No one else is and especially the people who matter. Its over and football is back!!!

  2. This deal was done when the owners said it was done, but the NFLPA wanted to show it had some control in the process. The only thing they controlled was the recertification process and they used that to create a media circus so that at THEIR appointed place and time, THEY could declare the lockout over and that there would be football. This allows them to look like they are the announcers of the deal and therefore the ones who finally put it together. It was all a dog and pony show to stroke the huge egos of these players, whose egos have been so overblown by their believed importance of the game, themselves, and the money. It was our stupidity for giving this much of our hearts and souls and time and lives for them to stomp all over, spit on, and then insult us by saying it was all for the us. I have a new found opinion of NFL players and it is not one that would be allowed in this comments section.

  3. I’m going to B dubs for some celebration wings and beer. Anyone want to join? I’ll let you give me all the “thumbs down” you want!

  4. In the words of drew brees… “pure speculation” take this with a grain of salt fellas

  5. I am not sure if the players realize that between Drew Brees and Chester Pitts alone, they have looked like bafoons the entire time. It is evident that they stalled signing the deal to make a point to owners that they would not be rushed. Would have been easier to say to the public…look it is a ten year deal, we just want the weekend to review it and then if all is OK, sign off on Monday. That would have sounded so much better than accusing the owners of slipping stuff into the agreement. The PR machine for the players have failed miserably and I bet what they will agree to is almost exactly what the owners ratified. Players you look bad in this all the way around.

  6. Trust me, these dates and this schedule were drawn up long ago. This has all been a big dog & pony show. Nobody lost money, games never in jeopardy of being cancelled, the draft went on as scheduled, all the lemmings will line up to buy their “gear” per usual. Please.

  7. And the rumors are a flying I mean Santonio Holmes is a done deal to Washington??? Really how did this happen and how are we so sure Mike and Mike…

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