John Beck: Rex Grossman will be back


The Redskins seem dead set on John Beck as a starting quarterback, but we’ve been wondering if they could pull a surprise once free agency starts.

Perhaps they will, but their first move will be one that everyone expected.

“They’re going to re-sign Rex defininiely. They’ve told me that!” Beck said on ESPN Radio 980 Monday, via Chris Russell.

The most likely depth chart includes Beck and Grossman as the top two options.  Washington figures to try to trade Donovan McNabb starting Tuesday, but we’d guess they release him well before McNabb’s big bonus is due.

20 responses to “John Beck: Rex Grossman will be back

  1. Wow. What does that say about Donovan McNabb if they’d rather resign Sexy Rexy over him?

  2. This is ridiculous in my opinion, I believe Rex Grossman and John Beck to be back-ups at best. As a Dolphins fan (the Dolphins drafted John Beck under Cam Cameron) I am just glad he is no longer playing for Miami.

  3. Sound the horn!!! I smell a Brett Favre watch in D.C. Makes perfect sense to me. West Coast offense, maybe add a playmaker via free agency (Santonio Holmes perhaps?), decent running game, Dan Snyder loves to make a splash! I know the RAT and FAVRE don’t have a history, per se (at least none that I recall), but if Beck and Grossman struggle this preseason, I think this is Favre’s landing spot. You heard it here first! 🙂

  4. Ok let’s get away from who will or won’t be a QB for Washington…my question is what in the h$ll do people see and what has he done that he gets all this positive buzz and I mean Kevin Kolb…are teams really willing to invest in draft picks and money for a guy who has yet proved anything?

  5. I’ll do you one better: Who’s gonna start at QB *NEXT* year?

    – No young stud in the system.
    – Drafting a QB in 2012 means throwing him to the lions first thing. Wrong answer.
    – Signing a vet QB is not a long term solution.

    ‘Skins are in trouble this year AND next…thats a fact, Jack.

  6. mightymightylafootball, you are 100% right, they are in trouble….
    But they AREN”T going to win with McNabb anyway, so why keep him? And again, if they sign Vince Young or some other bonehead guy you already know isn’t going to win, what do you gain?
    Personally, I would have drafted one of the MANY they passed on this April, but just the same, Beck and Grossman or McNabb, no big difference at this point in his or their careers.

  7. John Beck and Rex Grossman definitely give you a better chance to win than McNabb does…..HA!

  8. Mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan, Bruce Allen and Daniel Snyders are idiots. Do you really think John Beck is a starting QB in this day and age. These losers will be lucky to win 4 games this year.

  9. I hope this ends well for Donovan McNabb. His situation is very similar to Kurt Warner’s after his Ram years. Donovan has been a model of class on and off the field. For some strange reason, he and Shanahan just didn’t click on the field of play. It just happens like that sometimes. Both are good guys who wanted it to work out. But Shanahan needs to do right by McNabb right now and trade him if possible or release him. That will raise his statue with other Redskin players who are very uncomfortable with this strange drama.

    All indicators are Shanhan plans to make a big move for Vince Young. And IMO that could work out. They both need each other. And Vince has a ton of All-Star level talent if he backs off and let Shanny lead him. After all he was rookie of the year and a 2 time All-Star. That talent is still in him along with hopefully some humility. And vice versa, McNabb would be a good fit and 2 year mentor for Jake Locker in Nashville. That team has enough juice to be a playoff team with a stable coaching situation and a decent QB.

    I could also see Jim Harbaugh making a bid for McNabb. And don’t rule out Detroit behind the injury prone (but great prospect) Matt Stafford. That young team needs stable offensive leadership presence like Donovan to get over the hump. He and Stafford could be great for Detroit.

  10. Rex has been to the same amount of super bowls as mcnabb and bear fans think about this Rex will be the last qb to take you to the super bowl.

  11. Hey, Grossman is a Super Bowl QB!!!

    Lol. There is NO WAY the Skins go into the regular season with Rex or Beck as their starter. If they do, I will be convinced that they are losing on purpose to ensure a top 5 pick to get either Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, or Landry Jones (all better prospects than anyone in this past draft) in next years draft.

  12. Typical Shanahan hubris in thinking he can turn Beck or Grossman into quality NFL QBs. And this will fail as most of his pet projects have failed since Elway retired.

  13. Once again have to ask what was Brady Quinn not available? As an Eagles fan I love to hear news like this, enjoy the basement of the division yet another year.

  14. Rex Grossman will be our quarterback and he deserves it. He led the Bears to the super bowl with about 20 career starts, and the coaching staff should have had more patience with him. He had two 300 yard passing games in the three games he played last season, and doesn’t get discouraged when playing from behind by any means. With consistent protection and a decent running game, Grossman can be very effective.

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