Noel Devine chooses the Eagles

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After it was believed for well over 12 hours that former West Virginia running back Noel Devine would join a crowded backfield in Atlanta, the one-time YouTube sensation has picked the Eagles.

The team has officially announced the move.

Devine’s arrival unites him with former Big East rival LeSean McCoy of Pitt.  It also unites Devine with former Pitt tailback Dion Lewis, a fifth-round pick who rushed for 2,860 yards in just two seasons with the Panthers.

So maybe the backfield is just about as crowded in Philly as it was in Atlanta.

The move also reunites Devine with Owen Schmitt, former WVU fullback.

UPDATE:  A prior version of this article indicated that Jerome Harrison also is on the Eagles’ depth chart at running back.  That was an error.  It was silly for me to rely on the Eagles’ official online roster as being, you know, accurate.

23 responses to “Noel Devine chooses the Eagles

  1. The Eagles are not bringing Jerome Harrison back. Eldra Buckley is the other RB on the roster and he is a special teams ace. It will be interesting to see who shines in camp Lewis or Devine. Whoever can pick up the blocking scheme should have the edge.

  2. Eagles don’t plan on bringing Harrison back. With the amount of carries he got last year I’m sure he doesn’t want to come back anyway. Like the signing… we need kick return help.

  3. Devine needs a job in order to pay for all his outstanding paternity tests. I type this as Major Harris washes my car.

  4. I don’t know how this kid went unsigned. LeSean, Devine, Schmitt? That sounds fantastic.

    This kid Devine, he knows how to hit the hole hard and fast. (That’s what she said)

  5. This seems like a bad idea. Can the Eagles get some power running ever?

    But then again, maybe you don’t need that when every position has speed to stretch the defense—including the quarterback.

  6. I hope they come up with a offensive scheme where they block for the outside run, cause this dude his not a through the tackles kind of guy. He did show some speed in college, but not as fast as most of the weapons on the roster.

  7. He’s no Jerome Harrison. If Harrison signs somewhere else for a reasonable number, well, that sucks.

  8. I think the running game is going to take a step back this year with the new o-line coach. He is very good at getting his guys to pass block but the Colts havent been able to run the ball since Edgerin James was relevant.

  9. The Eagles announced that they won’t be signing ANY of their own free agents, including Harrison, Rocca , Mikell( already a Ram) , Bradley, Nick Cole, Jean-Gilles,Akers, but they all are listed on the roster for now; the Eagles update the website every couple of hours , but the rosters and depth charts are usually about 3 days to a week behind.

  10. i know that patience is a virtue…but these kinds of posts are getting frustrating! I want to see some names of some serious players! Cromartie/ Asomougha/Barnett/Taylor… SOMETHING! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Noel Devine makes a great backfield…awesome…now lets get to SPLASHING IN FREE AGENCY EAGLES…PLEASE!

  11. I’d just like to point out that YouTube was created in 2005 and his famed freshman highlights came from the 2003 season. Noel preceded YouTube. First HS football player I ever watched online.

  12. No mention of Graig Cooper from The U, huh? I like this young running back battle. Forget Harrison or any of these other vets. Let the kids battle it out and see who sticks.

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