Dolphins interested in acquiring Kyle Orton

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So now we’re clear that the Broncos are making quarterback Kyle Orton very available.

Who will be interested?

In Arizona, Orton would make sense as a backup plan if the Cardinals can’t acquire Kevin Kolb.   In Miami, Orton may be the first option.

“The first Dolphins call [Tuesday] will be to Denver to survey the cost for Orton,” according to Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

It’s a great fit.  The Dolphins need a legitimate alternative to Chad Henne, and Orton fits the bill.  His salary looks big for 2011, but it could be negotiated down.

The question is whether Miami is comfortable giving up a mid-round pick for Orton when someone like Vince Young may not cost any draft pick compensation.   Hyde makes it sound like Young would be the next option on Miami’s wish list, but their biggest hope is that no one else competes hard for Orton.

If Miami wants to make it happen, we think this a deal they should be able to close.

40 responses to “Dolphins interested in acquiring Kyle Orton

  1. kingmj4891 says:
    Jul 26, 2011 8:51 AM
    Orton > Young

    Henne = Orton

    Miami 3rd place AFC East just above the Bills!
    That’s ridiculous. Henne does not equal Orton. Not even close.

  2. It makes me laugh when the same dumb teams make the same dumb decisions over and over again.

  3. Brandon Marshall will put up some ridiculous Brandon Lloyd-type stats in 2011 if Orton goes to Miami…

  4. orton > kolb

    lets dont forget all 319 of kolbs pass attempts were to a pretty lethal eagles offense.

    and not to mention he was sacked 15 times last year in which i remember it being Vicks year. I think somebody has a hard time reading defenses!

  5. I’d actually be ok with this. I was pretty scared the Fins would do something terrible like give up a 2nd Rounder for Carson Palmer (if Mike Brown would let him go). I think Orton, while overpaid, is an underrated QB. Also, if Henne should happen to win the job, I don’t think Orton would pitch too much of a fit (unlike VY).

  6. B-Marsh won’t want Orton in Miami because he can’t throw the deep ball. Been there done that. He will end up getting pissed & again will become the disgruntled brat that he is. Not a good fit IMO.

  7. The bills have fitz they will be 2nd place if they can pick up a todd heap or zach miller. They had a good draft and need to sighn there free agents. The dolphins suck!

  8. When you’re talking about a targeted starter at the QB position, a mid-round pick for a better fit (Orton) vs. no compensation for what you may feel is very risky (Young).

    The barrier is the $9 mill …

    Orton is an upgrade over Henne (IMO)

  9. Orton? Really.. I’d rather have Henne for another year, lets make sure this guy is not the guy. He’s only really had one full season.

    Regardless where will Orton take us?

  10. Orton and Marshall together again? Does it even register outside of Josh McDaniels’ offense?

  11. Anyone who thinks Henne = Orton is crazy. Take a look at their numbers they aren’t even close. Orton knows how to “handle” Marshall and would be a great addition to The Phins!

  12. Orton > Kolb, I don’t get why the eagles can ask for a 2nd rounder, and the broncos are only asking for a 3rd.. orton is proven.

  13. it’s amazing that Young is still relevant in any way after years of immature malcontent ness ….. how can you put an entire team on the risk of a hissy fit?

  14. You Dolphins fans are so misinformed. Not only is Orton the best QB on the market, he’s far better than any QB you have had since Marino.

  15. That’d be a good fit for both I think. Hope Orton lands somewhere where he finally gets respect.

  16. Maxfli says: Jul 26, 2011 9:14 AM B-Marsh won’t want Orton in Miami because he can’t throw the deep ball. Been there done that. He will end up getting pissed & againg become a disgruntled brat that he is.. Not a good fit!

    Check ortons stats last year.. he was in the top 3 of Qbs with passes of 20 yrds or more.. hmm id say he can throw the deep ball, made brandon lloyd look like randy effin moss

  17. 15gb2, Kolb is younger. NFL teams have a hard-on for youth and potential in QBs. So much so that it blinds them to the numbers.

    Orton would definitely be an upgrade over Henne. Orton may not sling the deep ball that well, and, no he’s not an “elite QB,” but he won’t cave under big game pressure, and his ego is in check. Good move by the fish.

  18. is there a washed up qb from another team or a backup with potential that they haven’t been interested in the last 7 years? Hey how about you use one of those top 10 picks you get every year to draft a qb instead of lineman to protect the trash you put under center.

  19. I follow the Dolphins quite closely and, while I wish it was not the case, I have no confidence in Chad Henne. Kyle Orton is, in my opinion, just one of various available quaterbacks that would be an upgrade for the Dolphins over Henne.

  20. I would welcome this for sure. Orton has never gotten the respect he deserved. He is not elite, but few are. History has proven you can win a Superbowl without an elite QB.

  21. I’ve read several comments here saying Orton can’t throw the deep ball. Did any of you even watch him last year?? That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Brandon Lloyd was #1 in the NFL for yards per catch & had Kyle Orton chucking the ball downfield to him. He can throw a good deep ball. Orton is the best QB you can aquire from trade or free agency right now.

  22. I watched every single game Orton played last year and if you consider a 25 yard bomb a deep ball then I digress. Defenses purposely scheme against his lack of ARM strength. It’s no wonder Denver had no, zero, zip of a running game. Opposing safetys had nothing to worry about coverage wise and could stack the box to stop the running game. I suspect this will plague Orton no matter where he plays.

  23. Maxflio – you are so wrong and to say that you watched every game last year …what ?

    At least fact check before making these claims

    Big play passes (passes > 25 yards )

    1 Philip Rivers SD 43
    2 Aaron Rodgers GB 40
    3t Eli Manning NYG 35
    3t Kyle Orton Den 35

    Orton didnt play the last 3 games either and still finished tied for 3rd

    He had 8 completions and 4 tds over 30+ yards

    Eli had 9 completions and 6 tds over 30+ yards

    Rivers who had 8 completions 5 tds over 30 yards

    Rodgers 8 completions and 4 tds over 30 yards

    If you are gonna make these types of claims at least fact check them first

  24. As did I watch every1 of ortons games last year.. the dude has an arm, and an accurate one at that.. 25 yards is a quarter of the field.. id say that’s a deep ball, the reason they stacked the box is cause the oline was non existent, to young and injured.. give the guy an oline, and a def and you’ll have a 10-6 season.. maybe even better.. the reason foxy wants him gone is he doesn’t fit his schem.. the broncos will bring in williams and have a 3 headed rushing attack with immense versatility with tebow and knowshon..

  25. Tushay wilie beamon.. bmarsh would have the same stats as Lloyd did if he can stay on the field and not in jail.. marsh had a pro bowl season 2 years ago with orton, I don’t think he’d complain if he came to town..

  26. The definition of Irony:

    One quarterback (Henne) getting replaced by the quarterback (Orton), who couldn’t beat out the quarterback (Tebow), that Henne said had no business playing in the NFL.

    Karma is a bitch!!! Too funny.

    If it had come from Manning, Brady or Brees that would have been 1 thing…BUT Henne. Hilarious.

  27. This is a no brainer. Sign Orton. Then the fins can let Henne play and take them to the red zone (which he was very good at doing last year) Once in the red zone, put Orton in to get the TD. There, offense fixed!

  28. Personally, I think somebody will get a pretty decent QB when they sign Orton. Not a superstar, but an above average guy who can put up good numbers. Living in Denver, I feel I’m in the minority on that assessment, as so many other fans are infected with Tebow fever and hate Orton for being in his way last season.

  29. Orton is a class act and I hate to see him go. However, it is Tim Tebow’s time now for better or worse.

    Now that Cincinnatti has called Carson Palmer’s bluff it might be possible they could be interested in Orton too.

    I hope so…nothing like a little competition to drive up the price.

  30. Then who starts in Denver Brady Quinn you have to be kidding me? There is no way in hell the Broncos let Tebow start this year, he’s like the Sara Palin of Pro football he’s only around to sell jerseys & make everyone wonder when they’ll finally lines up behind center(not from the shotgun) and actually lead the team. Denver makes why too much money off anticipation rather than actual performance (in Basketball see also Jimmer).

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