Report that teams can sign undrafted players now is incorrect

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After a day of conflicting timelines (thanks to some reports that were in conflict with reality), there’s a new conflict in the league’s timeline, thanks to the league.

John Clayton of ESPN reports that teams have received the ability to sign undrafted free agents on Monday night.

At some point on Monday afternoon, the league decided to permit the transactions, beginning tonight at 6:00 p.m. ET.

Previously, negotiations were permitted with undrafted players tonight, but no deals could be signed until Tuesday.

UPDATED:  Tom Kowalski of tells us that, per multiple source, teams cannot sign undrafted players tonight.  Too bad Kowalski doesn’t work for ESPN, or it would be the latest episode of the recent ESPN-on-ESPN crime spree.

SECOND UPDATE:  Mark Maske of the Washington Post confirms Kowalski, citing NFL spokesman Greg Aiello.  So, basically, the Professor was a little nutty on this one.  Teams can’t sign undrafted rookies yet.  But they can, as the Professor would say, nego-see-ate with them.

37 responses to “Report that teams can sign undrafted players now is incorrect

  1. The cheesy photos with all of the posts has gotta stop.. some things are better left as only text. I dont need to see someones mom doing their homework for them as an example of “undrafted free agent signings”, class it up PFT.

  2. imjinbrdgr says: Jul 25, 2011 9:32 PM

    Why do the rich in this country refuse to pay their fair share and why does the Republican Party insist on bending to their every whim?

    Call your congressman and insist on a balanced approach to getting US out of this crisis.

  3. I am confused.

    Does the rule that veterans who sign free agent contracts can’t practice until August 4th apply to drafted rookies and rookie free agents?

    If not, why not? Wouldn’t the same rationale that the contracts wouldn’t be executed until the league year started apply to ALL new contracts?

    I’m confused.

  4. You guys are falling off… The Carolina Panthers have signed UNC DB Kendric Burney and Auburn C Ryan Pugh. The Steelers have signed Kendric Saunders and the Ravens have signed Mark Herzlich.

  5. Packers have signed WR Tori Gurley and KR Shaky Smithson, according to Twitter postings.

  6. I love the Detroit Lions, the only bad thing is that they have Tom Kowalski as a beat writer and he’s terrible. He’s captain obvious and never gets any inside information. In fact I think he’s spends more time cutting and pasting from ESPN and Pro Football Talk’s website then he does on his own research.

  7. I love the Detroit Lions, the only bad thing is that they have Tom Kowalski as a beat writer and he’s terrible. He’s captain obvious and never gets any inside information. In fact I think he’s spends more time cutting and pasting from ESPN and Pro Football Talk’s website then he does on his own research. Go Lions!!!

  8. Why should any other NFL team bother to sign free agents…..Coach Foot in Mouth oops I mean Ryan just gauranteed another Super Bowl win for the NY Jokes…oops….I mean NY Jests….oops…I mean NY J.E.T.S…….gee isn’t that a 3peat? They did win the last 2 in row didn’t they??


    What a joke of a team…can’t even win the division and year after year they guarantee Super Bowl victories!

  9. Saying that they can be signed, and then saying that they can’t be signed is kinda like PFT on PFT crime although you did it to yourself. But it’s okay because this story is like many others is you passing along other reports.

  10. So Glazer breaks the story late last night while the ESPN goons continue to shoot blanks.

    How many guys do they have covering this?

  11. Dang, everything changes again just after teams sent out Greyhound bus tickets and McDonald’s gift cards to the UDFAs they thought they signed.

  12. @72perfection:

    At least we can get to the playoffs. Remember, you haven’t won a playoff game since Dec. 2000 and Rex as won more playoff games in two years than all Dolphag coach’s post-Shula COMBINED. As for the Super Bowl, the Dolphags won their last just 5 years after the Jets, so watch those stones being thrown in your glass house because when you were 2-0 last year all the PhagPhans where sure they would be fist-pumping in the playoffs… how’d that turn out for ya?

  13. Players are going online and confirming that they’ve signed with teams, even calling it “official.” But they’re not “official.”

    So confusing. But I think that they will be posted to the transaction wire tomorrow morning.

  14. I love how you bash ESPN. When he hell did this site ever break any news? all you do is ingest and regurgitate whatever ESPN, Yahoo, FOX or whoever else you follow says. then when its wrong you are quick to point out that–ooops this person said it not me.

    And the few time you post non-regurgitated stories and they are wrong you just ignore the post like it never happened.

    its really pathetic. its like reading the blog of a twelve yr old…..or a lawyer.

  15. Now that the season has begun again, trumpet the arrival of the Dolphin fools who think they can conquer the internet while their teams embarrasses themselves on the field. While they rag on the Jets and Pats, they forget that they have a tradition of LOSING every year in Miami while at least NY and Boston fields teams that are competitive in almost every sport.

  16. Killer Kowalski is usually dead on when he reports something. Kudos to the Ann Arbor beat reporter covering the Lions!

  17. So, what… Undrafted Free Agents are verbally declaring themselves to teams, and it will be made official tomorrow at 10am EST? Or is PFT totally off the mark and they’re signing now. Because I’m hearing all over that rookies are signing to teams.

  18. @ imjinbrgr hmm I could have sworn this site was for football news but since you brought it up. Lets say we raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans (you know the business owners who create jobs? I know that’s a hard concept to grasp since the crazy left wingers have you convinced that government creates jobs) Do u think that these business owners are just going to say “ok you got me here’s my share”? Hell no they aren’t they either go out of business or whatever product or service they offer the price just goes up. The system in America isn’t perfect but its still far and away the best in the world. If government would get the Hell out of the way the economy would recover by itself.

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