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There was a lot of conflicting information out there Monday morning regarding the reporting date for teams.  At one point, NFL Network said all teams would report Friday.

Instead, teams will come in a staggered scheduled based on their first preseason game.  (Just like always.)

Here’s when your favorite team opens camp:

Wednesday: Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Jacksonville, New England, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle.

Thursday: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Tampa Bay and Washington.

Friday: Buffalo, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minnesota, New York Giants, St. Louis and Tennessee.

Sunday: Jets and Texans.

Remember that all players can show up to facilities Tuesday.  They can’t officially practice, but they can get physicals, work out, and start some classroom sessions with coaches.

17 responses to “Your training camp reporting dates

  1. I know that there are no buckets of water that are likely to be dropped on us this time…but I feel calloused towards all of this news, like I still have to brace myself for another setback.

  2. No need to even ask….


    Thank you, that is all

  3. FINALLY Good news!! However, I did have to check my calendar to make sure it wasnt April 1st!!!
    Lets go STEELER NATION time to Get Fired up.. We have just over a month before we start pounding the crap out of some Dirty black birds!!

  4. I’m so glad that the Eagles will be back at Lehigh University for another year of training camp. It’s a great setup to be able to watch practice and talk to some players.

    Who’s ready for some football? THIS GUY!

  5. Ya’ll still havnt told us when they take their drug tests! Only after that will we know who gets to play, at least the first four games! I betting on ~20% failure!

  6. Can our teams negotiate with their own free agents now or do they have to wait until Friday?

  7. If I was Philly, I would trade Vick and keep Kolb. Vick’s value is now up there, and they could get maximum value for him. Kolb will come cheaper and be more steady and remain healthier.

  8. Was it written in the CBA what a player is supposed to do if he an erection for 3 and a half hours? Does he have to wait, chill out, put some ice on it, until it’s been 4 hours and then call for help?

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