Signing of draft picks begins with Bucs’ Mason Foster

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As of today, NFL teams are allowed to reach deals with the players they drafted in April. And now we have our first deal done.

Mason Foster, a third-round linebacker from the University of Washington, has reached an agreement with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, G.M. Mark Dominik confirmed.

With training camps opening tomorrow, it’s a little surprising we haven’t seen more announcements of draft picks getting signed today. Teams obviously want to get their rookies to work as soon as possible, and the new rookie wage scale provides less wiggle room in rookies’ contracts, which would presumably mean fewer protracted negotiations. So why aren’t more deals done?

The answer may just be that there’s so much going on in the NFL right now that teams haven’t had time to negotiate with their own draft picks. We expect a flood of signings in the next few days.

UPDATE: The Bucs have also signed seventh-round pick Daniel Hardy, a tight end from Idaho.

8 responses to “Signing of draft picks begins with Bucs’ Mason Foster

  1. Teams are probably busy trying to sign the players that they won’t have any control of once free agency begins.

  2. What is suprising that the NFL teams didn’t have the contracts already written and ready for signature. (A) They already knew there was going to be a rookie pay scale in place months ago; (B) the numbers were worked out at least a week ago and (C) I guess the team’s administrative staff got lazy just like the players during this lockout.

  3. No rush on signing drafted rookies. There isn’t much to negotiate, and the time is better spent competing for undrafted rookies and unrestricted free agents right now. Most teams can probably sign all their rookies the day camp opens.

  4. Carefull what you wish for. A rookie in the middle and on both ends and 2nd year players at D tackle. SOUNDS GREAT!!, except for this year. We need to sign some FA

  5. First & foremost congrats to Mason Foster, his family, & congratulations to all Bucs fans.

    You are getting one hell of a LB in Mason Foster. This coming from a UW Husky (the college he went to) fan. Dude is a beast, goes all out, is a smart player, & doesn’t have off the field issues. He’ll fit in well with the Bucs.

  6. Great! Let Barrett Ruud get run over on another team (he needs to play Strong Safety – woops…too slow) but a “great guy” so the media loves him

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