Why Peyton Manning doesn’t appear on the NFL free agent list


Several of you have pointed out to us that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning doesn’t appear on the league’s official list of free agents, even though the list has a category for franchise players.

The answer is far simpler and uninteresting than we would have liked.

Manning isn’t on the list because he’s not a free agent.  The Colts have applied to him the exclusive version of the franchise tag, a no-brainer move given that his franchise salary (120 percent of his 2010 cap number) was already north of $23 million even if he had been given the non-exclusive tender.

And so with the salary cap at $120 million and change, less than $100 million will be available to sign any and all players not named Peyton Manning, unless and until he agrees to a new deal that cuts down his cap number.

13 responses to “Why Peyton Manning doesn’t appear on the NFL free agent list

  1. Freedomispopular: That may have been the least intelligent or researched point ever made on this board, and that’s saying something. 9 straight 10 win seasons. 2 super bowl appearances and countless pro bowl players as well as a DPOY. Certainly they don’t have decent team. If you are just some Pats jerk off, go over barstool and post your b.s. where there aren’t somewhat intelligent sentient beings to call you out.

  2. unfortunately for the Colts, I seriously doubt they win more than 3 games without him. he can virtually ask for whatever he wants.

  3. Call me absolutely crazy, moron, asshat, whatever, but I wouldn’t pay him 23 million plus as he comes off another neck operation. I have to agree with freedomispopular here and say it might be time to cut bait.

  4. freedomispopular says: Jul 25, 2011 9:02 PM

    I almost wonder if they’d be better off letting him go so that they could actually afford to build a decent team.

    you’re absolutely right (sarcasm)…that team has been nothing but failure with him….tell you what….why don’t you run into the nearest concrete wall as fast as you can….over and over again

  5. As a Chiefs fan, I think Clark ought to offer him $25M and give the Colts Cassel. Peyton can transform a team like NO other player.

  6. You always hear all the players saying they want to win the Super Bowl. Well does Peyton need 25 million or maybe take ten million and a couple of lineman for about fifteen million. Not a Pats fan (hate them) but Brady has taken less money and he has more rings because this is a team sport. Peyton is just as good IMO but when you have 20% of your cap on one person that doesn’t make alot of sense.

  7. Since it’s apparent the Colts aren’t going anywhere this season (no matter how shortened the season may be) why not let this megalomaniac get on with his life while the Colts get on with the lives of a team wanting to win games…rather than brandish this trophy of a great football player who commands so much money no team can be built around him.

    Let this “trophy wife” go and let this team begin to adjust to the game of football. There is no MANNING in team; there is only MANNING in “money for me”.

  8. You all can rip freedomispopular all you want, but I believe there is some validity to his point. Take for example the fact that everyone thought Green Bay was making a HUGE mistake cutting ties with Favre back in 2008. The city all but went up in flames that summer. And I can only imagine what would happen in Indy were a parallel to occur down there.

    The obvious difference is that the Pack had Rodgers waiting in the wing…the Colts certainly don’t have the luxury of a contingency plan like that.

    The fact remains – while it certainly helps the cause – you don’t necessarily need a stud QB to win it all (i.e. Ravens with Trent Dilfer & dominating D). I acknowledge that Manning is probably the best QB in football right now, but is anyone worth 23 million? I’m not so sure. The Colts should at least consider reinvesting that 23 million on the other side of the ball. Freeney and Mathis (lone D pro-bowlers) are 10 yrs. deep into their careers, and I would contend that D is the reason they only had 9 wins last year.

    Food for thought, nothing more…

  9. p.s. – hey udllama – perhaps you should do some research yourself. That DPOY you’re talking about won it in 2007…That was 4 YEARS AGO. The Colts cut him in February. It’s not healthy to live in the past, buddy. Just sayin’

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