Chargers-Cowboys preseason game moves to NBC prime time

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The NFL’s decision to cancel the Hall of Fame Game meant one fewer nationally televised prime time preseason game this year.

But now that has changed.

The NFL announced today that the Chargers-Cowboys game that had been scheduled for Saturday, August 20 had been moved to Sunday, August 21 at 8 PM ET. The game will be broadcast nationally by NBC, which had been scheduled to show the Hall of Fame Game.

It will be the second preseason game for both teams. They both open the preseason on Thursday, August 11, with the Chargers playing the Seahawks and the Cowboys playing the Broncos.

And so, with NBC getting a replacement for the Hall of Fame, the only real financial losses for the 2011 preseason were the ticket sales for the undersized Fawcett Stadium in Canton.

14 responses to “Chargers-Cowboys preseason game moves to NBC prime time

  1. (typical sportscaster): “Chargers-Cowboys for this year’s superbowl….bank on it!”

    ….both teams disappear during the season.

  2. Ummm, no thanks. I will not be tuning into this one. Cowboys have been irrelevent for 16 years.

  3. It’s the Preseason Super Bowl! ESPN’s two favorite teams in one place.

    If you turn your Air Conditioner up really high, maybe wear some earmuffs, you can pretend it’s the SuperBowl. That’s as close as either team is going to get to playing in February.

  4. Surely I am not alone in wishing that somehow the lockout meant less meaningless, often injury-filled, preseason games. I get that games = $$$, even these games. But how many fans would have missed a week or two of these matches?

  5. I will never fully understand why anyone would pick the Chargers to win the Super Bowl so long as Norv Turner (AKA Al Gore’s stunt double) is their head coach.

  6. What the NFL should do to make it up to Canton is next year have two Hall of Fame games: One on Friday (which would be August 3 next year) between the Bears and Rams, the teams that were supposed to play this year where the 2011 inductees would get their moments they are not this year due to the game’s cancellation (and it would be considered the 2011 game played a year later) and the second on Sunday night that would be the 2012 game. This would be so people in Canton who lost out this year due to the lockout get the game back.

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