NFLPA releases video thanking fans

The NFLPA (we’ve officially dropped the asterisk in anticipation of the official return of union status) has issued a video featuring a series of “thank you” messages from a variety of NFL players.

Played over the kind of background music that in the right circumstances can make a grown man cry, the realization that this multi-year mess finally is over coupled with the words from the players almost got me a little choked up.  (Almost.  And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

Players speaking on the video include Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, Colts linebacker Gary Brackett, Falcons linebacker Coy Wire, Rams offensive lineman Adam Goldberg, Buccaneers receiver Maurice Stovall, Saints offensive lineman Jon Stinchcomb, Bears kicker Robbie Gould (whose sore-thumb build was accentuated by his high school physics teacher attire), free-agent (as of five minutes ago) linebacker Takeo Spikes, Bills safety George Wilson, Lions safety Erik Coleman, free-agent (as of five minutes ago) Tyson Clabo, Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis, and Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth.

Said Spikes:  “In the end, we all got what we wanted.  And that’s football.”


Whitworth wrapped it up with something that nearly caused me to run through the nearest wall.  (Or, as the case may be, to bounce off the nearest wall.  Because I truly am the juggernaut, bitch.)

“We got this thing done,” Whitworth said, “now let’s play some ball.”

33 responses to “NFLPA releases video thanking fans

  1. I didn’t miss football as much as you did during the lockout, probably because I was busy writing a sequel to QBF. No wait, that’s not right.

  2. It say we the NFLPA blew it with the fans so were sorry but not really because we are sissies and got what we wanted except for somebody else to play for us.

  3. Now that’s class! DeMaurice Smith is shown nothing but class throughout this lockout. The players are lucking to have him, The NFL and the owners should take lessons. Especially their lap dog Goodell, who the players will never respect.

  4. “We were just trying to make the game better for you the fan and us”

    I’m all choked up !!

    I think I’m gonna cry !!
    If you believe that, I have a nice bridge to sell you !!

    How gullible do they think we are ? The fan has never meant anything except dollar bills !!

  5. Make the game better for us? How about you make ticket prices affordable? They keep jacking the prices because they keep jacking up these people’s salaries. Hopefully one good thing out of this CBA is that owners won’t feel the need to hike prices every year cause some #1 draft pick is wasting money.

  6. Listen, am all for outrage over how long this dragged on and the litigate route the players took. But all the calls for lerr ticket prices? Please tell me what sucessful product you’ve EVER seen drop in price….EVER!

  7. I hope at this time next year, the owners will be whining about how much money they lost in 2011. THAT would be sweet!

  8. BOOO, they should of thought about the fans in March when they walked away without even giving a try to negoating with the owners! I’m sorry too little too late. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!

  9. What the fans really lost these past four months. Yapping back and forth on message boards about free agents pretending they know more about the business than people actually in the business. Oh the humanity. Bitching about the prices of tickets. Prices keep going up because teams keep seeing fans selling tickets at double, triple and quadruple face value to other fans so they know that someone will pay that much to buy them directly from them. Guess what if one hundred million Americans were willing to buy milk at ten dollars a gallon, that’s what the dairy industry would start charging.

  10. That Hawaii video was the lamest video ever. The guy runs through a wall? More like he runs through a sheet rock panel. You can see they took the stud out from behind, and there were already holes in th panel to make it easier to break. I wonder if they even bothered to attach the panel to the studs they didn’t take out.

  11. They’re still a bunch of spoiled, overpaid, millionaire pigs. Even more so now.

  12. Dear fans,

    Unless you yourself have been on inside of a multi-billion dollar labor dispute, you have *no* idea of how complicated this whole process was.

    Either un-bunch your panties and go back to feeding hte corporate greed machine by continuing to support the NFL, or put your money where your mouth is, and walk away from it.

    You sound worse than jilted girlfriends.

    Oh…and the product was de-valued long before this.



  13. Duane-Lockout’s over, you can now stop shilling for the players. You hate the Commish and owners so much, go follow soccer-where there acting on taking a dive is better than the tools in this video.

  14. pnut87 says: Jul 26, 2011 11:13 AM

    Takeo Spikes has a huge neck…

    It certainly isn’t there to hold up a big brain… Sending him around ESPN on Friday was a mistake – so much stupid came out of his mouth that even Chris Berman’s IQ went down…

  15. “We were trying to make the game better”

    Really?!! Well then maybe you should have acted like grown ups and negotiated at the table from the beginning! Do you really expect us to swallow this load of crap you’re peddling?!

    The players, owners, De Smith and Roger Goodell have A LOT of ass to kiss before this thing is put into the past. And if the product has been watered down due to the new rules from the CBA or the new defenseless player rules (or both as I suspect), it will take even longer to bridge that gap.

  16. They would make the game better for the fans if they would just be allowed to play the game the way it used to be played, instead of these modified “touch football” rules that they’ve got going now.

  17. Who the hell do this guys think they are trying to fool? Don’t they know most of the fans where backing the owners and not the players?

  18. txtuff says:
    Jul 26, 2011 3:31 PM
    Who the hell do this guys think they are trying to fool? Don’t they know most of the fans where backing the owners and not the players?

    Only on this site. Txtuff, which was taken over by pro-owner shills or anti-union tools like yourself.? We all know how you people in the south will fight to the death in order to work for peanuts. How many playoff wins do the Cowboys and Texans have in the last 10 years??? LOL.

  19. Duane, there you go again trying to sound smart with the word shill again. You are so stupid that you knock the people in Texas, yet take the name of a running back from the Cowboys. Try loosening the helmet on your head and let some blood flow to your brain.

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