Matt Leinart could be headed to Seattle too


It looks like the Seahawks aren’t done driving their fans crazy Tuesday with their quarterback moves just yet.

Matt Leinart has agreed to a deal with Seattle, according to Chris Mortensen reported Leinart “could” round out Seattle’s depth chart earlier Tuesday, but has adjusted that wording to say a deal has been reached.  Mort says the Redskins spoke with Leinart, who ultimately decided to reunite with former coach Pete Carroll.

So basically we’re going to have a three-way quarterback battle between Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson, and Leinart.  Can’t Wait!

UPDATE: changed their report on Leinart.  They know just say Seahawks are interested in Leinart, but Washington remains in the mix.  We suspect someone in their newsroom made a mistake because Mort never reported the deal was happening.

85 responses to “Matt Leinart could be headed to Seattle too

  1. Wonder if ol’ Pete tried to get Carson Palmer first before settling on his college backup Matt Leinart.

  2. Apparently Pete Carroll doesn’t like how Charlie Whitehurst holds a clipboard.

  3. Things are really looking up in Seattle. Jackson is a HUGE talent. HOF material.

    Not so much…

  4. “So basically we’re going to have a three-way quarterback battle between Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson, and Leinart.”

    It’ll be like watching the worst 3 kids “fight” for the right field spot on your little league baseball team. Epic.

  5. Guess Palmer was retiring so Carroll had to grab the next USC QB in line. Booty, Cassell have work elsewhere. Seattle will draft Barkley next year.

  6. I still believe Risk Mirer is still available (and yes, I spelled that correctly).

    Can we please sign Reggie Bush so the NCAA can revoke our 2010 Division Title? Please?!?

  7. This move makes a lot more sense than going with Whitehurst and Jackson. I think Leinart still has a chance to succeed in the NFL.

  8. As much as I want to laugh and mock Seattle for this series of exemplary show of stupidity, I think that this may be the only place Leinart has any shot at doing anything remotely productive.

    But who am I kidding, Seattle…Good LUCK in the draft next year.

  9. It’s pretty bad when you have three QB’s of the future and the youngest guy in the group was drafted in 07′.

  10. That is the most mediocre QB depth chart I have ever seen… although the Redskins have a shot at being worse depending on who they sign to replace McNabb!

  11. They have to be going for Luck if this is why they passed on Orton, Hasselbeck, Kolb, and Vince Young for these scrubs, right? That’s the only explanation I can think of after these surprising moves

  12. This may be the only crew of Qb’s that Whitehurst can beat out for the starting job.

  13. And now thousands of Seattle fans are going over the new CBA contract looking for something to void all transactions since the lockout end.
    I feel pretty bad for anyone whos team treated them better during the lockout than afterwards.

  14. “Everyday I’m shuffling, shuffling, shuffling..” -Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. I guess Pete Carroll is a fan of the song with the way he’s shuffling.

  15. The Seahawks starting QB this year will also be known as “the tallest midget in the circus”.

  16. Assuming the Rams improve this year, these QB moves pretty much guarantee Seattle finishes second in the NFC West.

    If the Rams regress, the Seahawks make the playoffs without a winning record for the second year in a row!

  17. I thought free agency didn’t start until Friday. Does this clear the way for VY back to Houston ?

  18. I love the “Fresh Out of Bed-How the Hell did I Get Here” look on Leinart’s face in the picture.

  19. Pete Carroll: “Hey Matt, we’re getting the band back together!”

    Leinart: “YEEEEAAAAAAAHH!”


    Could Reggie Bush be next???

  20. Anyone but Whitehurst… ANYONE. How much would the Hawks be on the hook if Whitehurst was cut?

  21. Wouldnt be surpised to see Leinart win this competition. T-Jack doent offer anything spectacular and Whitehurst is just another journeyman (like Leinart). Carroll will side with Matt when its all said and done.

  22. Leinart will either win it or get cut in a few days Lendale White style.

  23. So when Leinart can’t beat out the legendary Tavaris Jackson, proving once again he’s a bust, is he finally going to admit he sucks to himself?

  24. LOL is Pete Carroll throwing darts at pictures of available QB’s while blindfolded?

    He may be trying for Luck next year but he’ll be lucky if he lasts long enough to even try for him.

    Looks like they’re going from 1st to worst in the division this year. At least having won it with a 7-9 record they won’t have to fall very far.

  25. No big deal to bring him in, kick the tires-see they are flat and then kick him to the curb. I gotta tell you, Whitehurst, Jackson, Leinart is not a depth chart-it’s a death chart.

  26. I wish people would freaking relax. The ‘Hawks signing these guys in no way means they think they’re “the answer”. It means they’re going to push Whitehurst to win the starting job and if they all fail they’ll take one of the top QB’s next year.

    It’s clear that the Eagles are being little bitches about Kolb and nobody wants to pay their price. I bet Arizona opts for Orton and screws over the Eagles royally.

  27. Carroll wants to make Whiteturd look like a starter…so he signs this clusterhump of goons to shame the position and put Charlie on a pedestal?

    That is my only explanation.

  28. These three guys were all taken in the same draft, in 2006. Leinart first round, Jackson second round, whitehurst third round. Jackson’s career has been meteoric compared to the other two. This trio rivals the Cardinals’ trifecta of Derek Anderson, John Skelton, and Max Hall last year.

  29. johnnyjagfan says:
    Jul 26, 2011 7:07 PM
    I knew there was a missing link!

    If Leinart doesn’t win this QB battle, he should give Reggie Bush his Heisman Trophy.


    OMG i wish i could give this more than one thumb up. Classic!!!!

  30. I would say this puts my beloved Seahawks in the drivers seat in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

  31. tfbuckfutter says:Jul 26, 2011 7:09 PM

    Jon Gruden says “I really like what coach Carroll is doing here.”

    Took the words right out of mouth!!

  32. Good gracious. Speechless. You have to think the vegas odds for the F word coming back just went through the roof. Somewhere Flutie and Garcia are also keeping a close eye on their phones tonight too.
    Put down your Blackberry Schneider.

  33. “Carroll wants to make Whiteturd look like a starter…so he signs this clusterhump of goons to shame the position and put Charlie on a pedestal?

    That is my only explanation.”

    Clusterhump of goons…..that made me laugh.

  34. I’ve been stunned by many Carroll/Schneider moves, stunned to the point that I sit there and stare out the window wondering if somehow Ken Behring has re-bought the team and is trying to move back to LA. But then, some of them actually work out. Last year, it was Mike Williams and Leon Washington. Who knows, it might be one of these QBs this year. One thing’s for sure, Matt Hasselbeck was TERRIBLE last season so it really can’t get much worse.

  35. Poor T-Jack. First it was Brett Favre, now he has to deal with that idiot? Go ahead and hit me with some thumbs down but T-Jack is actually a pretty damn good QB he just needs a chance to show it. He should get that chance in Seattle, Leinart had a great situation in Arizona and he choked. Just go ahead and give Leinart the damn clipboard.

  36. Please…..stop…….really …….stop pete… face cheeks cant take any more, and I am sure the other cheeks of the Seahawk fans are hurting just as much!

  37. You could take the best skill that each has to offer and not come up with an average NFL QB……talk about a team mailing it in before the season even starts!

  38. That’s so farve’d up for T-Jack.

    He finally gets a chance to be The Guy, and his new team doesn’t even waste a day to go get somebody to try and beat him out for the job.

    Can Jackson back out of the deal before Friday??

    Right now Jackson is the starter by week 3 as he knows everything about Bevell’s offense.

    I liked him in Minnesota, eventually it was obvious his days were numbered. T-Jack should’ve been outta MN last year. He just was never consistent, couldn’t stay healthy and struggled against exotic blitz schemes. But great potential with a rocket arm and athleticism, it was just the menal and health aspect of the game.

  39. Leinhart will finally get his chance and if I were a betting man I would bet he is the starter and does well, now just wait for Reggie to get cut and bring him in and we will have the 2011 USCHawks trifecta (Leinhart, Bush, Williams).

    But in reality and joking aside look at how big a bust Mike Williams was in Detroit and what he did last year so if Pete Carrol can get the same increase in Leinhart watchout NFC West.

  40. For the first time in a decade, I can say with confidence that the Niners will not be in the cellar this season.

    Now I just need the Cards to give away the house to the Eagles for Feeley…I mean Kolb.

  41. Wow, reading the comments from some Hawk fans on here I’m amazed at how many are making excuses already and also how many have are ok with losing this year.

  42. Haha, I like how everyone is hating on the Hawks. Just remember that they ended up winning the division last year with Whitehurst, so as long as they perform better than him they’ll end up winning the division again. 9ers are out of it because they are bringing back Smith again. Rams schedule has taken them out of the race before it even started, they’ll be lucky if they have a win by the time half the season is over. Cards we will see, depends on who they bring in for a QB.

  43. I’m sad to see Hasselbeck go. Carrolls modous operandi is to get many bodies at one position and heave them duke it out for the top spot. So this fits with that thinking. They have 5 QBs now and that Portis kid has potential he’s totally undisciplined though.

    I think they see an aging and fragile Hasselbeck as just a bit better than these other guys for tons more money. So they figure “why not let let them fight it out and maybe we’ll get a good one” whereas they really know what they have with Hasselbeck. The potential talent can be more alluring than the known talent. Might be a big mistake but after making something out of the mess of a roster that TIm Ruskell left, Carroll and Schneider deserve the benefit of the doubt for this year IMO.

  44. Im optimistic about these QB moves… Both have had veteran leadership pressed upon them and realisticly have something to prove! combine that with competition to start any given Sunday things could get interesting…..

  45. It speaks volumes when the best QB in the NFC West will be Sam Bradford and Dude is in his second yr ,,what a pathethic division.

  46. It’s funny how everyone is joking on the Seahawks but outside of the Rams fans, should 49er’s & Cardinals really be talking??? That division sucked royally last year. The Rams get a pass with a first year QB & coach. The Seahawks were at least competitive in the play offs. It will probably be a 2 teams race between the Rams & Seahawks. Alex Smith isn’t gonna get it done San Fran would better giving reps to Colin K & Kevin Kolb or not, Arizona ain’t going anywhere! Let’s go Chicago! Bear Down!!!

  47. John Schneider, Pete the Cheat & Tom Cable walk into a smelly Seattle bar: Pete asks Schneider, why the wrong face? Schneider replies, well Cable’s got the runs so I had to respond by hiring three guys since Matt Hasselbeck’s out of town take care of this mess.

    Did this joke make much sense either? Probably not, but yall should still simmer down now. Pete the Cheat knows it’ll be everyone wins situation. Paul Allen pays these bums one year’s check to be a moving target (t var is wack son), a sitting duck (flat leinart) and/or the last body standing (clipboard jesus). They die, we lose, yet we still win in the end with a delicious draft pick. What’s the worst that could happen? Alex smith signs w the 49’ers and we go the playoffs with a losing record? And anyone who’s surprised by these moves needn’t go much deeper to understand why: Tom cable + beastmode + forsett + rankin – good qb = run, run, run.

  48. TiceWasBetter, T-Jack was bad with “exotic blitz schemes”? Sorry but that sounds fabricated and hilarious at the same time

  49. At first glance it seems insane, but it could just work out. They won the division last year with Whitehurst. I think Jackson is backup at best, but Leinart was by far the best QB Arizona had in the preseason last year. His being cut had nothing to do with his play. (Was he seeing the coach’s daughter?)

  50. @ seatowncougarwsu

    Sounds like you’re drunk because that was an incoherent mess of words if I ever saw one. We don’t even have Louis Rankin anymore.

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