Welcome back: Logan Mankins, Vincent Jackson ready to return

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It’s hard not to notice the symbolism.

Within minutes, separate reports surfaced that Patriots guard Logan Mankins and Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson were both ready to return to work.

After weeks of seeing their names in the headlines and getting criticized for being selfish, it’s almost as if the two players decided together that they didn’t want to look bad any more.  Oh, and the pay for franchise players isn’t bad either.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Mankins will sign his franchise tender and report to work this week.

“Early this morning, Logan spoke with Bill [Belichick] and both are very happy, happy to get started,” agent Frank Bauer told Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com.

Jackson, meanwhile, will show up Friday to sign his tag according to Scott Bair of the North County Times.

Mankins and Jackson never got a $10 million payment from the NFL for their signature, but they will both earn more than $10 million in 2011 for playing football.  Imagine that.

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  1. “but they will both earn more than $10 million in 2011 for playing football. Imagine that.”

    Many of us do, which is why it pisses people off so badly when they act like jerks about their pay.

  2. Vjax would be a big surprise if he’s in on time. I can see Mankins signing and reporting though. Jackson has already shown that he doesn’t care about the team, it’s all about his pockets.

  3. These guys were smart to backdown from their demands. I can’t imagine the backlash they would’ve received if they would’ve tried to stand firm.

  4. It’s about time VJ. I was getting sick of your fantasy football outlook having an asterisk over it.

  5. MVP43, I understand your frustration in regards to Mankins and VJ holding up the CBA….but to call either of them a jag is way off base.

    Hell, many consider Mankins to be a top 3 guard, if not the best in the league.

  6. Manning just signed his tender, $23 mill, and reportedly said,”The Colts are getting me for a one year bargain. Now get me to makeup, I’ve got laxative to sell.”

  7. hireclixscott says: Jul 26, 2011 2:34 PM

    How come no one is blasting Brees or Manning for their supposed demands of never getting the franchise tag. How soon we forget.

    Maybe because those supposed “demands” were never substantiated and vehemently denied. But because the court of public opinion is full of mentally deficient sheep, people while complain about this for years to come.

  8. Mankins will have a great year and most likely get a new contract soon, but AJ Smith already is starting a war of words towards his agent today, AJ is the most overrated GM in the NFL. At least he should have got to a SB with the roster he had and got to hire his new coaching staff in 07 if he was as good as he thinks he is. plus the guy never can shut even though the next day he will say we don’t talk publicly about football business.

  9. Vjax would be a big surprise if he’s in on time. I can see Mankins signing and reporting though. Jackson has already shown that he doesn’t care about the team, it’s all about his pockets.


    I’m sure when you are up for your next raise… You’ll be thinking about how your teammates feel… People act just like these guys are athletes they should just work for anything over 1 million just because they are athletes. People pay big bucks to watch these athletes & they are the show… Vincent Jackson & Rivers is a SHOW for fans… stop being jealous & realize these guys get 5-10 to get theirs & get out… Jackson has lost out on the big 20-30 million guaranteed money by continuously having to accept the franchise because AJ is a POS… I know, franchise tender is a lot of money… but that’s for one year & then you get hurt & are out of the game for life. That’s why I agree with 1 time usage on a player, then sign him long term or let him go.

  10. goawayeverybody says: Jul 26, 2011 2:17 PM

    Actually the way these two have been treated by their owners is pretty horrible, especially Jackson. But oh well.
    RE: Mankins- You’re kidding right???
    What proof is there that Kraft did ANYTHING to him????
    Or Spanos to Jackson?

    BOTH of then decided on their own to hold out until they would lose eligibility. Sure they have the right to do that, but the teams have the right to tag them also. Hardly enough for me to say, OHHHH poor babies” to EITHER of them.

  11. I leave for the war, so it’s too late for me. I would have liked to at least go to training camp, but they took that away.

  12. I think what will happen is Jackson will come back sign the tag, play and I can see a mid-season trade involving him by week 7

  13. I would guess that both players received secret assurances that they will be dealt with (signed or traded) this season, in exchange for settling the lawsuit.

  14. At this point, V-Jax is becoming a younger version of TO…. except it took TO a few more years to earn his selfish rep. It’s guys like this that make real pro’s like Donald Driver stand out even further

  15. For the individual player, the franchise tag means that you will get less money and no long-term contract. They end up with much less than they would in the free market. Who wouldn’t be upset with this, especially when each football player is one injury away from being out of the game?

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