Alex Smith, 49ers agree on one-year deal


Alex Smith is ready to return to the San Francisco 49ers.

Smith and the 49ers have agreed to terms on a one-year deal. According to multiple reports, Smith will make about $5 million this season.

The news comes as no surprise; Smith said yesterday that he expected to sign a new deal with the team as soon as possible.

Although second-round draft pick Colin Kaepernick is expected to start for the 49ers eventually, Smith can be penciled in as the starter for at least the beginning of the 2011 season.

The first overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft, Smith has spent his entire career with the 49ers. He was largely written off as a bust a few years ago, but in the past couple of years he has actually played fairly well, with 32 touchdowns and 22 interceptions in 20 starts over the last two seasons.

36 responses to “Alex Smith, 49ers agree on one-year deal

  1. Smith is a glutton for punishment. Round 3.

    You got to respect the guy for refusing to quit even facing a one and finally done passing of the torch in the coming season.

  2. That would depend entirely on how you define ‘fairly well’ – stats can’t convey jumpy in the pocket, can’t make a simple dump off throw and chokes when the game is on the line.

  3. $5 million…far too rich for Smith. I guess they wanted to pay him for Camp Alex.

    What can I say, I hope he finally rips it up this year and takes his game to the next level.

    “…but in the past couple of years he has actually played fairly well”…this is a true statement for low stakes games. In games that matter, he like the rest of the team, haven’t shown up.

  4. wow this guy should thank the niners for funding the Smith endowment.. some talent but i guess he doesnt have the drive to go over the hump.

  5. Rodney Dangerfield would love this guy. How come
    Jason Campbell gets a pass for having multiple coordinators and coaches and Smith doesn’t? Not saying he’s a pro bowler but he’ll have the Niners in contention in an improving division.

  6. Alex Smith greatest bust ever! Not to be confused with Jamarcus Russel biggest bust ever or Ryan Leaf just a bust forever!

  7. ‘Not saying he’s a pro bowler but he’ll have the Niners in contention in an improving division.”

    If that was going to happen, it would’ve been last year when a 7-9 team won the division

    Stop making excuses, Alex Smith can’t play.

  8. Seems like every team in this division is in a real fight to finish dead last. Dude couldn’t even win 7 games and make it into the playoffs in a division so weak a decent high school team could win. Hell I’d put money on the cast from Friday Night Lights winning the NFC West Crown.

  9. Smith has had very little opportunity, considering all the defensive minded head coaches, and a revolving door at OC. If he can play, Harbaugh will get it out of him. He has to stay healthy and get a real shot. If he fails, that will be it.

  10. Anybody who has watched this team could see the rest of the crap around him is the big problem. Busted blocking assignments, tipped balls, dropped balls… all the time, every year. He’s made his share of mistakes, but giving everyone else a pass is disgusting. This is a class guy… I hope he lights it up this year and the idiot fans vilifying this kid shut the hell up.

  11. This is amusing. Really. Not only can’t they successfully flush this turd, but they drafted another gimmick QB to develop in the last draft. Patrick Willis will be a highly sought after free agent when his contract expires finally – I really feel bad for a warrior like him stuck on this team. Outside of the most important position on offense being a thorn in their side, these guys could really compete.

    Now’s the time we all start wondering if Harbaugh is running these two as QB’s just to play horribly enough to get Luck next season.

  12. He should play for 5 cents this season.FML!
    Were gonna celebrate, ohh yeah, alright…

  13. It is what it is. Obviously the Niners had a pre-empted plan with Alex Smith. Doesn’t matter what the fans think. Every year, is S.O.S. Hopefully, Harbaugh knows what he’s doing. As a season tix holder it’s a bit frustrating and that’s an understatement.

  14. All it is, is talk, we don’t know how anything is gonna turn out. The guy might light it up, he might play like crap, or just have solid season. The guy has raw talent he just has the worst head problems of any QB in the NFL. On top of it all he has no leadership skills. As for Harbaugh straightening everything out I hope so, but it isn’t gonna happen this year. It’s gonna take some time for him to to build HIS team. Also, for Colin Kaepernick it’s hard to say the guy doesn’t stand a chance cause u never know (Tom Brady). The guy has as good a chance as the next QB that steps up to the plate.

    It just seems like the team is heading in the right direction and Smith and Harbaugh have the right attitude, and everyone in that orginization sound like they are ready for a hard fighting season. I think the real answer to the niners success is the new coaching staff getting this team in sync.

  15. i think colin is our man of the future but got to admit alex is a great teacher. Hes book smart and hes could be a great mentor…

  16. Gotta love the Genius Fans here that love to bash the QB.

    “Couldn’t win 7 games to get us in the Post Season”

    How many games did he start and which teams should he have beaten?

    How soon people forget that he got blown up on a play eerily similar to the ’07 Rocky Bernard Sack. Spent a couple games out til he was healthy and Sing decided that Tory was more than he was.

    Crabtree single handedly cost this team 2 games and the Defense cost us a lot more than that. But yeah, it’s all on Smith.

    I hate stupid fans. You come here spouting the Democrat party line about doing the same thing over and over again and suggesting people are making excuses. Funny how those are excuses to you, but to real and knowledgeable fans those are indicators of just how bad the team is. It’s a team sport after all. QB can’t do anything without protection or Receivers. The Run game will only take you so far because eventually you have to put the ball into the air. If your Line can’t keep you upright and your WR1 hands the ball over to the other teams Defense, you’re going to look like trash.

    In other news today TKO signs with San Diego. Making it as important as ever to re-sign Manny on the outside. Looks like Navarro is going to be moving up on the Depth Chart.

  17. A jumpy Alex Smith is exactly what you’d expect to see when a good QB has his growth retarded by very poor coaching.

    In an alternate reality, Norv Turner doesn’t leave after the ’06 season and Alex Smtih is a borderline pro-bowler…like a Matt Hasselbeck or someone like that.

  18. I must say he did look good towards the end of the season. Maybe with him knowing the new 49er playbook it might give him the slightest edge. We’ll see. I really wish the best for Smith and hope this will be a turn around year for him. Let’s hope with the “slightest” high expectation. And I mean slightest to ease the pain…just in case.

  19. $5 million is too much? its a 1 year deal from a team well, well under the salary cap.

    meanwhile across the bay, the raiders are trying to figure out how the heck they have that much in salary for a mediocre to below average team.


  20. Ceadderman
    Are you kiddin me? Blame a defense that’s on the field all day cause smith can’t complete a first down? How many 3 and outs does smith cause? How many times has smith ran out of bounds on 3rd down way short of the first. He sucks and after 7 years you will be some what good or not. 22 ints in 20 games is not because of defense. When you have franks gore or Westbrook and need 5 yard for first down you can’t get it to them? Cmon man. Who are you kidden? I spend 300 bucks a year on my football package so bet you ass I watch every game in detail. Nobody fears him down field so they all stack the box cause he has no arm at all. The list goes on and on. Come out of the hole your in and watch a game then talk.

  21. Oh and he should give me $2100 out of that 5 million to recover my expense on the football package for the 7 years I have wasted it watching him!

  22. I’ve watched the 49ers a long time, starting in 1954 as part of the kids who sat as a “Christopher Milk” kid in the east end zone of Kezar stadium as 8-year old. I recall the “million dollar” backfield of the 50s very well. For what seemed like eons, I suffered as the 49ers fielded great offenses and lousy defenses.
    I saw them rise under Bill Walsh, and I saw them fall under a series of flawed head coaches, including the last two who were seriously flawed as head coaches, Dick Nolan and Mike Singletary.

    To those who consider Alex Smith a failure, I would point out that Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Philip Rivers didn’t amass their amazing passing statistics as they were being laid out on the ground or running for their lives, as Smith has had to do with terrible line protection his entire career. Neither Joe Montana nor Steve Young would have had the careers they had with the offensive linemen the 49ers have had during Smith’s years. Singletary tried to deal with the problem last year, but Anthony Davis, for the most part, was a bust as a rookie, watching speed rushers who had beaten him run free to smash whichever Smith played quarterback last year. Staley, a good tackle, has been injured during the last several years, but the 49ers have gotten poor play from their centers for several years and Rachal is a sieve at guard.

    Smith, throughout all the team’s obvious tribulations, including being forced to play injured by Nolan or being screamed at by the almost-always out-of-control (they called it “intense” at the time) Singletary, has always maintained his cool and has not blamed anyone for his lack of success. Unlike many of Smith’s detractors, knowledgeable football fans know that, without a good O line, you won’t get good quarterback play. If Staley stays healthy and Iupati and especially Davis improve and the 49ers get better play from the center position, Frank Gore AND Alex Smith will be better and the 49ers will win the NFC West.

    Despite Harbaugh’s happy talk (he and Baalke are right where they want to be), I am more disturbed by the lack of free agent signings, especially after the team didn’t get Patrick Peterson in the draft, Spikes and Baas left, and Manny Lawson may well follow them. Why they haven’t ‘t gone after a veteran wide receiver like Braylon Edwards is mystifying in view of the reality that diva Michael Crabtree is unreliable.

    In any event, those who malign Alex Smith should realistically consider how much his lack of protection and 6 different offensive systems or schemes installed over his career have affected his performance. I think he’ll do just fine with Harbaugh’s West Coast offense if he gets good line play in front of hime.

    He’s had almost as many offensive coordinators as the number of years he’s played. He’s made bad decisions trying to make something out of nothing and has panicked at times, but, when he’s enjoyed good protection, he’s performed well.

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