Top 80 Free Agents

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It’s never too late to put together a big ol’ free agent list.

With the insanity already starting, it would be too late to post it any later than this Tuesday morning.

Here are my Top 80 free agents, with comments limited to the top 40 so I can get back to cranking out rumors before Florio yells at me.

This list was made with players that are free agents before any cuts are officially announced.

1. Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders CB: A Hall of Fame player still in his prime. Rare. (UPDATE: Signed with Eagles.)

2. Johnathan Joseph, Bengals CB: Hardly Asomugha, but Joseph has Pro Bowl-caliber playmaking skills at a young age.  (UPDATE: Signed with Texans.)

3. Santonio Holmes, Jets WR: Arguably one of the 10 best receivers in football. Could explode on a pass-first team. (UPDATE: Signed with Jets.)

4. Charles Johnson, Panthers DE: There is some concern he’s a one-year wonder, but Johnson’s ability to get to the quarterback stands out in this class. (UPDATE: Signed with Panthers.)

5. Zach Miller, Raiders TE: One of the most complete tight ends in football just entering his prime. (UPDATE: Signed with Raiders.)

6. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers RB: He can play all three downs and is effective in any down and distance situation. (UPDATE: Signed with Panthers.)

7. Cullen Jenkins, Packers DL: A versatile lineman that can disrupt on all three downs. (UPDATE: Signed with Eagles.)

8. Marshall Yanda, Ravens G: Position flexibility and toughness will make this unknown player rich. (UPDATE: Signed with Ravens.)

9. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants RB: A wildly underrated playmaker who has improved dramatically in his career. (UPDATE: Signed with Giants.)

10. Sidney Rice, Vikings WR: No. 1 receiver skills, but plenty of risk here. (UPDATE: Signed with Seahawks.)

11. Tyson Clabo, Falcons T: Plug him in as your right tackle for at least a few years. (UPDATE: Signed with Falcons.)

12. Doug Free, Cowboys T: Surprisingly good play in 2010 will make him costly for the Cowboys to keep. (UPDATE: Signed with Cowboys.)

13. Braylon Edwards, Jets WR: Overrated. Even on this list. (UPDATESigned with 49ers.)

14. Ray Edwards, Vikings DE: How will he fare without Jared Allen and the Williams Wall attracting attention?  May get overpaid. (UPDATE: Signed with Falcons.)

15. Ike Taylor, Steelers CB: A solid cornerback, but the Steelers rarely let players leave too early. Expect one more good year, two is a bonus. (UPDATE: Signed with Steelers.)

16. Matt Roth, Browns LB: A complete outside linebacker that still hasn’t uncorked his pass-rushing potential.

17. Davin Joseph, Bucs G: A lot of different opinions out there on Joseph.  He’s a mauler in the run game. (UPDATE: Signed with Bucs.)

18. Aubrayo Franklin, 49ers DT: A quick solution for teams needing a run stopper. Perhaps a late career Pat Williams. (UPDATE: Signed with 49ers.)

19. Brandon Mebane, Seahawks DT: Plenty of upside for this run stopper. A boom or bust pick. (UPDATE: Signed with Seahawks.)

20. Eric Weddle, Chargers S: A lot of teams need a safety that can cover. (UPDATE: Signed with Chargers.)

21. Mathias Kiwanuka, LB/DE: If not for his neck injury, he’d be ranked in the top five on this list.  Worth a gamble. (UPDATE: Signed with Giants.)

22. Robert Gallery, Raiders G: A more-than-capable starter at guard. (UPDATE: Signed with Seahawks.)

23. Antonio Cromartie, Jets CB: He’s never going to be better than he was for Rex Ryan, and he wasn’t that good then.  (UPDATE: Signed with Jets.)

24. Kevin Boss, Giants TE: The poor man’s Zach Miller.  He’s easily better than half the starters in the league because of his complete game. (UPDATE: Signed with Raiders.)

25. Justin Blalock, Falcons G: Young starting guards tend to get overpaid in free agency. (UPDATE: Signed with Falcons.)

26. Barett Ruud, Bucs LB: Perhaps he’s not a huge playmaker, but you’ll get leadership and production from Ruud. (UPDATE: Signed with Titans.)

27, Harvey Dahl, Falcons G: If you want to inject your line with a little nastiness, Dahl is your guy. (UPDATE: Signed with Rams.)

28. Steve Smith, Giants WR: Like Kiwanuka, he’d be far higher (top 10) if not for any injury. A worthwhile risk because he should be great in 2012 and beyond.

29. Stephen Tulloch, Titans LB: Can do a lot of things as a starting linebacker. (UPDATE: Signed with Lions.)

30. Paul Posluszny, Bills LB: The Bills seem serious about keeping him. (UPDATE: Signed with Jaguars.)

31. Roman Harper, Saints S: He’s not great in coverage, but don’t let one playoff game fool you. Harper is a quality starter. (UPDATE: Signed with Saints.)

32. Jason Babin, Titans DE: A tricky evaluation coming off a career year. (UPDATE: Signed with Eagles.)

33. Carlos Rogers, Redskins CB: He’s shown flashes, but struggles with consistency.  The right coach could make a big difference. (UPDATE: Signed with 49ers.)

34. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks QB: Can still play at a high level if surrounded by the right piece.  Not a long-term solution.  (UPDATE: Signed with Titans.)

35. Santana Moss, Redskins WR: Still highly productive. A smart player.  (UPDATE: Signed with Redskins.)

36. Jermon Bushrod, Saints T: Probably worth more to the Saints than anyone else, but a league avearage left tackle. That has value.  (UPDATE: Signed with Saints.)

37. Steve Breaston, Cardinals WR: An injury risk but speed kills.  He could make a big difference to a wideout group.  (UPDATE: Signed with Chiefs.)

38. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins RB: Can handle short-yardage and third downs equally well.  Still plenty of value as a rotational back. (UPDATE: Signed with Eagles.)

39. Darren Sproles, Chargers RB: Reggie Bush’s skill set (or better) without the drama.  (UPDATE: Signed with Saints.)

40. Matt Light, Patriots T: A fine short-term solution for teams needing blind side help. (UPDATE: Signed with Patriots.)

41. James Jones, Packers WR (UPDATE: Signed with Packers.)

42. Jared Gaither, Ravens T

43. Dashon Goldson, 49ers S (UPDATE: Signed with 49ers.)

44. Lance Moore, Saints WR  (UPDATE: Signed with Saints.)

45. Josh Wilson, Ravens CB (UPDATE: Signed with Redskins.)

46. Quintin Mikell, Eagles S (UPDATE: Signed with Rams.)

47. Joseph Addai, Colts RB  (UPDATE: Signed with Colts.)

48. Malcom Floyd, Chargers WR (UPDATE: Signed with Chargers.)

49. Michael Huff, Raiders S  (UPDATE: Signed with Raiders.)

50. Clint Session, Colts LB  (UPDATE: Signed with Jaguars.)

51. Quincy Black, Bucs LB  (UPDATE: Signed with Bucs.)

52. Cedric Benson, Bengals RB  (UPDATE: Signed with Bengals.)

53. Shaun Ellis, Jets DE  (UPDATE: Signed with Patriots.)

54. Vonta Leach, Texans FB  (UPDATESigned with Ravens.)

55. Willie Colon, Steelers T (UPDATE: Signed with Steelers.)

56. Dawan Landry, Ravens S   (UPDATESigned with Jaguars.)

57. Stephen Bowen, Cowboys DL  (UPDATE: Signed with Redskins.)

58. Chris Carr, Ravens CB   (UPDATESigned with Ravens.)

59. Mike Sims-Walker, Jaguars WR  (UPDATESigned with Rams.)

60. Kevin Burnett, Chargers LB  (UPDATE: Signed with Dolphins.)

61. Kirk Morrison, Jaguars LB

62. Jammal Brown, Redskins T  (UPDATESigned with Redskins.)

63. Marc Bulger, Ravens QB (UPDATE: Retired.)

64. Jason Snelling, Falcons RB (UPDATE: Signed with Falcons.)

65. Bo Scaife, Titans TE (UPDATE: Signed with the Bengals.)

66. Stewart Bradley, Eagles LB (UPDATE: Signed with Cardinals.)

67. Alex Smith, 49ers QB  (UPDATE: Signed with 49ers.)

68. James Anderson, Panthers LB  (UPDATESigned with Panthers .)

69. Manny Lawson, 49ers LB (UPDATE: Signed with Bengals.)

70. Barry Cofield, Giants DL  (UPDATE: Signed with Redskins.)

71. Richard Marshall, Panthers CB  (UPDATE: Signed with Cardinals.)

72. Plaxico Burress, Giants WR  (UPDATE: Signed with Jets.)

73. Melvin Bullitt, Colts S  (UPDATESigned with Colts.)

74. Brandon Jackson, Packers RB  (UPDATE: Signed with Browns.)

75. Tommie Harris, Bears DL (UPDATE: Signed with Colts.)

76. Ricky Williams, Dolphins RB  (UPDATE: Signed with Ravens.)

77. Daryn Colledge, Packers G  (UPDATE: Signed with Cardinals.)

78. Drayton Florence, Bills CB  (UPDATE: Signed with Bills.)

79. Le’Ron McClain, Ravens FB (UPDATE: Signed with Chiefs.)

80. Randy Moss, Titans WR (UPDATE: Retired.)

Just missed:  Ernie Sims, Leroy Harris, Leroy Hill, Mark Clayton, Tarvaris Jackson, Brodney Pool, Cadillac Williams, Justin Durant, Andre Carter, Clinton Portis, Jerious Norwood, Jerome Harrison, Kevin Smith, Terrell Owens, Tiki Barber, Tyler Thigpen, Brodie Croyle.

55 responses to “Top 80 Free Agents

  1. If Ike Taylor leaves, as I heard he probably will from his cousin, the Steelers are in bad shape.. the corners we drafted will not have enough time to learn the defense to be effective. I would love to see the steelers look into Jonathan Joseph.. and im sure Joseph wouldn’t mind that either

  2. Jonathan Joseph, Charles Johnson and Ahmad Bradshaw for my Eagles.
    Take a #1 and #3 from Seattle for Kolb, Bring in Vince Young fix his head for down the road.
    Sounds good to me!!

  3. “12. Doug Free, Cowboys T: Surprisingly good play in 2010 will make him costly for the Cowboys to keep.”

    His play was only surprising to Cowboy haters and ignorant fools.

  4. haha love that the bottom 2 “just missed” are both former Chiefs QBOTF

  5. Disagree on #23 Cromartie. Arguably Jets defensive MVP first half of season. Struggled a bit 2nd half but only because teams would throw strictly at him instead of “The Island”

  6. If the redskins could throw the money at two guards and a right tackle out the of top 25 on that list it GREATLY improve the team beyond anything they have seen in years!

  7. I know this is wishful thinking but these are the players I wish the bucs would target and go after first and foremost:

    WRs: Floyd, Steve Smith (Giants), T.O. or Lance Moore.
    OL: re-sign Davin Joseph, and get Calbo, Dahl or Free.
    Secondary: Ashmougha, Joseph and Bullitt for safety, as they will need depth in the secondary thanks to Tanard and Talib.
    Running back: Darren Sproles, he would compliment Blount very well.
    Re-sign Ruud and Black, both have great potential, still young, with room to improve and know the system. I think it would be great to have much of the core return from last year. And to round out depth, I would try for Tulloch or Ernie Sims, which might be more plausible. I think Sims would work well in Tampa’s system, but I could be wrong.

    Again, just a wish list, now that football is finally back. And that is all that matters. I’m ready for an exciting season.

  8. I am a Bills fan, which means I am not a fan of Donte Whitner. I am none-the-less surprised that Donte Whitner did not make the top 80 cut. I think he’ll get paid like a top 30 free agent. Boy I sure feel sorry for the team that wins that booby prize

  9. T.O. didn’t make the top 80? I dont’ care what any one says, he still produced on a horrible Bengals team last year. He still has a lot of play in him. He’s just filled with drama! He should have been in the 50 area at least.

  10. Carlos Rogers has not struggled with consistency, as you claim. Nobody throws his way because he doesn’t let anyone get open. Notice how they ALL throw at DeAngelo Hall’s guy? Only problem, I must admit, is that Rogers has bricks for hands, never catches the pick. But rarely does he get burned he is the best of all corners on the Redskins the last 10 years… He is one guy that will leave that will be missed, depsite his bad media coverage and glowing coverage of the big mouth Deion wanna be DeAngelo Hall……….

  11. Michael Huff isnt in anybodies top 10 or 20 free agents, but watch Jerry Jones make him one of the biggest free agent winners. Also watch melonhead come to defense of his man crush.

  12. JJ’s a decent corner but I hope whoever gets him enjoys the 20 missed picks a year… the guy needs some Lester Hayes stickum

  13. @chuckyd97

    You are aware that TO has a major knee issue, aren’t you? Old, injured, and malignant. Yeah, sign me up for some of that.

  14. chuckyd97 says:
    Jul 26, 2011 10:12 AM
    T.O. didn’t make the top 80? I dont’ care what any one says, he still produced on a horrible Bengals team last year. He still has a lot of play in him. He’s just filled with drama! He should have been in the 50 area at least
    That torn ACL might cut down his value just a little bit.

  15. Santonio Holmes a top 10 WR???? HUH??? I don’t know if he’s even a top 25 WR. So which of Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings, DeSean Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Hakeem Nicks & Miles Austin is he better than, or even close to as good as?

    And that’s without even mentioning guys like Brandon Lloyd, Marques Colston, Brandon Marshall, Mike Wallace, Mike Williams (not the fat one), Sidney Rice & Jeremy Maclin who are all also better than Holmes.

  16. I will do this Chinese takeout style

    I would like a number 6 (Williams) because I am sick of watching my enemy eat it right in front of me.

    A number 17 (D Joseph) which I get every time.

    A number 30 (Posluszny) if you run out of Ruud’s (aka if he leaves)

    And of course a number 1 to bring it all together.

    That should last me at least 19 weeks or so.

    I know I have plenty of cash, but that I am pretty cheap so push comes to shove I would settle for a number 6 and 17, but the number 1 looks so good.

  17. 3. Santonio Holmes, Jets WR: Arguably one of the 10 best receivers in football. Could explode on a pass-first team.

    Uh, what?

  18. The Packers might check on Matt Roth…
    OLB that has experiance in Dom Caper’s defense… Aquire him so we can have a compliment for Clay Matthews.

  19. I don’t know who deserves to be on the “just missed” list less, Croyle or Thigpen. Both are not NFL quarterbacks. Hell Daunte Culpepper deserves a spot there more than them, and he hasn’t even been in the NFL for the last year or so.

  20. mikewhorio says: Jul 26, 2011 10:41 AM

    Santonio Holmes a top 10 WR???? HUH???
    This is a list of available free agents, moron.

  21. donterrelli says: Jul 26, 2011 9:56 AM

    No Lamar Woodley, Steelers LB?

    Woodley signed his Franchise tender prior to the lockout. He is not a FA.

  22. Braylon Edwards has quickly gone from overrated to underrated.

    This idea that Santonio Holmes is “miles” better than Edwards is a fantasy.

    Go compare their per-game numbers last year.

  23. So Matt Roth is a complete linebacker who hasn’t uncorked his pass rushing ability and is one of the worse coverage linebackers in the game. Gotcha.

  24. Tiki Barber, a 36-year-old running back who’s been out of the game for 5 years, is on the “just missed” list. I’d humbly submit that he, Owens, and Croyle are more suited for the “worst of the rest” list instead of “just missed.”

  25. twindaddy says: Jul 26, 2011 11:17 AM

    This is a list of available free agents, moron.


    Read the actual WORDS in the article, moron.

    “Arguably one of the 10 best receivers in football.”

  26. The number 1 Full Back can’t even make it into the top 80 FAs? This just proves why the Texans should not make V Leach the top paid FB and spend the money elsewhere.

  27. Whaaaaaat no al bundy he scored 4 td in one game for Polk high in the championship game he definitely in top 80

  28. Hilarious.

    Guy makes a list that is strictly an opinion and people go nuts.

    No reason to get worked up over one man’s opinion.

  29. Make a play for one of the Falcons guards Chicago. Overpay or not, it is the right thing to do…

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