Reports of Clements release prove premature


The 49ers continue to clear room for a possible run at Nnamdi Asomugha.

Matt Maicco of reports that San Francisco has told cornerback Nate Clements that they will release him.  It was long believed Clements needed to take a pay cut to return, and they didn’t work something out.

It’s the sensible move.  It clears major salary cap space for a player that struggled to be a league average starter.  If the 49ers want to upgrade at cornerback, they could also make a move for Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

UPDATE: We were overdue for a premature report.  Multiple reports now indicate that Clements isn’t cut. Yet.  A restructured contract could be a possibility.

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  1. Johnathan Joeseph is my 3rd option as an Eagles fan. If they don’t get DRC in trade with Arizona or sign Nnamdi then the only other CB that would be worth a damn for the Eagles to sign and consider as an impact upgrade would be Johnathan Joeseph…

  2. Clements’ signing rivaled Barry Zito’s in sheer FAILURE. The guy never had a great season here in the bay. Good riddance!

  3. Primary Goal: Nnamdi Asomugha

    Backup Plan: Johnathan Joseph

    Either way, they are getting a cornerback…I have a feeling it will be the latter of the two.

  4. Nnamdi will not be a 49er, his sister was just on the radio in NYC, where she lives, and says she looks forward to seeing her brother play at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

  5. Well that only lops off what, like 11 mil? That plus current cap space, they could probably get Nnamdi AND Joseph if they really wanted to. But just get Nnamdi for the time being.

  6. Good move on the 49er’s part. He was never worth what they signed him for. Sloooooooow in coverage but a good tackler. Better prospect as a safety than CB.

  7. Asked whether she believes he will be a Jet, she replied, ‘we expect to see each other a lot more.’

  8. Nate Clements was the Nnamdi Asomugha of 2007 when the 49ers made him the highest paid defensive player ever at the time. Such is life in the NFL.

  9. Why do the inner let go all big names like spikes,franklin and nate but don’t ever sign a big ones. We only had a defense to watch last year now we can only watch the commercials. Wtf

  10. These stories about cornerbacks are somewhat saddening because I continue to not see the Falcons mentioned. And even though I think they’ll average around 30 ppg this season, if you’re letting teams put up 40+ on a given week.

  11. Obviously Nate is convinced that he is still viable as a corner (ego can be a killer). Now that he’s cut free, we will see if he’s right. I think this time next season, he will either be sitting at home, or be somebodies back up and nickleback – and wishing he had taken whatever deal the Niners offered. I wish him well.

  12. 49ers let go of Nate Clements
    I seriously didn’t know he still played…was he hurt for the past couple of season?

  13. 3 years too late but hey whatever. Now go get Nnamdi or Joseph. It’s obvious they are going for one big time because you can’t trust Brown to start opposite of Spencer. Even at that price they wouldn’t cut him without looking to get better at the position

  14. f yeah, this is good news , trade gore for a wr or d line and start Dixon and hunter then the cherry , NNAMDI

  15. lbpackfan says: Jul 27, 2011 5:35 PM

    Nice INT return vs Falcons last year…oh wait…

    That was Dre Bly, but thanks for playing. smh

  16. La Canfora tweeted that this hasn’t happened…yet. IMO probably will but as of 5 minutes ago he had not been told this by the team.

  17. Jets are becoming the Miami Heat of the NFL. Nnamdi or not, I can’t wait til January when Sanchez is watching another DB return his intended pass for 6 points to knock them out of the playoffs again. The way Jets are going about things, their window is only this year, cause after that, all these contracts will balloon and salary cap hell will force them into another rebuilding.

    If Nnamdi is smart, which he is, he’ll ink the Niners contract… stay in the Bay and play for a team on the rise.


  18. dwoofer says: Jul 27, 2011 6:06 PM

    What they are really saying to Clements is: “You couldn’t cover Larry Fitzgerald.


    Actually they usually used Spencer to cover Fitzgerald, but you are partly correct as that’s the reason he didn’t cover him much lol. What they are saying is you showed up fairly decent against elite receivers when the pressure was on, but you got flippin burned by every single average receiver in the NFL.

  19. Hahahaha another premature report. Could still be true but at least you get points for style and bolstering the hearts and minds of ignorant fans everywhere. 😀

  20. Yeah blame Nate. He’s only playing in a Defensive scheme called by an inept Coordinator. How soon people forget that Nate kept the biggest Receivers quiet on a regular basis until Manusky put the Defense in Bend but Don’t Break mode and lined the Corners up in Zone coverage 10 yards off the ball.

    Talk about a recipe for failure.

  21. goldrush36 says: Nice INT return vs Falcons last year…oh wait…

    That was Dre Bly, but thanks for playing. smh


    Lol at you bro. And lol at anyone who thumbs upped your mistake. Dre Bly was out of football by September last yr. Here in Atlanta against the ‘9ers Nate Clements had a GAME ENDING interception thrown by our “Matty Ice” that all he needed to do was to kneel down. Well he wanted to play hero and have like a 70 yd return but was Run Down by Roddy White and Harvey Dahl I believe and had the ball stripped. We drove back down the field and scored. Nate Clements hasn’t been heard from until now….And even that was premature —smh

  22. Oh oops, I see now. I didn’t realize Clement did the very same thing so I apologize. Anyway, I have hated him since day one so it doesn’t matter to me

  23. I would luv for the 9ers to get Nnamdi.
    But I think we might be better off with Johnathan Joseph. He is just as good in my opinion and he’s a little cheaper so that would leave us more $$$ to grab another top free agent.

  24. If 9ers can get J.Joseph for 1/2 the price, I say go for it, and sign Shaun O’Hara who just got released by the Giants. He’s a mauler at center… Wragge’s not gonna cut it.

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