Reports: Noel Devine to sign with the Falcons


Former West Virginia running back Noel Devine, a YouTube phenomenon in high school who opted to return for his senior season in the hopes of pushing his draft stock higher, wasn’t drafted at all.

A flurry of online reports indicate that Devine will sign with the Falcons.  Despite some Professor-fueled confusion on Monday night regarding the procedure, the truth is that teams can’t sign players until 10:00 a.m. Tuesday.  Until then, teams may only nego-see-ate with the undrafted players.

Devine’s decision to join the Falcons seems curious, given that the Falcons acquired Oregon State tailback Jacquizz Rodgers in round five of the 2011 draft.  Both are small, speedy tailbacks.  It could be that, in the end, they’ll keep only one of the two.

11 responses to “Reports: Noel Devine to sign with the Falcons

  1. Seeks like a bonehead move to go to a team that already has something in the mold of yourself.

    But what do I know?

    I’d want to find a place where my abilities would be in higher demand.

    But what do I know?

  2. I really wish Tampa would have taken a chance on this kid in the 7th round. Thought he would go great with Blount, a 1-2 punch. And it would allow Cadillac to go on, which I think he most likely is going to but we shall see. Just glad to see that football is back on.

  3. @ Malbeck Would you rather have Jerry Rice’s 4.71 or Darrius Heyward-Bey’s 4.3 ? Are you a scout for Al Davis and think if a guy isn’t fast he shouldn’t get drafted and all his college play gets tossed? Maybe you didn’t see Jacquizz Rodgers drop a buck 86 and 2 TDs on USC D many of whom he’ll see on Sundays. Maybe you hadn’t noticed the RB on the Falcons roster with the great 40 time has only played 12 out of 32 games the past 2 seasons?

  4. Noel Devine and Quizz Rodgers are Has anyone ever seen Quizz up close. He’s a pretty big guy. He’s 5’7–but he’s easily 200 lbs. He’s more like a Mo Jones-Drew. Quizz can be featured on inside runs as well. Devine is similar to Sproles. He’s perfect for outside runs and misdirection.

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