Spiller says Bills backfield keeps defenses off balance

Bills running back C.J. Spiller will enter his second season as a backup, but that doesn’t seem to bother him.

Last year’s top-ten pick likes working with Fred Jackson.

” I love sharing the ball with Fred, it gives us more weapons on offense, when we’re on the field together defenses don’t really know what to expect,” Jackson told Florio on PFT Live.  “He does a great job of pounding it, he has speed as well and can run away from you, I’m more of a quick guy. Once he lays them down and gets them tired, I come in and hit them with a quick burst. We keep defenses off balance.”

For the rest of Spiller’s interview, head to the PFT Live homepage or download the show on iTunes.

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10 responses to “Spiller says Bills backfield keeps defenses off balance

  1. “He does a great job of pounding it, he has speed as well …….I’m more of a quick guy. Once he lays them down and gets them tired, I come in and hit them with a quick burst.”

    Sounds more like a porno than a gameplan.

  2. Sure, that’s the ‘idea’ behind it. Too bad it doesn’t work because Spiller is a bust. 283 yards rushing and no rushing TDs in 14 games he played in…

  3. Total deception. Teams will never know if it’s an incomplete pass or a 2 yard run. Genius …

  4. The Bills RB’s do such a good job, their own defense can’t stop the run all season long.

  5. @ polishrod

    Why would the Bills be worried about their running back keeping their own defence off balance? Time to pickup “Football for Dummies” again and proceed to page 2.

    In reference to the interview. CJ has not been properly utilized to his full potential. He’s a handy guy to have on your team in a pinch. Fred Jackson is pretty old for a running back, so it isn’t a bad idea to have a guy on your team like CJ Spiller. I’m glad to see that the Bills aren’t going to waste CJ’s joints and back on a play where he isn’t needed. When CJ Spiller is needed, he will be available to the Bills.

    Also, the Bills offensive line isn’t as weak as it seems. They had a serious problem with their right tackle last year. Wood, Bell, Hangartner and Levitre aren’t bad….hopefully they can shore up the right side this year.

    I think the Bills have had a losing attitude since the early 90’s. This has been a problem because the team can’t figure out how to win. Attitude is a major part of winning an NFL game. The 2010 Bills team had as much heart as any team last year. Terrible record, but amazing games (for the most part). If you subscribe to this belief like I do, then you would realize that the Bills have actually come a long way for the better. The Bills D needs to be fixed after a couple years of Dick Jauron draft picks but hopefully the best defensive tackle in the 2011 draft can help with that.

  6. I must’ve seen four of five Bills’ games last season. Their offense looked more off-balance than any defense I saw them face.

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