Reports: Tarvaris Jackson will sign with the Seahawks

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In a move that makes plenty of sense but could have Seahawks fans scratching their heads, veteran quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has agreed to terms with Seattle.

The news was first reported by Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR and confirmed by Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

Jackson will arrive in Seattle tonight.

The move reunites Jackson with former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who along with former Vikings coach Brad Childress put Jackson on ice for two years and bent a knee for Brett Favre.  It has long been rumored that Jackson would land in Seattle.

Jackson, a second-round pick of the Vikings in 2006, started 20 games in five seasons.  Benched early in 2008 for Gus Frerotte, Jackson played very well after Frerotte suffered a late-season injury.  But an unimpressive showing in a home playoff loss to the Eagles set the wheels in motion for two seasons with Favre.

His finest moment arguably came in December 2008 against the Cardinals.  Jackson completed 11 of 17 passes for 163 yards and four touchdowns in a 35-14 romp over the eventual NFC champions.

96 responses to “Reports: Tarvaris Jackson will sign with the Seahawks

  1. Wouldn’t it be funny if the rumors about Favre coming out of retirement one more time and going to Seattle were true! T-Jack would end up backing him up again:-)

  2. Good. I always liked Tarvaris and I felt he was never welcomed in Minnesota. True, he wasn’t that great his first year, but who the heck was??? They never, ever gave him a chance there. I hope he rocks in Seattle.

  3. Why are people acting as if this signing means the Seahawks are going to tank their season? lol.

    They need a good backup with Hasselbeck out of town, T Jack fits that and makes a lot of sense since he has worked with Bevell.

    They need to get a look at Whitehurst. They traded for him, gave him that contract. They’ve invested in him and need to find out if he’s the answer.

  4. Haha good luck Seattle! As a MN fan I’ve watched TJack struggle to read coverages, make poor decisions, look lost almost all the time, and attempt a JUMP PASS more than once in his illustriously terrible career.

  5. Hoo boy, as a Viking fan, I’m not sorry to see this guy leave.

    Truth is, Jackson was woefully mishandled by Brad Childress, proclaimed the team’s franchise QB, and pushed into the starting lineup long before he was ready. TJ needs a fresh start, and I wish the guy well.

  6. Can’t be any worse then the current QBs they have on roster. I wonder if this takes them out of bidding on Kevin Kolb which I would suspect they would do just so the Cardinals don’t get him for too cheap.

  7. It looks like the plan is to put Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst, and maybe Leinart into the mix and see if any of them are good enough. Worst case is that they all suck and the team has a good draft pick for next year. And given the holes on the rest of the roster, a full “rebuild” like this probably makes sense.

    But according to a Clayton report earlier today Seattle may have as much as $50m in cap space, so it will be interesting to see where they are going to put that money if the QB position is going to be relatively cheap this year.

  8. Favre will return to Seattle to steal Jackson’s starting job again, just give it time.

  9. Is this really the best they could do? Even Leinart might have been slightly more interesting.

  10. So the depth chart currenty sits at:

    Tavaris Jackson
    Charlie Whitehurst
    and potentially… Matt Leinart?

    This team is going places!

  11. Good for Tarvaris Jackson. He’s better than those impatient baffoons in Minnesota realized.

  12. You vikefans won’t be laughing when TJack makes the Pro-Bowl. He has a lot of potential, how can you expect anybody to thrive in that poison that is the minnesota vikings?

  13. I still think that we land Kolb and Jackson will be his back up. Clipboard Jesus is the odd man out.
    Either that or they are playing for Matt Barkley.

  14. As a long time Vikes fan, i must say i’m sorry for Seattle fans to have this guy on your team. He has a cannon for an arm, but can’t do anything with it. He chokes under pressure and can’t read a blitz or call an audible around it. Oh yeah, he cannot memorize a playbook either.

    Enjoy his jump passes and sign Naufahu Tahi immediately. He is T-Jack’s favorite target on the 2 yard dump pass.

  15. gdeli says:
    Jul 26, 2011 4:54 PM
    good deal


    …. for the rest of the NFC West.

  16. Keeping the fine tradition of Quarterbacking mediocrity alive in the NFC West.

    Seattle fans, I hope for your sake that there’s another QB FA signing that’s in the works for a starting QB that you could say is in Hasslebeck’s league without giggling through your nose.

  17. The world is full of dicks with big mouths. Jackson did nothing in Minnesota, but shut up and listen to all the haters while acting like a professional should.

    All the best to him and the messed up Childress handbook gave him no favors…

  18. Now Peyton doesn’t have to worry about the Colts strongarming him with the whole “We don’t need you, Peyton – we’ll just sign Tarvaris Jackson instead!” plan… lol

  19. This guy will produce for the Seahawks. The Vikings were so desperate to win with a very talented squad that they looked past Tarvaris Jackson and went all-in with Favre. By the time they truly understood the huge mistake Favre eventually turned out to be, they had no choice but to let TJ go….he was guilty by his association with Childress. Mark my words…this guy is not done in this league and the Vikings will learn to regret it.

  20. Wait until the Seahawk fans see his patented jump pass! Boy are they going to be impressed.

  21. What chance did the guy have in Minnesota? Must do wonders for a young quarterback’s confidence when the home crowd boos you for starting the game with two incompletions. He might do well in a state with normal fans.

  22. Good to hear. Didn’t like what happened to him in the Favre situation, disappointing, but hey, lots of people make careers out of this stuff. Even Jeff Garcia had his good-moments. Give the kid a chance. He’s definitely worth more than Shiitehurst.

  23. Wow! NFL Network just said Seattle’s plan is for T-Jack and Whitehurst to battle for the starting job. They also said Seattle is out of the Kolb hunt and they might sign Matt Lienert as the third QB. Pretty impressive when you can lock up last place in the NFC West before the season even starts!

  24. With the First pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks select Andrew Luck; Quarterback; Standford.

    This is such a terrible move by the Seahawks. They are officially tanking the season to draft a quarterback.

  25. at this point in their respective careers….he’s an upgrade over hasslebeck….or hasslehoff for that matter

  26. Statistically:

    TJ has started 20 NFL games.

    He has a career 58.7% completion percentage. That would have ranked him 25th in the NFL last season.

    He has a career 76.7 passer rating. That ALSO would have ranked him 25th in the NFL last season.

    He has 24 career TDs and 22 career interceptions.

    Yep, he has shown the skills to be a career backup, but if the ‘Hawks are hoping that Jackson takes them to the ‘Bowl… Well, good luck with that.

  27. It’s fair to say that Pete Carroll and Co got that team a lot farther than anybody thought they would go last year, but they . . .

    1) Gave up way too much for a backup QB in Whitehurst
    2) Are evidently about to let their starting QB walk away to Tennessee
    3) Are about to bring in another backup QB in Tavaris Jackson

    The only way this makes any sense is if Carroll has a secret plan to get Carson Palmer from the Bengals, but I’m not sure he’s that much better than Hassellbeck.

    It’s a head-scratcher . . .

  28. Wait until he does an interview with the local media and no one knows what he said. On MNF, McKinney referred to him as, Tarvaris “I can’t understand a word you’re saying” Jackson.

  29. with the first pick in the 2012 draft…the Seattle Seahawks select…Andrew Luck. .Great move for the long termhealth of the team.

  30. I still think they sign Kolb and this guy sits bench… Wait… Another backup takes the reins? God, where is Rick Mirer when you need him most?!?!

  31. Hasselbeck is gonna be laughing his way to the bank. Matt, get ready for blank checks coming your way in a few hours………..

  32. T Jax BLOWS… and always will… He had his chance last year (after all his chances before) when Favre went down and he ended up limping off the field like a biggity b! Enjoy Seattle!

  33. goawayeverybody says:
    Jul 26, 2011 4:52 PM
    Good. I always liked Tarvaris and I felt he was never welcomed in Minnesota. True, he wasn’t that great his first year, but who the heck was??? They never, ever gave him a chance there. I hope he rocks in Seattle.

    duece5 says:

    He goaway: You get welcomed when you WIN. Tarvaris had MANY chances to play for the Vikes, and he was mediocre AT BEST. His record was 10-10 as a starter. When Favre went down and Tavaris had a shot against Detroit, Tarvaris was gawdawful!! I really tried to get behind Tarvaris, but for every nice ball he threw, the next play he looked like a deer in the headlights. My gut and eyes say he is a perenial back-up at best in the NFL. I wish him luck….he’ll need it.

  34. Lots of luck with that stiff, Seahawks fans!

    Seriously, is this what we can expect from free agency? Ugh!

  35. Getting out of Minnesota was/is the best thing for him..

    Now, having said that, what his future holds, I can’t say.

    All I know is this.. when was the last time Minnesota actually developed a QB?

    Chilly was supposed to do that with this kid, but proved, ultimately, that he was more talk than substance, and really little more than Andy Reid’s clipboard holder in Philly.

    But even before Chilly came to town, when was the last time the Vikings drafted and developed a QB? You could make a (albeit weak) argument for Culpepper. But that’s been a while.

    One could make the argument that the Vikings are the Midwest’s version of the Redskins. Buying talent more than developing it.

  36. eaglesfootballfan says: 7/26/11 5:16 PM – Tarvaris Jackson will be average at best in Seattle.

    Nooooooo…. TJ will be Seattle’s Best average QB

  37. let the race for Andrew Luck begin…. and the Seahawks just took Pole Position!!!

    Good Move, for 2012… and we could get him at 1/2 the price of the Rams #1 QB.


  38. As an observant Vikings fan, I want to tell you Seahawks fans that your team made a good choice by picking up Tarvaris. The jump-pass BS happened only a few times and that was early in his career. They always say to give a player 3 years to prove himself and in his third year, Tarvaris threw 9 TDS to 2 picks down the stretch and won 3 of 4 games to get the Vikes into the playoffs. The last 2 years he’s obviously sat when Favre was brought in to help strike a fervor to get Zygi Wilf a new stadium. Even in the 9 quarters he played this last year, he did well in 7 of them (easily won game against Buffalo when Favre was hurt on the first series and put 8 points on the board in a hurry to get Minnesota back in contention against New England). Enjoy the time and money the Vikings put into the development of Tarvaris and look at is as some partial revenge for the stealing of Hutchinson a few years back with the poison pill debacle.

  39. A $1 cap hit is too much for this clown. You would think Bevell of all people would know that. How was your playoff run last year? You won’t see another until Bozo the Clown is gone from Seattle

  40. What chance did the guy have in Minnesota? Must do wonders for a young quarterback’s confidence when the home crowd boos you for starting the game with two incompletions. He might do well in a state with normal fans.


    What game did this happen at?

  41. Glad to see TJack will land somewhere. Most around here in Minnie thought he wouldn’t even get a sniff, instead he’ll be one of the first FA signings of 2011. The kid has a rocket arm and just needs a new start. Good luck kid.

  42. Smart move by Seattle. Signing a good person and getting a chance with Andrew Luck

  43. @wtfru2 says: Jul 26, 2011 5:09 PM

    Wait until the Seahawk fans see his patented jump pass! Boy are they going to be impressed.

    As a true fan I AM looking forward to this. I have been watching Matty H continually try his “lying flat on my back with 3 defensive lineman in my face” forward pass for years. Should offer really nice contrast!

  44. shieldsisland37 says:
    Jul 26, 2011 5:00 PM
    His best game is completing 11 passes. That should tell you something.

    I found this to be believable but of course it isn’t true. T-Jack had a few pretty good games and kind of got screwed by Chilly and his quick hook. He has a chance to be okay with a fresh start, as long as he has a new offensive coordin…

  45. What chance did the guy have in Minnesota? Must do wonders for a young quarterback’s confidence when the home crowd boos you for starting the game with two incompletions. He might do well in a state with normal fans.


    What game did this happen at?


    His first preseason start. I don’t believe Favre had made his usual decision yet, as he was in his annual “throwin’ to high schoolers” mode.

    Vikings first series was a run, and then two incompletions. They booed T-Jack as the offense left the field. I remember Barreiro on KFAN the next day, questioning if this is truly how pathetic the Viking fanbase had gotten.

  46. Those of you laughing at the Seahawks for bringing Jackson in as a “franchise QB” are delusional. Franchise QBs don’t agree to 2-year, $8 million deals.

    Seattle just got a placeholder familiar with Bevell whose role will be to challenge Whitehurst to step up his game and have one last chance to show something if he can win the QB competition. He’s not going to be expected to be a savior of the team or even win a starting job.

    This is more of Carroll adding competition at the QB level without having to give up much in a weak FA class at the position. He’ll focus more on building the rest of the team and then hope to grab one of the top QBs in next year’s draft.

  47. volsunghawk called it

    Let’s look at the alternatives the Seahawks had available:

    1) Keep Hasselbeck, pay him the $7 million a year he was asking for, and have him for another two years at most. The guy is going to be 36 years old. He may have been the best available option for this season, but is he the future? In a word, no.

    2) Trade a bunch of valuable draft picks for Kevin Kolb…who has a career passer rating barely better than Tavaris Jackson. Maybe Kolb develops into something, but for a rebuilding team, is he worth the risk of giving up multiple high picks?

    3) The rest of the free-agent market. Yeah, right. About the only one I could see that was worth a damn is Kyle Orton. Oh, man, the Cards cut Derek Anderson, what a lost opportunity that was.

    Re-signing Hass would mean commiting to a 36 year old as the #1 QB and never seeing what Whitehurst can do. Seattle needs bodies to put in at QB for a year or two, and Jackson and Leinart are what’s available. They’re both young and have room to improve.

    These moves give Seattle money to pursue other players, allows them to retain draft picks, and sets up a fairly robust competition at QB, given the circumstances. The best move for this season? Probably not. The best move for the long-term success of the franchise? If you think otherwise, argue against it.

  48. The Good News: At least he’ll know the offense that Bevell is trying to run so the shortened preseason won’t be a problem.

    The Bad News: He totally sucked within that offense and it’s not likely to get any better up in Seattle.

  49. juliusanonymous said, “one thing’s for sure, he can’t be THAT much worse than Hass was last season.”


    You’d be surprised actually… and since you have D.Bevell I’de actually expect exactly that to happen.

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