Terrelle Pryor hasn’t considered legal action, yet

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Despite a report from Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is considering legal action to force his way into the supplemental draft, we’re told that the Pryor camp has not yet discussed that option.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t be discussed.  Or pursued.

If it’s going to be pursued, it would be wise to pursue it soon.  The NFL remains unprotected by the antitrust exemption unless and until the union officially returns.  So any player who wants to claim that the draft or the rookie wage scale constitutes an antitrust violation needs to move quickly, before the CBA is finalized and antitrust exemption returns.

And that’s possibly why, as Chris Mortensen of ESPN has reported, the league won’t have an answer as to Pryor’s status until the CBA is finalized.  Once the protections against an antitrust exemption are in place, the league can tell Terrelle Pryor to come back in April.

Of course, Pryor’s current problems have little to do with whether the draft violates antitrust laws and more to do with the vague rules of eligibility for the supplemental draft.  As NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently told Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com, “It is for players whose circumstances have changed in an unforeseen way after the regular [college] draft.  It is not a mechanism for simply bypassing the regular [draft].”

While it seems a little too easy to secure a spot in the supplemental draft merely by hiring an agent and thus becoming ineligible, Pryor didn’t intentionally bypass the 2011 draft.  He left Ohio State after a coaching change that, as of early January, was indeed unforeseen.  And, presumably, in order to be able to quit talking to the NCAA about things that possibly would have rendered him ineligible to play college football in 2011.

In Pryor’s case, he easily could have gained admission to the April 2011 draft, since more than three years have passed since he completed high school.  Absent evidence that Pryor delayed entry because he thought he’d get a better deal via the supplemental route, there’s no reason to keep him out.

Unless, of course, the NFL is simply trying to score points with the NCAA by putting Pryor on ice for a year.

27 responses to “Terrelle Pryor hasn’t considered legal action, yet

  1. Pryor is more well-known for his off-field transgressions than anything he’s done at OSU. Get out of here with that flawless record against Michigan. OSU is better than Michigan at almost every position. Joe Bauserman could’ve quarterbacked for OSU and they still would’ve beaten Michigan.

    Pryor will never make an NFL roster as a quarterback.

  2. Does he have to be drafted or can he become just a free agent and get picked up. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I just don’t know.

  3. I’m thinking ego is why he doesn’t want to do the free agent thing. I think he might actually play out well in the NFL as long as you can convince him it’s a bowl game every Sunday.

  4. tjp2033 says:
    Jul 25, 2011 11:28 PM
    why not become just a free agent? Then he can have his pick of teams.


    Don’t you think every player would do that if they could? Do you think players enjoy being restricted by the draft?

    You don’t get to come into the NFL when and how you choose. Any amateur player who wants to enter the league must go through the draft. If they are not selected, then they can be free agents.

    If you could just wait until after the draft and then leave school and enter the league as a free agent, every player would do it.

  5. The NCAA should, for a change, do the right thing and tell the NFL that Pryor would have been declared permanently ineligible at the end of their investigation so that Pryor can get on with his life.

    What benefit does the NCAA get from making this kid sit out a year?

  6. Another gee the world owes me or I’ll sue, guy. Give us all a break, he helps bring down the name of a major college and now he deserves and deserves and deserves. Take your medicine and wait your turn.

  7. Just another scumbag from “The Ohio State University…” Clarrett, David Boston and Pryor… What an complete embarrassment.

  8. Not sure why the league needs more high profile drama. If the teams don’t want him, they won’t draft him – just get it over with

  9. This guy has the shortcomings of vince young and cam newton with the upside of tavaris jackson on his worst day. No thanks

  10. Let him be in the NFL so we can see him get really tattooed! I would love to see Suh or Ngata welcome this guy to the league.

  11. Just admit you took money and the NCAA will disqualify you… qualifying you for the supplemental draft (or free agency…)

  12. “Any amateur player who wants to enter the league must go through the draft.”

    That’s just partially true. There are amateurs every year who get signed as an UDFA without ever going thru the draft but I don’t know what the rules say regarding it.

    The guy who was played by Mark Wahlberg that was a walk-on with the Eagles. There was a guy with the Oilers many years ago that made national headlines because he had been working on a dump truck the week before. I know those aren’t recent examples but my point is that there are people who don’t have to go thru the draft process to sign-on with a team.

    Pryor is too high-profile to fit into that category but I would be curious to hear from anyone who knows the rules as I’m too lazy to type ‘google’. (Except that one time.)

  13. I love how so many here sit in judgement on others as if they’ve lived perfect lives.
    The young man deserves a chance to make a living, and if an NFL team would have him ,then to deny him that chance is petty.

  14. I dont get all the Pryor hate—-both towards him personally and as a player.

    I am a die-hard PSU fan, and Pryor was a Pennsylvania native that shunned PSU as the no.1 recruit in the country to join sweater-vest in archrival buckeye territory, so if anyone should hold biased animosity and blind hate towards Pyror it should be me……

    but in reality I have always seen Pryor as a good kid, he made a really dumb move he knew was wrong, tried to cover up his mistake and got called on it…..but it wasnt really that big of a deal, and not the kind of thing that would really worry me as a NFL GM or coach if I was considering drafting this kid. Specially considering everything else about him: how he carries himself in public, praise of former and current (recently-former that is) coaches and teammates, his evidently good work ethic, intelligence, likeability and determination etc. etc.

    Plus he still is raw but in reality joining OSU over PSU was the smart move considering their offensive schemes. OSU certainly runs a more NFL style, drop back and pass offense in contrast to PSU’s HD spread offense that likely would have boosted Pryor’s stats quicker but wouldnt have improved him as a real QB anywhere near as much.

    Pryor NEEDS to be on a team where he can sit and learn for a two year minimum, a team with very strong experienced and respected leaders in the locker room, a veteran QB willing to take Pryor under his wing, and strong offensive coaches from QB coach up to offensive coordinator and possibley head coach. If hes allowed to grow and given time to grow in that type of environment then Pryor’s limit is the sky…….hes a rare athlete, a rare caliber QB…..you dont get 6’6″ 240 pound QBs that run sub 4.4 40s, having big arms and are relitively low-key personality wise.

    If Pryor is allowed in the supplemental draft and I am a team like the Cowboys, Seahawks, Bills, Dolphins, Raiders or even Colts I certainly would consider him starting in round 3.

    IMO Dallas is the optimal spot for Pryor. They have a great offensive coaching staff led by their head coach Jason Garrett who certainly can develop QBs and get the best out of them. He can learn behind a pro bowl caliber QB with kind of similar style play for several seasons, If Jon Kitna comes back thats another veteran to help the process. Plus I could definitely see Jerry Jones taking a flier in the 3rd or 4th round of the supplemental to add a kid this talented……..a kid who in different circumstances could have possibley emerged bigtime at OSU in 2011, won the Heisman and been a top 10 pick in the 2012 draft.

  15. College football players get stiffed. Mo Clarett was a year older than Ryan Kessler when they were both at OSU. Kessler signed with the Canucks, and has earned about 20 million playing his sport so far. Clarett was put in purgatory and never recovered. The guy probably doesn’t have 20 dollars at the moment, and he brought in a thousand times the revenue to his college than any hockey player ever did.

    Patrick Kane is the same age as Terrelle Pryor, (or Cam Newton) and about half the size. He has earned close to $20 million in his sport so far, and his guarantee over the next 4 years (over $25 million) is more than Newton as the top pick in the NFL draft will make. Probably 10 times what Pryor will earn. Pryor could probably put Kane under one arm and still dunk a basketball.
    There were probably several thousand Americans who knew who Pryor was as a college recruit for every one who knew who Pat Kane was at the time.

  16. RE: cardsfann1 says:
    Jul 25, 2011 11:44 PM
    Just another scumbag from “The Ohio State University…” Clarrett, David Boston and Pryor… What an complete embarrassment.

    Just another obvious jealous OSU hater — that’s for sure.
    Yeah, it’s easy to pick the .000001% from a program that don’t exactly measure with the other fine men it’s produced…but you could do that with just about any program, including the sad-sack, inferior to THE O.S.U. team you support.
    Get a life.

  17. RE trbowman says:
    Jul 25, 2011 11:25 PM
    Pryor is more well-known for his off-field transgressions than anything he’s done at OSU. Get out of here with that flawless record against Michigan. OSU is better than Michigan at almost every position. Joe Bauserman could’ve quarterbacked for OSU and they still would’ve beaten Michigan.

    Pryor will never make an NFL roster as a quarterback.
    I don’t know who is dumber — the moron that made this post, or the 30 + people that gave it a thumbs-up. First of all, “Get out of here with that flawless record against Michigan” — red herring, anyone? The article said nothing about OSU handling scUM, and you were the first comment — so that’s not even the subject by any means. I agree that OSU is better than scUM at every position. But, you belittle Pryor too much, to that point that you make a fool of yourself. True, a backup QB could have been at the helm and OSU would likely still dominate MichAGAIN. But, what about the 4th and 10 play at Iowa in the 4th quarter — you think Bauserman could have pulled that 15-yard scramble out? No, don’t think so. Hell, probably less than a handful could have pulled that clutch play off. Or how about in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas — when plays broke down — you think a backup has Pryor’s 4.3 speed? And, the Miami game when he rolled out, reversed field, than found an open receiver for a TD — another special play. Pryor is not perfect, and he’s far from a finished product — but, you’re wrong when you say he won’t make an NFL roster. You’re clueless about football. Dude is 6’6”, 240, runs 4.3 and has a very strong arm. Accuracy is not great—yet, but not that bad, really. And, his mechanics need work.
    Guaranteed he makes an NFL roster, and guaranteed he’s a 3rd round, or better, supp. draft pick, when the time comes.

  18. Dang, what’s with all the haters. Maybe I misread this, but I thought it said he HASN’T considered legal action. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt; I thought it was innocent until proven guilty.

  19. Just another scumbag from “The Ohio State University


    Yeah like USC, TEN and ALA are real class institutions!

  20. @db3300

    Wrong, the guy who walked on with the Eagles could have been drafted in previous years – that’s the whole difference.

    Why do people even think there is a draft if College players could just decide to leave school anytime and go sign with who they want to and go to the highest bidder?

  21. Look on the bright side Terrell, you can always go and play in the UFL…..oh wait a minute……

    sucks to be a sucker.

  22. I love OSU Alums…get with it..hes a dirtbag, your school produced dirtbags lately, And you cant beat an SEC school to save your LIFE.

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