Shawn Andrews out as Giants continue cutting offensive linemen


The New York Giants keep cutting offensive linemen.

First it was guard Rich Seubert, then it was center Shaun O’Hara, and now the Giants are saying goodbye to tackle Shawn Andrews.

Andrews tweeted that he couldn’t come to an agreement with the Giants, then added that he’s had a blast in New York/New Jersey.

It’s been clear for months that Andrews wouldn’t stay with the Giants unless he was willing to take a significant cut from the $7.5 million he was supposed to make this season, but there was some thought that he could stay on a reduced salary. It’s still possible that he will, but first he’ll test the free agency waters.

Meanwhile, today’s moves represent a major shift on the Giants’ offensive line. Seubert, O’Hara and Andrews started a combined 29 games on the Giants’ line last year, and now they’re all gone. Rookie fourth-round draft pick James Brewer, a tackle from Indiana, may be pressed into duty early.

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  1. I will take any of you in Oakland lol, but knowing AL we will pick up a few former 1st round draft pick busts to mix in with his own collection of 1st round draft busts.

  2. I don’t like this… The line was already a bit of a question mark, but they had better sign a good vet or two, or this could get ugly during the season. Hope the young guys are better than I think.

  3. We’re definitely signing at least one blue chip lineman in the next few days… I’m pretty happy about this.

  4. I’m only happy about this if all this cap clearing lands us a quality OL or two. Looking at the Falcon free agents now. I still would have cut McKenzie before O’Hara. And Bernard is basically just taking up space on the DL.

  5. As an Eagles fan, I’d like to apologize for Eagles fans that make fun of someone who has a serious illness. Suffering from depression doesn’t make you nuts. Someone who makes fun of someone who suffers from depression is probably closer to being the nutty one.

  6. Seubert and O’Hara were getting old and have been injured lately, and Andrews was mediocre at best, while also very injury prone. This is not a surprise. This group, not necessarily Andrews, has anchored this OL for years and have been one of the best groups in the NFL whether it was pass protection or the run game. This line has lasted way beyond the normal OL turnover rate and every “expert” was saying the Giants needed some OL changes. These guys were being paid too much given their age and injury history. By cutting these 3, the Giants have saved $13.50 mil. They have plenty of back ups who are ready to step in whether it be Adam Koets, Will Beatty, Mitch Petrus or James Brewer. Don’t forget, they still have Chris Snee and Kareem McKenzie. Even with cutting these 3, they are in better shape on their OL than many other teams.

  7. Jerry Reese’s Mission Statement:

    Put together a young mistake-prone offensive line for the purpose of getting Eli Manning injured via sacks with the ultimate goal of having Eli vanished from the Giants roster thus signing a new QB.

  8. wow, just wow. as a bills fan in western ny i have always liked the giants as a team to pull for if for no other reason i have to see them every weekend during the season. its ok, its all good, the g men are the standard bearers for football here if its not the bills but wtf? i hope they know eli is not fleet of foot. i hope their ready to spend some FA cash for linemen.

  9. @mad5555
    You mind telling us how the Giants got “duped”? They signed Andrews last year for just around $1 million. Yes, he got hurt, as is his history with his back problems.
    But they also paid VERY little money for a player with Andrews “potential” at LT. Had he played well last year and showed no signs of the recurring injury, he would not have been cut today.
    As it was, Andrews played in 13 games, starting in 7. He gave them some much needed depth for an O-Line that was plagued by injury throughout the year.
    If the Giants had retained Andrews at his current tender (7.5 million), then yes, they would have been foolish. But they let him go. No one got “duped”.

  10. indyeagle says:
    Jul 26, 2011 8:58 PM
    As an Eagles fan, I’d like to apologize for Eagles fans that make fun of someone who has a serious illness. Suffering from depression doesn’t make you nuts. Someone who makes fun of someone who suffers from depression is probably closer to being the nutty one.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you statement. It’s nothing to make fun of.

    BUT this is exactly what Eagle fans do all the time, I saw many Eagle fans defending Andrews when he was with Philly. Now, he’s NUTS scream Eagle fans!!

    The best one we all know is Vick, had Vick been signed & be playing for another NFC east rival, his crimes would be the most horrendous things ever in Philly. They wouldn’t be talking forgiveness or “did his time”, they would be calling him & the team he played for every nasty things they could think of, just as they do to Shaun Andrews. This is one of the big reasons hypocritical Eagle fans are the worst fans in the NFL.

  11. This was hardly an unexpected move…I’d bet none of these any of these players even make a roster this year.

  12. This really isn’t as huge a deal as people are making it out to be. Both players have missed significant time due to injury the past two seasons as it is. David Diehl will move from LT to his more natural position at LG, Will Beatty (2010 2nd round pick) is ready to take over at LT, and a free-agent center will be signed later this week. Not a huge deal.

  13. Flaherty is one of the best o-line coaches in the game. Reese will give him the bodies he needs. Giants want to lock up their high need guys first.

    The Giants know what they are doing.

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