Redskins, Vikings close to pulling off trade for McNabb

The report from several hours ago that the Vikings and Redskins had agreed to terms on a trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb was indeed premature.  But we pointed out that the deal could still happen, and happen it will.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports the Redskins have agreed to send McNabb to Minnesota for a sixth-round pick in 2012 and a conditional sixth-round pick in 2013.  Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel also reports that the two teams have reached an agreement, with the compensation being a late-round pick.

The only remaining sticking point is McNabb’s willingness to restructure his contract.  Glazer reports that McNabb would receive far less compensation than the $12.5 million he was due to receive in Washington.

If it happens, McNabb’s one-year career with the Redskins will end with a clumsy thud.  He started 13 games, and he threw 14 touchdown passes, 15 interceptions.  He was benched during the closing minutes of a Halloween loss to the Lions.  Later, the Redskins sat him down behind Rex Grossman for the final three games of the season.

The Redskins gave up a second-round pick in 2010 and a fourth-round selection in 2011 for McNabb, the second overall pick in the 1999 draft.  He played 11 seasons in Philly, taking the Eagles to five NFC title games and one Super Bowl.

In Minnesota, he’d presumably hold the starting job unless and until Christian Ponder is ready to go — or until the team is struggling to the point where it makes sense for the Vikings to get Ponder some live reps.

57 responses to “Redskins, Vikings close to pulling off trade for McNabb

  1. Two 6’s would not be terrible just to out this whole mess behind us. Fleece by the Eagles we were.

  2. Great steal for the Vikes if McNabb agrees to take less $$$, McNabb was a pro-bowler 2 years ago..and now the Vikes are possibly getting him for a 6th round pick…crazy league

  3. man, you guys are not anywhere close to pushing out the news as fast a THey seem to have the 1up on you guys today. I am sure you already know this though.

  4. @Jay_Glazer: Vikes were hoping for Tyler Thigpen and looking at Gradkowski and in the end McNabb at that low price, picks and salary, not much to lose

    Thank God for McNabb! I would have had a heart attack if we had signed Thigpen or Gradkowski.

  5. McNabb couldn’t learn the playbook in DC despite having several months to memorize the plays.

    How is he going to pick up the plays in Minnesota in less than two months?

    The Vikings were only willing to part with a 6th round pick for D-Mac.

    The Vikings will quickly realize they’re better off starting Christian Ponder. McNabb is nothing more than a backup QB.

  6. I’ll call it now. McNabb gets hurt in the first or second game,placed on IR and gets his contract guaranteed for the season.

  7. I think McNabb is too much of a diva to take less money. However, if he wants to show some class, he will restructure and make the best out of the situation in Minnesota.

    If they are able to hang onto Sidney Rice, the Vikes could be decent next year. That is, unless McNabb keeps playing like a scrub.

  8. The racistskins never cease to make me laugh. That poorly ran 2 bit, scatter-brain, lemonade stand operation is the most pathetic group of people in the NFL.

  9. ….and they’re looking to hand out big bucks to WRs Moss and Holmes because _??

    (fill in the blank question for Daniel Snyder)

  10. Love it!

    Welcome to Minnesota D-nice…

    Chris Kluwe… your # 5 is now a letter b.

  11. As a Vikings fan I’d welcome him but this deal makes no sense to me. Why take Ponder that high. I know with the lockout and the ineffeciency of the O line it would be very hard for him to succeed but with that in mind spend the pick on a Fairly or one of your other needs. I won’t say they wasted the pick but they if this deal goes through they won’t get anything out of a high draft pick this year.

  12. As a Packer fan, I hate to admit it but this is a good move for the Queens. They couldn’t just march into the season w/ Ponder. Not in the black and blue this year; they’d have gotten torn apart. This now makes them legitimate. Also – Washington wasn’t a good fit for McNabb, and I think he’ll rebound nicely w/ #28 toting the rock. Buys them time to see what Ponder has, let him develop as well.

    I can’t wait until Matthews tears #5 a new one 😉

  13. Regardless of what players the Vikings bring in. There is still one big concern. Vikings fans need a stadium as much if not more than the team does. I would love for the team to give us some hope for the future. To do things to make them a contender again in the not so distant future. My enthusiasm will be subdued until I know that future will be in Minnesota. The whole thing loses a lot of luster, when next year they may be playing somewhere else. I hope not.

  14. Gave up 2nd and two 4th for a 3 game improvement and one year rental, just more proof the Redskins are joke even w/o Snyder making personnel decisions.

  15. Great. Another washed up QB for my team. But, hell, he’s our best option because we never prepare for a quarterback for the future. We just rehab wash-ups.

  16. McNabb getting traded for that little is due to the way he handled the situation last year and the respect he has in the locker room. It gives him a CHANCE to do well somewhere else. Had Fat Albert done the same, he would also be traded. As it is, Shanny (being old school through and through) will let him rot.

  17. Baus says:

    “Great steal for the Vikes if McNabb agrees to take less $$$, McNabb was a pro-bowler 2 years ago..and now the Vikes are possibly getting him for a 6th round pick…crazy league”

    He wasn’t a pro-bowl player two years ago. He played in the pro-bowl as a result of two QB’s who were voted in but didn’t play.

    McNabb has only been voted to the pro bowl twice in 12 years. He played as an alternate in his other 4 pro bowl appearences.

    He’s never been an all-pro QB (one of the top 2 QB’s).

  18. I have to agree with pakrbakr76. Starting Ponder without any offseason training would be insane. This gives him the chance to break in gradually and he can start when he’s ready. Everyone saying how terrible McNabb is should remember that we’re not signing him to take us to the Super Bowl; we’re signing him to start for a while, mentor a young QB, and be a solid backup. Who would be better for that role?

  19. burgandyandgold says:
    Jul 26, 2011 11:21 PM
    Two 6′s would not be terrible just to out this whole mess behind us. Fleece by the Eagles we were.


    Yeah, put that horrible mess behind you. Move on, you’re gonna be amazing this year. Donovan screwed everything up (unless you consider your team that was 4-12 the year before probably didn’t have any talent).

    I mean, with Beck and Grossman in 2011, you’re probably gonna be mentioned with the ’78 Steelers and ’85 Bears by the time this season is over.

  20. And to the people saying McNabb is a diva, that’s the same thing we heard about Favre in ’09, but Favre was great in the locker room and loved by his teammates. I’m not saying the same will hold true for McNabb, but maybe these kinds of opinions are overblown.

  21. Would’ve been great if the Skins could’ve packaged Donnie/Al together, for say..a 2012 3rd rounder. One deal, two issues eliminated. Hell, maybe Bruce and Mike tried. HAIL

  22. He will be a good qb for the vikings, when it’s all said and done. No matter how long it lasts, he’ll play well there, believe me. Esp if they can get sid back, with aroshmadu and shiancoe + AP = solid mcnabb season upcoming.

  23. Not only does it sound like the Vikes are making a decent deal, I can’t wait to see what happens between McNabb and Kluwe in court for the good old #5. (to be honest, I’d rather see Kluwe keep it)

  24. Well, if T.O. is healthy, Sidney Rice doesn’t re-sign, and Owens’ ex-wide receiver coach George Stewart there …. you complete the sentence.

  25. With this pathetic O-Line , McNabb will get flushed from the pocket whereby he can not out run the defense which then leads to him getting hammered as Farve was last year. Ponder then will step in sooner than you think.

  26. Wow two 6 round pics? U might as well have cut him. honestly that’s a joke.. When a qb on a contender team is out for the season they are going to wish they could have got a 3rd round pick

  27. If he was really gotten for a 6th round pick. Kudos to the Vikes for a frugal move….but go Lions.

  28. megelg says: Jul 26, 2011 11:34 PM

    Oh, one question. What the heck am I going to do with this AUTHENTIC Donavan McNabb Jersey now???


    Dye it purple.

  29. I didn’t want us to get McNabb because I thought it would cost a helluva lot more than a 6th rounder. Damn the Skins kind of got some poor ROI on that one.

    I’m not a big McNabb fan but for a 6th rounder bring his ass in and give him a shot.

  30. Now that his beloved Vikes have “gone a different direction” Favre will be looking to make a deal in Chicago or Detroit!

  31. footballisfun says:
    Jul 26, 2011 11:49 PM
    Great. Another washed up QB for my team. But, hell, he’s our best option because we never prepare for a quarterback for the future. We just rehab wash-ups.

    I guess you missed the draft this year.

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