We’ve got a kicking competition in Detroit


It’s not training camp until we have a good ol’ fashioned kicker battle.

Detroit will provide one this year.  In one corner, you have franchise legend Jason Hanson.

In the other, you have Dave Rayner.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports Rayner agreed to a one-year deal with the Lions.  Rayner replaced Hanson during last season when the 20-year veteran was injured.

13 responses to “We’ve got a kicking competition in Detroit

  1. You can’t replace a Jason Hanson, not as a player or as a person. You just need a steady backup until he turns 65 and can retire!

  2. Don’t most teams sign a second kicker for camp?

    It makes sense they would bring in the guy that kicked for them last year.

    To say this is a battle is a bit of a stretch.

  3. Punting compettition, too …. Lions picked up UDFA Ryan Donahue, a punter from Iowa as well as Jared Jenkins, a WR from Wisc-Stevens Point who also punts. In 2009 he was selected the AFCA First Team All-American Punter.

  4. Hanson will be the starter, unless he’s hurt. Really isn’t a battle. Will just allow Jason more rest in the preseason and during camp. Hanson’s there until he retires. Raynor will probably be the guy when Hanson retires. He did a good job.

    Pretty amazing that the Lions have only had 2 starting kickers since 1980. One position the Lions can constantly fill.

  5. God, I remember the screaming when Hanson replaced the OTHER kicking legend, Eddie Murray, in Detroit.

    Rayner kicked really well last year, including a 55 yarder late in the game against Minnesota…a game the Lions won.

    Hanson has lost significant distance, especially on his kickoffs, and this is a very real battle for a roster spot. I personally think Rayner will end up as the Lions’ kicker, especially in view of Hanson’s cap number, which is quite a bit over the minimum.

    Fantasy players need to watch this, carefully.

  6. Killer Kowalski reports that the job is Hanson’s to lose. The big issue is whether Hanson can finish a season without being injured.

    He says the thinking is if they decided to waive Rayner, they can re-sign him. If they waive Hanson, he’s gone forever.

    Kickers are so important these days that I’d keep Rayner for insurance.

  7. oof, this is gonna be a tough decision…seriously…personally, I don’t think Rayner is proven enough to replace the all time Lion’s scorer.

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