Report: Broncos want to trade Orton and do it fast

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The Broncos’ front office has always maintained publicly that quarterback Kyle Orton will get a fair chance to compete for the starting job. In reality, the Broncos would love to trade Orton before training camp even starts.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos will place Orton on the trading block, and Orton’s time remaining as a Bronco may be down to hours, not days.

So despite all the talk about competition, Tim Tebow is almost certainly going to be the starter, with Brady Quinn as his backup.

The question for Orton is whether any team will want to trade for his contract, which pays him almost $9 million this year. Unless he’s ready to agree to a new deal, Orton may be a tough sell.

46 responses to “Report: Broncos want to trade Orton and do it fast

  1. Trade away the best QB on the roster (if you can call it that) for a third or fourth round pick… The Elway era has begun!

  2. Seahawks should take a stab at this one. Or is Carroll still delusional about Whitehurst?

  3. Orton reminds me of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Both of them don’t seem to do anything wrong; in fact, in many instances they play very well (or at the very least, they play efficiently). Yet they never get a fair shot. Shortly after they are named the starter, their team starts looking for a “long-term” solution. I hope that whatever team gets Orton gives him a fair and legitimate shot to start.

  4. Big shake-up #1 …

    The Baltimore 4 is definitely large, but this would paint a much clearer picture of where Denver is headed.

    The Titans and Cards have to be drooling right now. That $9 million will either reduce the trade compensation or it will eventually force Denver to cut a very unhappy signal-caller!

  5. Considering orton was in the running for the single season record for passing yardage throughout the first 3 quarters of the season, I don’t understand why you cannot agree that mcdaniels made him look good

  6. Orton is solid. It just seems like he will always be on teams that are slightly below average. He won’t change a team much. Good luck to him and Tebow both seam like good dudes…

  7. Come on Cardinals!!! Make this trade happen. You know what you are getting with him. With Kolb you are hoping and guessing for an extremely high price. Orton is a no brainer here. A mid round pick vice a top tier cb and a higher pick? Really? Trade for Orton!!!

  8. So much would depend on the players around him.

    If I were Minnesota or Tennessee I would trade for him in a heartbeat. Keep him for one season and then let him go.

    If I’m Seattle (my favorite team), I would not. The issue is that if Orton is good then fine, but if not, I want to be truly awful so I can get Andrew Luck next season.

  9. If what my roster has is Beck/Grossman/McNabb, I’d try to get him and be glad to have him, but 9 million is a bit much…think Elway would get on well with Haynesworth?

  10. If I’m Detroit I would take a serious look, stafford will be hurt by week two then you would have a quality starter as the back up. He might even win the position in camp

  11. To Den–>Haynesworthless, McNabb, and JOhn Beck

    To DC–>Orton

    Good deal for everyone..(except the Broncos..shhhhh)

  12. purpledrank26 says:
    Jul 26, 2011 8:00 AM
    With tebow starting, I predict a 35 – 0 win for the raidahs in week 1.
    That’s because you’re really stupid. Btw, nobody cares about your dumb predictions.

  13. They have to trade him if they want the tebust era to begin. The idiot bronco fans want tebust to start. But there is no way the guy could take the starting job away from orton (or any other backup QB) in a “fair” competition.

  14. Kyle Failure Orton still drinking Jack Daniels, breaking his ankles, and leading teams to 4-12 records with his noodle arm.

    What a WINNER!


  15. Smartest thing the Broncos can do.. get something for him now because there is no way he will be back next year.. Tebow is the future of this team, he will fit into fox’s scheme perfectly.. he’s a proven winner, team player, and one of the hardest working players ull find..teammates feed off that and that will be evident this year with the broncos

  16. Maybe the colts should consider him.. Trade Manning b/c he is DONE.. then they would actually have money to put some other quality players on the team

  17. snaponrules says:
    Jul 26, 2011 9:30 AM
    They have to trade him if they want the tebust era to begin. The idiot bronco fans want tebust to start. But there is no way the guy could take the starting job away from orton (or any other backup QB) in a “fair” competition.
    At least you have a lot of facts to back up your biased opinion since Tebow has lost so many QB competitions? Just because you’ve been subjected to so many QB failures as a Raider fan, does not mean the Broncos have the same stupidity in the draft. Give it some time, he could be a bust, but nobody (including your dumb ass) knows at this point.

  18. If Fox feels Tebow is “the guy” then it makes sense to trade Orton, who is an under 30 YO very competent QB with probably 5-8 good years left. Not because Tebow is a better player RIGHT NOW than Orton is but to avoid fracturing his lockerroom and give Tebow a clear runway for success.

  19. Is Josh McDaniels going to be involved in this trade? If so, I’m sure he’s willing to give up Kyle Orton for a rusty old license plate and some dryer lint. After all, that was pretty much the same deal he got when he traded Peyton Hillis.

  20. All you “out west” guys need to give Tebow a chance. Denver has nothing to lose starting him. It’s going to take more than a QB to get them anywhere close to the playoffs. Don’t even whisper SuperBowl. I watched Tebow play. Most games he always found a way to beat you. He’ll do the same for Denver.

  21. Tebow is better than a lot of people think. His whole life people have said he can’t play Quarterback… and time and time again he has proven them wrong. He’ll do that again in Denver, just wait and see. Broncos are going to shock everyone.

  22. Just had lunch at BWW and NFL Network scroll said that Miami has reached out to Orton.
    Phoenix has reached out to Matt Hasselbeck

  23. Funny we forget how many games Denver won with Kyle last year? Oh yah 4 whoa watch out! He should go to AZ or Miami so he can be a big flop like Marshall. All rookies need to start somewhere right? Tebow is a leader and has a heart to be a winner! Denver hasn’t had one of those for years! Go Tim!!!

  24. Orton is going to be a steal for someone. I’d take Orton over Kolb any day. I’ve seen Orton play, and with a big receiver and a decent OC, the guy can make some plays. I expect him to link up with BMarsh and Miami IF the Cards don’t scoop him up first.

    You know Whisenhunt is going back and forth in his mind about what’s the future could have in store. I don’t think Kolb is the right move. The dude is a girl.

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