Report: Osi Umenyiora “expected” to holdout

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Giants owner John Mara said he wanted Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora and G.M. Jerry Reese to hash their differences out behind closed doors.

Umenyiora is allowed to show up for work Tuesday, but he’s reportedly not planning to do so.  He may not come back for a while.

WFAN in New York reports Umenyiora is “expected to hold out” of training camp, citing sources from both sides. Camp doesn’t officially start for a few days.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter wondered aloud earlier this week whether Umenyiora could be a release candidate.  (That would be a surprise.)

Perhaps Umenyiora will try to push for a trade.  Any team interested in him would have to give him a big contract extension in addition to a draft pick to the Giants.

38 responses to “Report: Osi Umenyiora “expected” to holdout

  1. Has he even been performing at a high level the last couple years? I thought he was relegated to back up status 2 years ago?

  2. osi is being stupid
    when you have beef with one of the classiest organizations you know YOURE the problem

    he should shut his mouth and play some ball and him and tuck could be a huge force this season

  3. Osi Umenyiora “expected” to holdout is not news we all knew this was going to happen.

  4. I’ve said it before about Osi, I’ll say it again. Osi didn’t hold up his end of the apparent “bargain” with the higher ups that would have given him that contract. He’s running his mouth about it. So trade him. Said it months ago. The Giants can easily get a first round pick plus change. Heck, trade him to Oakland. They’ll probably give up 2 firsts.

  5. It’s only day 1 of the NFL being back and there are winy, unhappy Giants players. Love it!

  6. If Osi did not live up to the contract he signed, the Giants would have cut him w/o thinking twice. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Osi has completely outplayed this contract. He’s had more FF and about the same # of sacks as Peppers who is making twice what Osi is making. If you champion owners for cutting slackers still under contract but begrudge a player like Osi for holding out, you are a GRADE A HYPOCRITE!

  7. @ touchdownroddywhite :

    Only 12 sacks and 10 FF’s last year.

    And he’s averaged 10.5 sacks and 5.5 FF’s over the past 5 seasons (he didn’t play in 2008). A mere 52 sacks in 5 years. The second most productive 4-3 RDE in the league, only to Jared Allen.

    I don’t think he’ll hold out. And if a team’s willing to give up at least a 1st round pick, they can have him. I’m hoping he retires in NY.

  8. I don’t like his general attitude either but to say he hasn’t been productive is pure idiocy.

  9. Too bad the rookie pay scale isn’t retroactive… so much money is tied up in Jason Pierre Paul that should really go to Osi. I love Osi but in terms of his on-field production, he is definitely underpaid.

  10. @ yem123:

    Time will tell if JPP is worth the money or not. He had limited action at DE and even moved inside at DT and still did some damage. I personally think he’s going to be phenomenal, but he has some learning to do.

  11. Osi isn’t going anywhere unless JR gets a great deal for the Giants. Let him hold out – JPP needs the camp more anyway. I will say this however, if Kiwi is resigned and they feel good about his health, Osi is screwed either way. Kiwi is as good as Osi in the sack department (given the chance to play full time) and better vs the run. If Kiwi is resigned, they will let Osi cry all day long and either play on the cheap when he decides to return, while losing money for holding out, or, they will trade him to a dump of a team who JR will fleece. Hes too cheap against the cap to cut.

    However – soft, he is not. He is a great pass rusher, but luckily, the G-Men have other great pass rushers to plug in. Remember, at the end of the day, its still Tuck that will receive the double teams, allowing the RDE to get freed up to generate loads of sacks and FF’s, whoever he may be.

  12. Every year it’s something or another with this guy. But he’s not without elite pass-rushing skills. For the 4 or 5 games per season where he flat-out embarrasses opposing tackles, he may be worth the headache. But this headache is fast becoming a migraine for my Giants.

  13. I thought the year Osi was out with his knee injury that Kiwi and Tuck made a great tandem. Maybe we should explore that again. Pierre Paul would be a good backup. Get something good for Osi like a linebacker and a future draft choice.

  14. If he holds out, he will have enough free time to make another TERRIBLE “5 Hour Energy” commercial…

  15. I remember this guy’s cribs from back in the day. His master bedroom had all the rooms of a normal house like a dining room, kitchen, laundry room, etc. I wonder if he ever went downstairs.

  16. @steel6times …

    Good grief … no wonder people think our fans are obnoxious. This story has nothing to do with us. And Hines was a holdout several years ago. 🙄

  17. Let him hold out. If he holds out he doesn’t get paid. he can be a force. But has not been what he was when he got the contract he got. Now he wants more. So let him sit. Then trade him if something comes up. Giants have Depth and JPP is coming along on the DL. And then maybe trade him to the Bengals or something if he isnt going to play anymore. But they don’t need to pay a hold out player. And after 2 so so years hes not going to get the contract he wants. He needs a good year. hes just being dumb now

  18. and dont get me wrong. He is god. But he got paid for that and was out and even lost his starting job at one point. One good season after problems doesn’t mean even more money. Just play the last year of your contract. Cause you had no problem signing and getting the signing bonus and money up front when you took the deal. Can be great. But doesn’t mean he deserves to be over paid then flop. And holding out wont give him a big contract year. And holding out means when he does come ti will take a bit to get in the flow. very dumb in a contract year. Cause a few mill isnt enough on what you signed

  19. Please trade this guy Giants. He is only your best defensive player. He is only the heart and soul of your defense. Heck he’s probably the best player on your team period. Please think the second year guy with no moves what so ever ad the guy you have been training to be a a line backr for 3 years is better. Trade Osi to the Raiders as far away from the NFC east as possible.

    Signed an Eagles Fan!

  20. Yeah, he’ll hold out for training camp and show up for the regular season… when the paychecks start coming in!

  21. b1ackr0ck says: Jul 26, 2011 11:42 AM

    Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly


    LeSean? Is that you? Haha!

  22. @steel6times

    not one for bashing fellow steeler fans but seriously? as deb said no wonder people hate us. its not like our boys hav’nt screwed up during the lockout

  23. Deb and other Steelers’ Fans –

    I’m a Giants’ fan with one voice. Your team’s fans may be more obnoxious than most but as long as your team continues to push the league to play football how it was meant to be played (i.e. by actually HITTING!!!), your fans can be as obnoxious as they please!!!!

    P.S. – I’d take Harrison with his attitude, comments and B.S. P-F penalties on my team ALL DAY LONG!

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