Jets first to contact Santonio Holmes

If Santonio Holmes was worried about how much the Jets wanted him back for the 2011 season, he can now rest easy.

The Jets were the first team to contact Holmes’s agent when the lines of communication opened on Tuesday. Joel Segal, Holmes’s agent, told the New York Post that two other teams reached out to him after that conversation and that he plans on speaking with the Jets again later on Tuesday. Segal didn’t offer too much insight into how the conversation went.

“We’ve had good communications,” he said.

He wouldn’t disclose the identities of the other two clubs. It has been widely believed that the Redskins are planning to make a serious run at signing Holmes, whose departure would hurt a Jets offense that looked much better once he joined it after serving a four-game suspension last season. The team could also lose Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith as free agents, a situation that would make it hard for Mark Sanchez to take steps toward becoming a more efficient and effective quarterback.

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  1. “……..Mark Sanchez to take steps toward becoming a more efficient and effective quarterback.”

    It is never gonna happen anyway he is not an elite QB. Does not have it.

  2. Do it Sanonio – go to Washington where all promising careers go to die…………..

    The weaker the Jets, the less we have to listen to Rex spouting off…………

  3. Skins will over pay.

    Holmes will grab some sweet, sweet non-football headlines.

    Holmes numbers will be down because Beck it “throwing” him the ball

    Holmes is cut after 2 years under Shanny.

    Book it.

  4. LOL, yeah, the Jets were waiting for the “doors to open”, then called his agent, LMFAO, they have been talking for months. Just like all teams have been talking to agents for players they want to re-sign, as well as players they want to pluck from other teams

  5. He hit a girl with a glass cup because she wouldn’t move from his seat. That’s why the Steelers traded this bum.

  6. This guy is soooo overrated.

    This guy is supposdely the 2nd best free agent behind Nnamdi…WOW!!!!

    I think his catches in those close games has created an overinflated illusion of this guy being somewhat elite.

    The guy was clutch in OT against the Browns, Texans and Lions.
    Teams (mainly lions, texans) that are atrocious in the secondary.

    He had his way against bums but when he played against better secondaries, he got his 4 rec, 44yd games.

    I would honestly take, Sidney Rice and Braylon Edwards before this guy, heck I would take a cheap Plaxico than throw a wad of cash to this guy.

    He’s been in the league a while, he’s not going to get any better, like a Sidney Rice is.. Holmes is good but not a game breaking WR and yeah the lions and texans secondary would me and my momma look like Jerry Rice.

  7. his agent also reported that he was meeting with the Ravens tomorrow as they just cut Mason

    just an FYI and they now have 18 mil in cap room

  8. @RexCanCoach says: Jul 26, 2011 3:04 PM

    Santonio, play for a winner and stay with the winners.

    Re-sign with J-E-T-S you are home buddy.


    The Jets are improved as of late, but I still wouldn’t call them winners until they can at least win a division title. Last division title: 2002 Last Super Bowl appearance: pre-merger

    And Rex’s bravado will start to fall on deaf ears if his Super Bowl champion predictions don’t even come as close as a Super Bowl appearance.

  9. Haters, just remember to follow the King Rex rule: “You can hate all you want, but you can NEVER IGNORE US!!”

  10. “It is never gonna happen anyway he is not an elite QB. Does not have it.”

    Amazing that you know this about Sanchez after only two years in the NFL. Did you say the same thing about Elway and Brees because their stats after two seasons were basically the same as Sanchez.

  11. Define “winner?”

    Two division titles and no Super Bowl appearances in the past 4 decades.
    Got it.

  12. LOL! Redskins are NOT going to overpay for Santonio. Holmes is not even interested in playing for the Skins, regardless of the money because of their roster. Unless the Skins get a QB over the next 3 days…Holmes will be a Jet.

  13. Steelers are idiots for trading Holmes for a song. This kid is a play making difference maker who wants the ball in the clutch.

    Then they keep the rapist QB, a drunk driving WR, and a dirty out of control insane linebacker.

    Nice message the Steelers sent to the guy who got them their 6th Superbowl Trophy. Some thanks.

    ps—Santonio, please do not go to the Redskins. It will kill your career and your fantasy value!

    Hopefully the Steelers resign him (ya right). If not then the Jets.

  14. cwmorga says:
    Jul 26, 2011 3:28 PM

    The Jets are improved as of late, but I still wouldn’t call them winners until they can at least win a division title.


    Division titles mean very little unless your team is one of the top 2 division winners its respective conference. Going by your logic the 2008 Dolphins (AFC East champs, lost 27-9 1st round) were more ‘successful’ than either of the past two Jets teams who at least made it to the AFC Champ game. Think about it.

  15. steel6times says:
    “He hit a girl with a glass cup because she wouldn’t move from his seat. That’s why the Steelers traded this bum.”

    Why didn’t they trade that bum QB after he raped a girl in the bathroom?

  16. hus10188,

    Sidney(one season) Rice & Droplan Edwards before Santonio Holmes(Super Bowl MVP) ? Really ?

    As a Pats fan here’s hoping that Holmes does not sign with the Jets. I think the Rams or even the Pats are great landing spots since they have QB’s that can consistantly get him the ball.What the Jets do with their WR situation is going to dictate how successful that offense will be.

    Please sign Nmandi for 16 mill , 32 mill in CB’s. Come Friday Holmes will be signed and he will not be a Jet.

  17. The 2 time back to back Super Bowl Champion J.E.T.S. don’t need no stinkin Santonio Holmes!! They already have the 3peat in the bag…..just ask Coach Rex Foot in mouth….oops…I mean Coach We are gonna win the Super Bowl this year….oops I mean Coach Ryan. Just another loser loud mouth like his Daddy!! Can coach the heck outta a Defense….but will NEVER win the big one as a HC!! That why they will ALWAYS be the NY JOKES!!
    Season…….JETS JETS JETS!!! 3PEAT BABY!!!

  18. @bradshawlives, steel6times, and steelcity09 …

    steel6times, the Steelers did not trade Santonio because he hit a woman with a glass–and I’m not sure he did. She was saying that one minute, and the cops said she was climbing all over him the next … no doubt with $$$ in her eyes. And bradshawlives, the medical exam showed our QB didn’t have intercourse with his accuser–which is why he was never even arrested. No crime occurred.

    The Steelers traded Santonio because he’d already had prior disciplinary issues regarding substance abuse, they were trying to sort out the bar incident, then he topped it off by tweeting his plans to again violate the substance abuse policy. He’d exceeded his number of second chances.

    But steelcity09, you must not know much about the Steelers because the bigger picture is that Santonio’s contract would have been up now. And the Steelers have a longstanding policy of not paying this kind of money for wideouts. So whether he left last year or this year, he would not be a Steeler in 2011. At least by losing him last year, we got some trade value for him. And since we were the AFC Champs, not the Jets, the loss really didn’t hurt us, now did it?

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