Cardinals, league office still silent on employee pay reimbursement

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On Monday, six teams that took money from non-player employees during the lockout announced plans to give it all back.

Those teams were the Jets, Dolphins, Chiefs, Falcons, Lions, and Bills.

The Buccaneers imposed an unpaid furlough the week of Memorial Day, and the Bucs announced at the time that the money would be paid to the employees if the season is played.

Still silent (for now) are the Cardinals and the league office.  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT via e-mail, “We are getting to that shortly.”

That would leave the Cardinals, one of the most notoriously frugal franchises in all of sports.  Will the Cardinals do the right thing?

16 responses to “Cardinals, league office still silent on employee pay reimbursement

  1. If my company furloughs me do I have the right to ask for that pay when I return? Didn’t think so.

  2. Have they ever done the right thing when it comes to money? Maybe we should ask Kurt Warner.

  3. Yeah, save until last paying the people behind the scenes who do the dirty work for nickles and dimes. It’s no wonder most of us will be working at WalMart and McDonalds in another 20 years, though the greedy %$!#^ who run everything will probably figure out a way to outsource those jobs too.

    Geesh. This should be a no brainer. If I were an NFL team owner I never would have stopped paying my employees, not when I’m sitting in a mansion with my feet up and millions in the bank, stock options, bonds, gold, and so on.

  4. Least they could do. Taxpayers pay for their stadium and then they stiff their employees.

  5. If the notoriously cheap Glazers (Buccaneers) “forget” to pay their employees I would not be very surprised. They’ll fire and rehire first!

  6. They should pay the employees, but they need the money for Kolb’s new deal.

  7. This sounds like the Bidwell family. I was hoping that they would give the money back and carry forward of spending money in free agency. Not starting out good. Come on Mr Bidwell. Pay your employees back and bring in some good players to get back to the Super Bowl!

  8. Not paying employees is the right thing for the Cardinals. They didn’t work, they could they get paid!

  9. All those who feel that the Bush tax cuts to the Wealthy sho stay in place, should say nothing about the “greedy” owners” now”. This is what trickle down is all about

  10. I understand why some owners did this and they are certainly well within their rights to do so, but I think highly of the ones who didn’t. Another thing Kraft gets a thumbs up for.

  11. Gotta be honest with you. I have a friend in the league office. He said the past 4 months were like an extended paid vacation. Yes, he had to take a few weeks of unpaid furlough. But other than that, he didn’t even have to show up to work–but continued to get paid (stayed at his home in CT). Was just told to be “on alert” to show up at any time, and ready to work overtime when the league year started. Says it’s been awesome! Not saying his experience is like everyone else’s. But the bottom line is that most of the “little” people in the league office weren’t doing anything for the most part. And most were still getting paid most of their salary. Beats unemployment. So before crying about how this lockout hurt all the little guys, for some of those little guys, it was a pretty sweet gig. Now maybe they should still get paid for lost salary and for abstaining from finding another job (though this guy wasn’t even looking). But I’m not quite willing to play class warfare here and say they’re all getting screwed. Personally, I’d love a 4 month vacation with 80-85% pay. But maybe that’s just me.

  12. Frugal huh? Here in St. Louis we used to call it cheap. We still rooted for The Big Red (many still do) but the owner was a cheapskate and like father like son.

  13. Umm, how is there a Cardinals story not involving a completed trade for Kevin Kolb? It’s 0820 in AZ someone wake Schefter up and ask him what gives? 100%

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