Report: Hasselbeck will not re-sign with Seahawks


Matt Hasselbeck’s ten-year run in Seattle is reportedly over.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reports that Hasselbeck will not re-sign with the Seahawks.  It’s uncertain if the two camps spoke today and decided there was no longer a fit or if the Seahawks pulled the offer they made before the lockout started.

Reports have strongly indicated that the Titans will bid heavily on Hasselbeck.  The Cardinals reportedly are showing some interest as well.

With Hasselbeck moving on, the Seahawks likely need to sign two quarterbacks.  Tarvaris Jackson has been a persistent rumor.  The team is also believed to be in on the Kevin Kolb trade discussions.

At least Hasselbeck went out in style at home with his win against the Saints in the playoffs last year.  It was a fitting end to a strong run in Seattle.

UPDATE: O’Neil reports the Seahawks have reached agreement with another quarterback, negating their offer for Hasselbeck.  We’re guessing that QB is Jackson.

UPDATE II: Yep, Dave Mahler from KJR 950 in Seattle says its Jackson.  Seahawks fans surely are wondering if a third quarterback is on the way.

48 responses to “Report: Hasselbeck will not re-sign with Seahawks

  1. Favre to Seahawks. Seahawks to bottom of division. Favre to Sterger “please take me back Jen”

  2. Wait a minute.

    What the………..

    Have I gone back in time?

    Or have I been sent to an alternate universe where there was actually a human being alive on the planet who thought there was a chance that Hassleback was going back to Seattle?

    Ohh….I get it. You guys are messing with me.

  3. He’s yesterday’s news, anyway. He reminds me of Jake Delhomme, Kerry Collins… older players who were serviceable at one time, but NOT players to build your team around.

    If a team is a QB away from contending for the Super Bowl… maybe.

    The Titans signing Hasselbeck while Locker learns the trade, or the Bengals while Dalton watches, perhaps the Vikes while waiting on Ponder… even the Niners, before Kaepernick takes over?

    That makes more sense.

  4. So much complaining about free news. When I was a young’n we used to pay for it. And it was good.

  5. Good luck watching T-Joke successfully execute his patented Jump-No-Pass. Seriously, how anyone can think this guy is a legit QB option (besides Chilly) is beyond me.

  6. Thanks for the memories, Matthew. Whatever teams picks this guy up will have, not only a great person, but a true professional who knows how to work his way into a good position. Any locker room will improve just by having him around. Good luck, Matt!

  7. Matt Hasselbeck… RESPECT

    Seattle loves you, but it’s clearly time to move on. See you in the ring of honor someday.

  8. Sucks….. i was really loking forward to them going 6-10 and making the playoffs. Instead, they’ll go 3-13 and back to the cellar where they belong.

  9. @ anyone who thinks Kolb is going to Seattle now because of this.

    That is wrong. They are going to see what Charlie Whitehurst has to offer, and apparently Tavaris Jackson too. I still say Arizona gets Kolb. They will lose Fitzgerald if they don’t get Kolb.


    I think you are being a little dramatic. I thought there was a chance he returned to Seattle. He spent 10 years there. He played good for them down the stretch and played a brilliant playoff game vs NO. He is better than any QB they currently have, and certainly better than TJax. The franchise is definitely worse now that he is gone.


    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is your definition of “smokin hot”? You should stop watching The View and get out more.

  10. Teams aren’t allowed to sign free agents til Friday. So if the Seahawks actually acquired a QB today, that must mean they traded for Kolb.

    Of course, they could have agreed to a “wink, wink” deal with Jackson that they can’t announce til Friday.

  11. T Jackson, the perfect backup for Vince Young when he’s feeling too crazy to play. Somebody better check to see what John Schneider’s been smoking.

  12. everydayimfumbilin says:Jul 26, 2011 3:54 PM

    Charlie whitehurse is gonna win the superbowl


    I think you meant to say “Charlie Whitehurst is gonna win the Techmo Bowl”

  13. The obvious choice to me would be Bulger to Arizona, so of course they won’t do it.

  14. Seahawks sign Tavaris Jackson

    $39,000,000 (Cap Space)
    -$ 550,000
    $38,500,000 left to spend. They have a lot of work left to do.

  15. Good luck to Matt Hasselbeck wherever he lands. He’s been a class act who played with a lot of heart. Enjoyed watching his last hurrah with Seattle in the playoffs. Hope he winds up his career with a contender.

  16. they can still agree “in principle” to any deals. Friday they will become official.

    You stupid half-witted no-knowledge idiots.


    How in the world can you part ways with your franchise QB of the last 10 yrs who has CAN STILL PLAY IF THE O-LINE WOULD JUST KEEP HIM CLEAN!

    And then turn around and take the WORST free agent on the market to “replace” him?!?!

    I cannot believe this!

    On a scale of Tarvaris Jackson-Kevin Kolb, we actually took Tarvaris Jackson!!!!


  18. Let’s see……T-Jack, & Clipboard Jesus??

    Yeaaaaaaaa 3-13 sounds about right to me.

  19. I aint buying Madden ’12 this yr…I refuse to have Tarvaris Jackson as my starting QB!

    This just makes me sick!

  20. You know, when Pete Carroll came in I believed we had a shot and was serviceable enough of a head coach to get us there, no matter what his previous track record in the NFL was.

    And then when we hired John Schneider from GB, who has a knack for finding playmakers deep in the woodwork, I was even more assured that we had a brain-trust that would return us to serious competitive football.

    BUT now….LETTING Matt Hasselbeck just casually walk away and actually going after Tarvaris Jackson….Pete Carroll just set this franchise back another 5 yrs!!!

    Believe it!

    I cannot believe as football smart as John Schneider is that he would actually allow this to happen!!!





  21. Time for the Hawks to move on. Matt’s been good for the Hawks, but its time for something new, And why does everyone think this is the only move at QB the Hawks will make? Its only day one

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