Gabbert gets to work early, Garrard doesn’t


If the Jacksonville Jaguars will have a quarterback battle between rookie Blaine Gabbert and incumbent David Garrard, Gabbert wants to get off to an early lead.

Erich Spivey of reports that Gabbert was the second player to arrive to the Jaguars’ facilities today, at 7:45 a.m. He didn’t have the key card needed to get into the parking lot.

It feels good,” Gabbert said as he walked in.

A couple hours later, there was still no sign of Garrard.

21 responses to “Gabbert gets to work early, Garrard doesn’t

  1. I would’ve thought you had enough real stories to work on today.

    I fully expect a report on what Gabbert ate for breakfast as well.

  2. Gabbert will be the best QB from this draft but that’s not saying much because the rest are bums especially that fig newton guy.

  3. @tonyinjax – you clicked on the story, so you were interested. PFT is a blog, so the writers are blogging about information they are receiving.

    @kingmj4891 – you must be a Jags fan, or just a real big hater of Cam Newton. Gabbert is a great QB, but to say the rest of the QBs chosen are bums without reason is juvenile.

    Gabbert probably won’t be the Jags QB for another two years, simply because he comes from the college spread offense, and it will take him a while to be the playcaller, not meaning he won’t play this year, but Garrard will be the guy simply because the Jags have a lot of money invested in him, and he is not going to be able to be traded with the amount of years left on his deal (eligible for FA in 2014) and with the new CBA terms of rookie signings, Gabbert will not be making more money than Garrard anytime soon. I would bet Garrard will be out of Jax next year depending on the season outcome. The Jags are not a rich organization, so trading him before 2014 will be key, because they are likely not resigning him, and he would be an expensive backup to Gabbert if they do go with him next season or in 2013.

  4. Just an FYI for all 4 of the fans the Jaguars still have, as long as Garrard is your QB, you’ll continue to win what you have so far. Nothin’!

  5. Yeah, there are ways into the stadium that don’t pass the media. I’m not saying this guy’s report is wrong but chances are Garrard got in without him seeing him

  6. Everyone talks like an NFL team can only use one quarterback in a season. Last year less than half the teams in the league had the same guy starting at the position by season’s end. Some were down to their third or fourth stringers. Lots of room for both these guys on the team, and Luke McCown as well.

  7. Gabbert joins the rat race. Commuting at 7:00 AM with a Starbucks in one hand and a laptop in the other. Both of which I’m sure he purchased himself.

  8. With all of the amazing talent from this years draft at QB (Newton, Gabbert, Locker, Ponder, Dalton, etc) I’d definitely take… my chances at going 1-15 to win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes rather than having any of these bums.

  9. First off, I would like to say to jodave5 “Go F*ck Yourself” and crawl back into your hole…oh wait, you’ve been there all along.

    Garrard is a great guy and he has been a fine citizen and an OK QB. You people that want him probably have not seen him from a stadium seat and only on TV (totally different perspective when evaluating the passing game)…Garrard just does not see the field well. There are guys open he just does not read and find the open guy that often. Gabbert may or may not be that guy but they have waited too long to find a franchise (ie, sees the field, reads defenses, throws a good deep ball) QB and you have to start drafting guys to find one.

  10. @hobartbaker

    Good point, but the most successful teams year after year start one QB wire to wire.

  11. Garrard is an average, middle of the road, type QB. Without pausing I could rattle off 15 better NFL QBs.

    But he’s a nice guy and a decent family-man. But that doesn’t win games.

    Gabbert will get his chance soon enough, but it will be Garrard’s team for a while. Or at least until he throws a few INTs. Like they always say, the most popular player on the team is the backup QB. Just ask Byron Leftwich about when Garrard was his backup.

    As far as Garrard being underappreciated in Jacksonville – utter nonsense.

  12. @ tonyinjax – You want a “full report on what Gabbert ate for breakfast” just go to his Twitter account. He’ll have a picture of it posted. Probably bacon, eggs, and toast, looking like any other breakfast of B,E,T, except that it will be a bit burnt because Gabbert cooked it on the patio grill. Himself.

  13. I’m a Redskins fan and if Gabbert turns out to be good, and we have some no name loser or 60 year old at QB, it won’t surprise me a bit. We had him at 10, gave him to Jax, with Qb’s on our roster named McNabb, Beck and Grossman……..

  14. If I Gabbert and never won anything in college & might be on a team headed for LA ya I’d come to work early everyday also. And if I were Garrard I know the Jags are never going to make a real run into the playoffs, so I’d take my time too.

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