And we have a new PFT traffic record

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The first day of free agency usually provides our busiest traffic day of the year.  Today was, but technically wasn’t, the first day of 2011 free agency.  And even with less activity than expected and a five-month lockout still not fully resolved, the first day on which teams could talk with free agents resulted in a new all-time PFT traffic record.

On March 5, 2010, the server hamsters served up 3.803 million page views.  Over the last 24 hours, a whopping 3.889 million page views flew out of the server farm, to nearly 640,000 unique visitors.  (As Florio Jr. once asked in response to that statistic, “How many of them were normal?”)

So thanks for embracing the NFL and, in turn, PFT now that football is back.  We’ll keep cranking out content during the most active week the NFL will ever see.

27 responses to “And we have a new PFT traffic record

  1. Hey, man… You guys do a good job of keeping the info flowing. I even like the fact that you pull the trigger too soon sometimes. It’s entertaining. Thanks

  2. You guys earned it. You were great keeping us up to date during the lockout & keeping us up to date with all the player movement news. Hat tip to PFT.

  3. Congrats … your hamster is a hoot. It would have been a perfect football day if my Crimson Tide had stayed out of the news. But at least Pittsburgh had finally did something.

  4. Now maybe you can reel in some bigger advertisers and replace that Playtex Gentle Glide ad with something more suiting for this website.

  5. This is a good site and was a brilliant idea. Putting all the NFL buzz in one place with minimal traditional sports columnist drivel works for lots of folks. And leaving it at just comments for interaction keeps the gigantic pissing matches at a minimum.

    Now just hope somebody else doesn’t throw up a bigger better clone.

    Well done.

  6. No ESPN for me today either…their “reports” are still trickling out regarding stories that were mentioned 6h ago on PFT.

    The delay no doubt due to the fact that Schefter is stepping all over Clayton and Mortensen in so far as breaking stories and also stealing thunder from so called expert schlubs like Hoge.

    Keep it up…when Favre hints at coming to Seattle and Rex Ryan declares he’ll battle another team’s coach in a cage match to be able to sign Asomugha, the numbers will go through the roof.

  7. Not toake your head allbig but I LOVE this site. I’m always on it, it’s my homepage for my iPhone…but I’m not calling you dad, EVER! Not even if there’s a fire!!!

    (yeah, a step brothers ref.)

  8. Buy yourself and the hamsters a steak dinner. Not the cheap sh** either. Congrats

  9. LOL what happened to all those tools whining about how they were done with the NFL after this or that minor setback? What happened to all you guys crying about “the fans?”

    Another huge win for Goodell. Long Live Goodell! Goodell is Good for the NFL.

  10. It would seem that during the lockout, I became a fan of this site. I’m not one of the diehards, not a fantasy football player and not a scouting report addict. (In fact, I prefer baseball.) But if you want football news, this is the place to be. And lord knows, there is news this week.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. You guys have got to be freaking kidding me. You actually found this offensive?

    @jfaoyx …

    Thank you. I was having an “I can haz football” moment. 😛

    What, you moderators have never heard of The Colbert Show? You should get out more.

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