New high water mark already is in sight

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This was supposed to be a big week.  I was supposed to be headed on Monday to New York City for a couple of days of NBC meetings.  I was supposed to hang out with the folks at Morning Joe this morning.  I was supposed to do PFT Live for the first time ever from 30 Rock.  I was supposed to have dinner with Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy and Peter King and Dan Patrick and our producer extraordinaire, Sam Flood.

All that changed on Monday morning, thanks to the report from Jay Glazer (who was indeed first on the scene, even if no one else wants to acknowledge it) that a deal had been reached between the NFL and the NFLPA.  (We’ve dropped the asterisk, for those of you who haven’t been keeping up.)  With the wheels in motion for the wheels to roll after Monday’s PFT Live, Rick Cordella and Kevin Monaghan of NBC wisely persuaded me to come in from the “I can balance it all” ledge.

It ended up being a good decision, even though my instincts were to try to make the trip and try to do everything.

Football is now back and interest is back in a big way and we’re on track for nearly 3.5 million page views, which would be our second biggest day in site history.  And it’s only Tuesday.

With the help of Rosenthal and MDS and Josh Alper, we’ve already posted 43 stories today.  And it’s not 3:30 p.m. ET yet.

The best news is that the hamsters powering the servers are surviving.  Here’s hoping that continues as the craziest week the NFL will ever see continues to unfold.

So stick with us.  And keep hitting F5.  I don’t want the hamsters to get soft.