Report: Jets contact Nnamdi Asomugha

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After the 2009 season, chatter about the Jets eventually acquiring Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha raised eyebrows, before Asomugha brushed it off as the stuff of jokes.  After the 2010 season, reports emerged that the Jets wouldn’t make a run at the looming free agent.

But David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, who gave up covering sports to pursue a somewhat higher calling, predicted that Nnamdi will land with the Packers or the Jets.

“I know him well. . . .  Mark it down,” White wrote in January.

The Jets’ candidacy gained some steam this morning, when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Nnamdi wants to lay the foundation for a post-football acting career.  (Unlike Terrell Owens, there’s a chance that Asomugha actually has acting talent.)

And now the formal courtship of Nnamdi has begun in New York.  According to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Jets have made contact with Asomugha’s representatives.

The biggest question for Asomugha is whether he wants to break the bank, or whether he hopes to break bread near Broadway.  If it’s the latter, the Jets can give him something that only one other team could.

101 responses to “Report: Jets contact Nnamdi Asomugha

  1. They can’t afford him…if they do sign him then Edwards, Holmes, and Smith are gone…

  2. When your mother told you couldn’t have what wanted so badly when you were a kid she said “son, life isn’t fair”. This is what she was referring to. This isn’t good.

  3. ??????????? Revis taking a paycut with Sanchez too? Thats the only way I see this happening.

  4. Yes please sign Nnamdi! That would be awesome to have the top 2 shutdown corners on the same team. I’m not necessarily a Jets fan, but I think it would be exciting to combine those two.

  5. for the love of god if nnamdi teams up w revis that will be the best corner tandem since hayes, haynes.

  6. How do you pay ASO when you didn’t pay Revis last year? I just don’t see how you keep everyone happy and ballance the checkbook at the end of the day.

  7. “The biggest question for Asomugha is whether he wants to break the bank, or whether he hopes to break bread near Broadway. If it’s the latter, the Jets can give him something that only one other team could.”

    Sure. Cause we all know theres no actors in LA and no acting opportunities there.. That must be the most ridiculous reasoning for him choosing the Jets. Yeah, he’ll take like a 2-5 million dollar paycut to play next to broadway ..

    BTW: Who says he wants to do theater?

  8. Jets have made contact with Asomugha’s representatives, and Asomugha’s agents were overheard saying “we want a 100 million dollars, 40 million guranteed”.

  9. what a nasty combo that would be. thank god miami has camarillo on them twice per year, insert lol here.

  10. Make up some of that money in endorsement deals….

    Take a vacation to Revis island surrounded by Asomugha reef. I’m sure they could come up with something better but you get the drift. Plenty of endorsements and Revis Island is already pretty big.

  11. haven’t the Jets figured out that their D isn’t the problem???? Hey I got a great idea… instead of improving where we aren’t very good, lets just go spend a ton of money to improve where we are already really good. GENIUS

  12. President Obama believes that this potential deal would result in too much cornerback power for a team that already has a lot of cornerback power, and that’s unfair to hardworking nfl teams. therefore, the Jets are greedy corporate JET owners who only care about winning football games, and that’s just selfish.

  13. Nnamdi and Revis would be absolutely NASTY! Best CB tandem in NFL history!

    I would say that the Jets signing Nnamdi scare me tremendously, but then I remember who their quarterback is and all my fear subsides.

  14. If this tandem happens, the only way to beat the Jets will be with a stout run defense, because they will be running all day with no receivers to throw to.

  15. Only one team? Last time I checked, TWO teams played in the greater NYC area. In fact, they share a stadium. In fact, the Jets are the permo stepchild to this team.

  16. They are the two best shut down corners in the game. Another team needs to get in there and keep that from happening. Who else can Tampa throw millions at to get up to 99% of the cap? Giddy up Tampa!

  17. Please sign him ! Nnamdi and Mevis can only cover two players for 32 million.

    Keep restructuring your contract Taco for Tone/DWIEdwards.TO/Moss new receivers.

    J ust
    E nd
    T his
    S eason

    Happy 42nd soon to be celebrating the 43rd anniversary on January 12,2012.

  18. lovesportsandsurfing says:
    Jul 26, 2011 9:08 PM
    Cromartie is better then Aassammggmmuuaaa.

    Cromartie who let you on these boards don’t you have a child or ten to be tending to.

  19. go ahead and get him im a cowboys fan and i saw miles austin rip Nnamdi up made him look average, so i say this cause we play the jets first gm of the yr Rex VS Rob Bowl i think now that dallas has gotten rid of Roy Dez Starts We Will Have The Deadliest Pair Of Starting WR’s Going Against The Deadliest Pair Of CB ought to be fun!!!!

  20. According to ESPN New York, Jets have mad an offer to Holmes and are negotiating a three year deal. The Jets beat reporter to have more soon on 1050 ESPN.

    Looks like he’s taking les.

  21. Jets ask Nnam if he’s willing to be paid less than revis Nnam says Hell no I’m better than he is. Case closed move on to next team.

  22. I dunno NY and Broadway is only an hour and a half drive from Philly. Eagles might be able to give it to him too.

  23. I hope they do sign him. Then they will loose all of their WRs and Sanchez will throw 50 INTS

  24. It would be kind of funny to see jets fans realize that he’s better than revis. Although as conceited as they are they would just take credit for him being better

  25. Let’s see… they don’t have enough money to keep Edwards, Cromartie and Holmes, but they’ll pony up and chase a player that is arguably the best player in free agency? I like the Jets, but they’d better get real (if this rumor is even true). They aren’t going anywhere without any linebackers that can play the run effectively. Tannenbaum is a moron to stockpile already strong positions and neglect the heart of the defense. They can talk Super Bowl as long as they want, but if they don’t strengthen the middle of that defense, it’s going to be another frustrating end to this season.

  26. —-thumbsupme says:
    Jul 26, 2011 9:01 PM
    Wow!!! Asomugha and Revis, I mean, what do you say about that???—-

    I’m guessing most O. coordinators are saying, “I guess we’re running the ball next week.”

  27. Go to the Jets and get thrown to all game and get exposed.. Cuz the sure as hell not throwing it more to Revis Side.. or Come to the Texans.. get all your loot and no State Tax and not get thrown to and live in L.A or NYC during the off season?

  28. One thing is for sure… would be easier pursuing his acting career in Green Bay, WI. It would only take a 6pak of beer, slice of cheese on his head and wahlaa….he’s a redneck!

  29. That would be interesting. Scrabble is a man corner and revis owns the zone. Two different defensive disciplines. As weapons you can’t not want them together, but how do you make it work?

  30. With that kind of money tied into two corners, teams are gonna rack up lots of yards from their RB’s and TE’s.

  31. Asomugha is about the most overhyped and over rated player in the leaque. This would be immediately evident if he did sign with NY and played alongside Revis. Even if it isn’t NY, it’ll be obvious wherever he lands.

  32. Cromartie is better than Asomugha …. hes better at getting beat, hes better at fathering children out of wedlock, and hes better at getting interference, holding and illegal contact penalties

  33. I called the White House once to, who cares. No way Nnamdi ends up in New York, 0 chance. You do not want him there anyway he will break your Hearts by turning Revis into a D Hall. He would give the Jets a Corner who could cover Randy Moss or a A Johnson but it is a Pipe Dream.

  34. Snyder- Do your worst.

    Our offense will score roughly 8 pts/gm so you may as well go for broke on defense where the ‘Skins at least have a chance to be decent.

  35. A source close to the Oakland Raiders knows exactly where hes headed. To Napa Valley and the Raiders training facility…

  36. Reports on the Jets cap situation are all false.

    With the new rules (including no dead money for players cut before March 11th – i.e. Ghloston, Woody etc.) Jets are about 7 million under the cap.

    That’s without allowance for the 3 million in exemptions and without counting any restructures for guys like Sanchez, Pace etc.

    When all is said and done, Jets will be about $20 million under the cap.

    Holmes AND

    Mark my words….you heard it hear first.

    Mike T. is the BEST GM in football

  37. I’d love to see the Jets sign him…..go for it…it would be fun seeing the 2 best DB’s in football playing opposite each other & the rest of the team made up of scrubs….

  38. Can someone explain to me how the eagles have so much to spend on a corner back?

    Revis- 2011 6 million (+1 million roster bonus)

    Samuel- 2011- 5.9 million.

  39. Jets are all about getting the back page headlines. Thats all they care about. After decades of being a second rate team in NY they will do anything to try and steal attention. Its pathetic actually.

  40. the jets can afford nnamdi and one of their free agent receivers. none of you know squat about their cap situation and potential cuts which will free up enough room to do so.

    personally, i wouldnt mind losing holmes if it meant getting nnamdi. jets d would be fun to watch. rex would have revis and nnamdi play man and then send the house!

  41. To be crowned the best cb tandem in NFL history, wouldn’t they have to actually play together and put up the stats? Just because something looks good on paper does not guarantee a championship.

  42. This makes no sense. The best opposing receiver in the Division is Brandon Marshall, and after that it’s a huge drop off. Brady spreads the ball around to TE’s and RB’s and slot receivers, and Fitzpatrick and Henne certainly aren’t going to hurt you regardless of who is playing in the secondary. I hate the Jets, but they would be better off re-signing their WR’s. They might hold opposing teams to 10 pts, but Sanchez would be lucky to put up 3 pts without decent wide-outs.

  43. Jets are expected to be 25 – 30 million under the cap with a few players set to be cut, i.e, Thomas, Lowery, dead money Gholston, and Sanchez’s 13 million owed this year shifted over to a bonus, also with Revis doing the same. Revis is owed 25 million this year, 7 million in salary, 18 million in bonus, so it would be a less monetary year for Nnamdi, with salary increase the next two seasons while revis’ contract shrinks.

  44. All you Jets fans are correct on the assumption that Asomugha and Revis would be a great CB tandems. With a weak offense and no pass rush.

    What about teaming up with Tramon Williams, Charles Woodson, and Nick Collins? Throw in the up and comer Shields, who was not called for PI once during the regular season. That would be the greatest secondary in league history to go along with one of the great up and coming pass rushers in CMIII.

    And one SB ring already.

    Which sounds like a better deal?

  45. Lot of ppl hating on the Jets here, is that stench I detect coming from Bostonians…yeah I’d be p!$$ed too if my team had the best record in football last yr closely followed by the best chokejob at home…CLASSLESS BUMS

  46. Maybe he’ll help the Jets win as many Super Bowls as he helped the Raiders win.
    Oh…. Yeah….

  47. ha ha. look at the fans of 31 other teams vote with their jealousy.

    if the Jets get him, lock the door and hide the children!! no one is safe!

  48. Oh please, dear Lord, please bring Nnamdi to the Green and White. How many picks and sacks of Tom Brady will begotten? Pats can’t run the ball anyway, this seals the division for the Jets and home playoff games, something we have not had in quite a long time.

    Ok, its wrong to pray to God for things like this….

    Oh please, dear Mike Tannenbaum, please bring Nnamdi to the Green and White…

  49. I actually cannot even fathom having Nnamdi and Revis in same defensive backfield.

    Dont care if we win games 3-0, 6-3.

    Defense wins championships and Rex is putting together a legendary defense in 2011.

    I truly CANT WAIT.

  50. Nnamdi is nothing but a class act and has been since day one.

    Al saw his potential when no one else did.

    They asked WHO? when he was drafted, but now his name is commonplace. I wish him nothing but the best…

    You can practice your acting lessons from practically anywhere in the Universe, so I can’t believe that will play a role.

    Nnamdi is an NFL player; therefore, he will simply take the best money offered, sign his name and begin to learn how to totally shut down his divisional opponenets WR’s.

    To the team who gets him…consider yourself extremely lucky.

  51. I have to believe they would be sacrificing in other areas. Between Sanchez due to make up to 17.5 million, revis, holmes, edwards, etc. Adding Nnamdi means some others have to go.

  52. As a Bucs Fan, I still pray that the Bucs get him, and keep Talib. With the Bucs having more money than anyone, he should be calling them. The Bucs are a very good team (even though many don’t believe that) and need just a few small pieces. PLEASE Tampa, get this guy!

  53. “jermely says:
    Jul 26, 2011 9:08 PM
    “The biggest question for Asomugha is whether he wants to break the bank, or whether he hopes to break bread near Broadway. If it’s the latter, the Jets can give him something that only one other team could.”

    Sure. Cause we all know theres no actors in LA and no acting opportunities there.. That must be the most ridiculous reasoning for him choosing the Jets. Yeah, he’ll take like a 2-5 million dollar paycut to play next to broadway ..

    BTW: Who says he wants to do theater?”

    Ummm…a lot of people you ignorant prick lol

  54. @noozehound
    Are you serious? You think Revis plays a zone? Have you ever watched the Jets play. Revis matches up man to man on the opponents #1 receiver every game. Jets probably play less zone than any team in football. You’re clueless

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