Willis McGahee informed of his release


We have our first post-lockout transaction to pass along.

Okay, it won’t officially be a transaction until Thursday. But we’re going to hear a lot of reports of agreements, deals, and other planned player moves all week long before anything is official.

The first such report is no surprise: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Willis McGahee has been informed he will be released by the Ravens.  We included McGahee on our list of players likely to get cut because he has a $6 million salary and seemed unwilling to take a pay cut.

McGahee will make less money wherever he signs, but he becomes a solid option for teams looking for a backup running back.

53 responses to “Willis McGahee informed of his release

  1. He’s going to be a great addition to almost any team. I know I’d be happy to have him in Phi if we lose Jerome Harrison.

  2. As a Ravens fan I appreciated McGahee but the numbers just didn’t work out keeping him.

  3. lol could imagine his reaction…

    McGahee- “Yes, lockout over! Back to work!”

    *phone rings*


    Newsome- “Willis, this is Ozzie. As you know the lockout is now over and player transactions can now be made. Unfortunetly, the Ravens have decieded to move on and you will be released. We thank you for your services.”

    McGahee- “Wait..wha?????”

  4. The problem is McGahee thinks he’s better than any running back in the NFL. My guess he won’t sign a deal until the middle of the pre season when a bigger name ends up getting hurt, holding a team hostage. Such as Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson.

  5. I guess we now go to Rice and McClain in the backfield with the possibility of the Houston FB coming over?

    Under no circumstances should Jason Parmele become our #2 rb

  6. Eagles won’t sign McGahee. They’re signing Reno Mahe to be their backup running back, as he’s promised the entire coaching staff free gasoline for their cars as long as he’s on the roster.

  7. Willis is going to go to a team that has a Top 5 fantasy running back and then consistently vulture goal line TDs, but not with enough frequency to be worth ever starting him.

    What a jerk.

  8. He’s exactly what the Bears need for those 3rd & short situations. Philly, maybe.

  9. Just the fact that this guy got to play in the league after one of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen is a testimony to his guts and shear determination.
    Add to the fact that he’s been a solid RB makes his story even more amazing.

  10. I hope he catches on somewhere, the guy could be a valuable addition to many of the teams in the league looking for a solid number 2 RB.

  11. Come on down to tampa and play i live in virginia now but still a proud supporter of the bucs and we need a 3rd down back and a back up thats solid for legarrette blount!

    whooooppppppppppppppp! watch out nfl!

  12. @steelers4life – you sir are a moron, if you would keep Willis at a cap number of 6 million dollars to be a back up running back.

    i would love to keep willis here as a tandem with Rice. He is a good team player despite what has been said about him. But like many football players, he has a very overvalued sense of self worth. He still thinks he is a top flight RB in the NFL and the sad truth is that at best he is a tandem back at this point in his career.

    perhaps when he shops himself and finds out that he is only worth a million or so, he will come back to Bmore with his tail between his legs looking for his old job.

    as far as Steelers4life – i thought some more about it, you are a moron either way.

  13. I know it’s the girl in me, but this seems so mean. He didn’t even get time to pop the cork on the champagne. 🙁

    But on the flip side, Ozzie’s giving McGahee more time to find a new team.

  14. I think Miami will look at DeAngelo, Bradshaw, Bush or Sproles…but if those don’t work out, Willis would be a solid fallback option.

  15. i can see it now ” (clear throat). well, we looked at him last time he was available ( clear throat) and even when he came out of college. he may be injury prone, but hopefullt that’s in the past. he’s a good fit in what we’re trying to do here ( clear throat ) and we’re glad to have him on board( clear throat) – andy reid.

  16. A great player and will be a beast for whatever team he goes to. A move that had to be made by the ravens, however.

  17. im hearing the Ravens are cutting Kelly Gregg too. this is starting to ruin my happiness aboubt the lockout being over. they better be going after nnamdi.

  18. Saw this one coming a mile away. Thanks for the memories McGahee (including that amazing stiff arm on Hiram Eugene!). But, as the old saying goes, next man up.

  19. cboldt12 says:
    Jul 25, 2011 6:23 PM
    He might be a good fit for the Browns. Have a chance to get a little payback on Kosovo..err…Baltimore..


    He just finished beating the hell out of the Browns for his entire time in Baltimore…why would he want to go there and get beat to hell along with the rest of them?

  20. He’ll get multiple offers.

    And if anyone remembers when the Ravens actually used him… he’s fun to watch.

    If he gets on a team, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up the starter by the end of the season.

  21. And see people, this is exactly why players hold out. It’s a two way street. Works plenty for both sides, yet some people can’t understand this.

  22. Happened a year too early. Chiefs still have Thomas Jones under contract for one more season, and they’re going to need another big, short-yardage guy to split carries with Jamaal Charles. Willis would have fit that role pretty well.

  23. I was always a Willis McGahee fan during his time in Baltimore and he never complained or created problems in the locker room when his carries went down. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes.

  24. cboldt12 says:
    Jul 25, 2011 6:23 PM
    He might be a good fit for the Browns. Have a chance to get a little payback on Kosovo..err…Baltimore..


    Yes, because Cleveland is the garden spot of the midwest……

  25. So he’s on the downside of his career and wants more money than a reasonable team would be willing to pay? Welcome to the Redskins you’ll love it here.

    -Dan Snyder

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