Babin eyeballs a return to Philly

Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson had 11.5 sacks last year.  And he’ll sign a six-year contract with $32 million guaranteed.

Titans defensive end Jason Babin had 12.5 sacks last year.  Hmmm.

Babin joined PFT Live today to talk about his future.  We highly recommend watching the entire segment, if for no reason other than to learn about the “Caveman Diet.”  For now, we’ll focus on what he said about his next destination.

Though he was initially coy, he eventually acknowledged that the Eagles are on his short list, given the presence of former Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

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14 responses to “Babin eyeballs a return to Philly

  1. as an eagles fan i’d like to see him signed, we need a DE but signing him is risky because he did nothing for us 2 seasons back. I hope we can get him at a decent price and hopefully washburn will get the most outta him if he comes to philly.

  2. id love to see them get cliff avril from the lions, i think hes a free agent, althought detriot probably wont let him go anywhere because their line is the best thing going for them right now

  3. He was awesome in the preseason for Philly. He was stuck behind other players on the depth chart. With new emphasis on attacking, Washburn scheme, Babin would be more effective this time around.

  4. How was he bad for us??? He was a beast in training camp, but we decided to let him go. Obviously that didn’t work out for us. It’s not the first time the eagles let go of talent…Derrick Buress, Chris Clemons, + many others

  5. Any Eagles fan who knows football could see that this guy was a difference maker every time he came into the games the season he was with us. I couldn’t believe we let him walk.

    We could have signed him to a long term deal for cheap………ughhhhhhh….

    He is good, but he isn’t worth that kind of money.

  6. For everyone saying that he was horrible and did nothing for philly…
    Did you forget that the d-line was a carousel. Actually the entire defense was a sub in and out gameplan. The only player that stayed in was Trent Cole. It isn’t a fluke that Babin, Clemons and Gaither went to other teams last year and produced big time. I am very comfortable getting babin over some of the other de’s

  7. He’s going to be WAY more expensive this time around. Maybe he can spend some of that coin at a good tattoo removal joint.

  8. This guy was beast last year for the Titans and played out of his mind. He filled the void perfectly that was left when Kyle Vanden Bosch went to the Lions. Any team that signs him will be glad they did. He’s not the same player that languished in the league his first few years.

  9. He might play well this season, but I doubt any team (especially the Eagles) is gonna give him as much money as Charles Johnson – Babin’s only had one great year and he’s over 30.

  10. To the posters on here that comment about Babin playing poor for Philly, you have to remember that Jim Washburn wasnt our D-Coordinator at the time. Phillys D-Ends have been playing run-first defense for years. Washburn lets his ends speed rush the QB and allows them to run upfield and pass rush first. Thats why Babin put up 12.5 sacks for him last season. Look at Chris Clemons last season in Seattle. He didnt do much for us(although I will never forget watching him run down the sideline vs Dallas and stiffiarming Tashard Choice to get into the endzone) while he was an Eagle, but had a great season for the seahawks. Remember Burgess after he left the Eagles and made the Pro-Bowl out in Oakland? Trent Cole has a great shot at leading the league in sacks this season.

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