Babin provides proof of Ruskell-Holmgren rift in Seattle

This one takes us back a few years, but it provides a rare glimpse into a phenomenon that exists when the G.M. and the head coach of a team aren’t on the same page.

In such situations, the G.M. signs players — and the coach simply doesn’t use them.

We first became aware of this dynamic way back in 2001, when former Jets G.M. Terry Bradway brought in several guys that former Jets coach Herm Edwards wouldn’t put on the field.  It’s a not-so-subtle way for coaches to get power over personnel.  Eventually, the G.M. throws his hands in the air and signs players that the coach wants.

In Seattle, after coach/G.M. Mike Holmgren lost the G.M. title and after widely-perceived Holmgren “yes” man Bob Ferguson was dumped as G.M., Tim Ruskell got the job.  And defensive end Jason Babin ended up being caught in the middle of a coach-G.M. pissing match.

Babin, who appeared in only four games over two seasons with the Seahawks, tells the story in his Wednesday appearance on PFT Live.  We recommend taking 10 minutes or so to listen.

Babin also said that the ties to Ruskell, who now works for the Bears, are driving the speculation that Babin could be headed to Chicago.

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5 responses to “Babin provides proof of Ruskell-Holmgren rift in Seattle

  1. Makes you reevaluate Holmgren as a coach. Babin is a stud and Holmgrem has us playing with mediocrity because of his ego. Have to wonder about other players that were brought in under Ruskell that Holmgren sabotaged.

  2. There was some serious dysfunction going on for a few years, and this adds some light to that.

    Seattle is still washing away the stench of Ruskell. His mismanagement left the team terribly undermanned on the offensive line, a situation that caused the offense to suffer horribly, and one that has taken Carroll two years to rectify. Only one Ruskell draft pick will be on the projected starting five OLs this year…and it’s only been 20 months since he was fired.

  3. Ruskell is a moron who left our team in a terrible situation by ignoring the need for and O-line. While I do tip my hat to Holmgren for what he was able to do for the team, I do believe he sorta lost it at the end. I was not really upset to see him go I just wish we hadn’t had to suffer through Mora when he left.

  4. This is no suprise, the Vikings have had such a rift since Brad Childress became the head coach.

    Rick Speilman (their GM) brought in Gus Ferrotte and Sage Rosenfels. Childress benched them both for Tavaris Jackson, even though everyone on the planet (except for a select few really dumb Vikings fans) could easily see that Ferrotte and Rosenfels were drastically better than Jackson. In addition, Childress was responsible for Rosenfelds, Ferrotte and Tyler Thigpen getting cut simply because they weren’t “his” guys. It was ridiculous. Ownership should have stepped in but they failed.

    Other bad decisions by Childress…
    1: Keeping Albert Young instead of Ian Johnson, who was clearly better.

    2: Letting Chester Taylor go to Chicago when Speilman wanted to resign him.

    3: Getting rid of Randy Moss after the team gave up a 3rd round pick to get him. Moss can still play at a very high level, which we’ll all see quite well when he is playing for the Jets this year.

    4: Keeping our QB corps as weak as possible so he could keep T-Joke on the roster.

    I could go on and on. The fact is, guys like Childress and Holmgren are pretty good coaches, but they are mediocre to piss-poor personel men, who should learn to swallow their egos a little bit and take the advice of their GM’s who are clearly more capable at finding quality players.

  5. Ruskell was horrible…he took a Super Bowl team and turned them into junk in just under 4 years. Pretty impressive. I think his decision to T Tag Hutch instead of putting the FT on him was done to pizz Holgrem off(it worked). A complete idiot who shouldn’t be allowed in a football stadium as a fan.

    Holgrem always had ego problems, the problem was never his play calling(even though fans often knew the play before it was called) it was always the players who failed to execute his perfect plan, he was overly loyal to ‘his’ players, and he didn’t do so much as a GM either.

    It will take another 2-3 years, but Ruskell’s legacy of incompetence will finally be put behind the team and they will start winning again.

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