49ers will cut David Carr

The 49ers need a No. 3 quarterback, but it’s not going to be David Carr.

Matt Maiocco CSNBayArea.com reports that the 49ers will release Carr Thursday.  It would have been a big surprise if they decided to keep him.

Maiocco points out that Alex Smith has consolidated his hold on the 49ers starting job.  It’s clear that Carson Palmer isn’t coming to town, and Matt Hasselbeck has gone elsewhere.  We’d anticipate the 49ers sign a young player for the No. 3 job.

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  1. I was in Houston when the Texans drafted David Carr. Hell, even the local Mickey D’s had a promotion to get a Carr bobblehead. The Texans and their fans acted like they had won the Super Bowl when Carr “beat” the Dallas Cowboys in their opener. It’s still on the walls of the front office in Reliant Stadium. But, alas, Carr was always getting beaten into the ground because the OLine was absolutely horrible. Not surprised he would get cut…he should enjoy the millions he has leftover from Htown and move on.

  2. Good riddens, Carr! We have Jeremiah Masoli as the 3rd, probably will sign 1 more. Hopefully Josh Johnson from the Bucs!

    AS, CK, Masoli, JJ. Let the best man win.

  3. *throws the piling on flag because of the pic*

    Nice, real nice. Why don’t you give him a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it while you’re at it?

  4. People are always quick to blame the our (The Texans) O-Line for David’s shortcomings, but ever wonder maybe it could have been Carr that brought a lot of it on himself. Look, I’m not saying that the o-line of those years weren’t bad, but to say its completely their fault is just ridiculous. After David Carr left, that same o-line cut down on sacks by half. David just simply held the ball way too long, and in a lot of cases he would pull a Peyton Manning and lay in the fetal position in anticipation of a sack. You can’t hold the ball for 4-8 seconds every play and not be sacked a record number of times.

  5. I think they meant to say Palmer is NOT coming to town. With Smith, Kaepernick and a 3rd to be named later, there isn’t any room for him.

  6. As to Carson Palmer, he sold his house in Cincinatti, so maybe he moved out to the San Francisco area, which is technically coming to town, but not in the joining the team sort of way.

  7. Sounds like a good signing for Washington. Apparently fits the mold of the QB’s they want.

  8. It is clear that Carson Palmer is coming to town … to retire that is. The Bay Area is where he lives. It isn’t so ominous for the small percentage of PFT viewers that know that. Which leads me to wonder why it was stated like this.

  9. Go back and look again. Rosenthal wrote, “… Carson isn’t…” coming to town. As in ‘is not’ blah, blah, lol.

  10. The 49ers need a No. 3 quarterback, but it’s not going to be David Carr.

    The 49ers also need a No. 1 quarterback.

  11. I wonder if this is the end of the line for Carr?

    Oh, and, yeah that picture is hilarious.

  12. Damn, that’s impressive. Carr threw the ball so hard, it went all the way around the world and right into his own number. Take that, Mike Vick 100 yard pass!!!! Hard to imagine why this guy’s being cut.

  13. Carr actually played well his last year in Houston, once Kubiak came in. That naked bootleg, a.k.a “The Jake Plummer” seems to work against anyone.
    His completions and comp % were all the best he ever had, and his sacks were way down from the year before.
    I understand the Texans had to make a change if just for the perception of their team but him being let go had nothing to do with his play on the field that year.
    I thought it was a bad move at the time, that a new coach was good for him and things were looking up, though it seems that Schaub is working out for them. They still don’t have a playoff appearance though so you could make the case they’re no better off now than they were then.

  14. I would feel bad for this guy if he was anything but a douche, but he’s a douche.
    And no it wasn’t always just the OL. He was the master of the “getting a sack because he ran OOB behind the LOS” guy.

  15. Honestly, Alex Smith didn’t do anything to prove he is any better than David Carr. David was a solild backup in New York. I’d take him back in a heartbeat to be our #2. Carr was supposed to be given a shot to compete for #1 in San Fran, and that never really happened. There will be a good 5 to 10 QBs that end up starting somewhere this year who I would NEVER start over David Carr.

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