New CBA limits early renegotiated contracts


Chris Johnson is lucky that he got a little pay raise before his third season in 2010.  In the future, that type of renegotiation won’t exist.

As pointed out by agent David Canter, incoming players will not be able to renegotiate contracts before the end of the third season on their rookie contracts.  Undrafted players can renegotiate after their second year.

It was pretty rare for guys to get new deals that early in their career, but not unprecedented.  While the move seemingly protects teams from holdouts from players like Johnson, it could also limit teams from making early risk: reward bets.

For example, the Eagles locked up young guys like Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppard, and Mike Patterson after only two years.  (Patterson signed an eight-year deal in 2006 after playing only two seasons.)  They wouldn’t be able to make those deals now.

Still, we can’t argue too heavily with any rule that prevents possible holdout drama before it starts.

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  1. Teams should not overpay for backs. The tread can wear thin very quickly.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts the Packers – you have to believe they would have locked up Matthews and Raji during the season this year.

  3. Who’s to say they(Packers)won’t lock up Mathews and Raji? This only limits players renegotiating their existing rookie contracts before the end of their third year. This rule does not say a team cannot extend a players contract before the end of that third year.

  4. Can the new CBA allow the players to fire DeMaurice Smith after the NFL Calendar Year starts???

  5. Im sure the Pack would have been open to an extension and pay raise for Matthews because hes played like a top 10 pick both seasons hes been here but is making late first round money.

    Raji on the other hand has only had one good year basically and is receiving top 10 pick money on a 5 year contract so hes less deserving IMO of a new contract this early.

    Now TT can focus on extending guys like Josh Sitton and JerMichael Finley this season while planning ahead for an extension next season for the other two and possibly Greg Jennings will be in the final year of his contract.

    Rodgers is not far behind them in line for an extension and a pay raise either. Thats why you will see most of our FAs move on and why TT will continue to avoid spending big on other teams FAs.

  6. Wow i definitely feel sorry for some players who deserve a renegotiated contract. However at the same time teams can save a couple bucks and the players cant complain about it.

  7. Way too much of this new CBA makes good business sense; I don’t understand why those moron players (and DeMo) signed off on this.

    Maybe they traded it all so weed is no longer included in their drug screens.

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