Bruce Gradkowski becomes a Bengal


A veteran quarterback is on the way to Bengals camp, but it’s not Carson Palmer.

Bruce Gradkowski has agreed to a deal to play in Cincinnati, agent Rick Smith announced on Twitter.

At the moment, it would appear that Gradkowski has a decent chance of being the Bengals’ Week One starter. Palmer isn’t showing up any time soon if at all, and it may be tough to get rookie Andy Dalton up to speed in six weeks.

Gradkowski’s first two seasons in the league were in Tampa Bay, where he played for head coach Jon Gruden. Now he’ll play for Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, who was an offensive assistant during Gradkowski’s time in Tampa and runs a similar system to his brother.

Gradkowski played in six games for the Raiders last season and started four. He completed 83 of 157 passes for 1,059 yards, with five touchdowns and seven interceptions.

34 responses to “Bruce Gradkowski becomes a Bengal

  1. Knows the Gruden offense.. Maybe be a better fit than Carson because of that alone..

  2. I think a great acquisition. Has played enough to be a vet, but really is untried. A great arm!!

  3. carlgerbschmidt says:
    Jul 27, 2011 4:54 PM
    Oh well, vikes. Hope that mcnabb thing works out for you…

    Yeah, I was kind of keeping Gradkowski in my back pocket if McNabb fell through. I still like Bulger, though. Is he still in the NFL?

  4. great for bruce the guy is at his best when he comes off the bench. he gave the raiders that spark & won us some games. good luck in cincy!

  5. Fiery leader but Im not sure if he’d want to mentor Dalton, he thinks he’s still a quality starter in the NFL

  6. Nice spark off the bench. He will try to do too much sometimes.
    Have plenty of ice packs and bandaids ready because he’s gonna get hurt. Not gonna be the consistent starter they need. Awesome backup.

  7. Wow.. I’ll bet Carson just bought his house back.
    Who cares?
    Thank you for reporting on it.
    Mike Brown is a horrible owner who only got his team through a DNA match.

  8. Gradkowski got caught up in a point shaving investigation when he was in college. Should fit right in in Cincy.

  9. I like this kid a bunch. He’s fun to watch. Not the most talented QB in the world but he never ever gives up. Kinda like a couple of other prior Bengals backups: Kitna and Fitzpatrick. Easy to root for.

  10. Good signing for Cincy. Gradkowski will add three to four wins easy to their expected win total for the year. So let’s see … Give me a minute while I add this up … Almost there … Yep … That means you can put Cincy down for three or four wins now.

  11. Gradkowski is similar to Jon Kitna in many ways:

    Smaller guy, not the greatest arm, but all heart / able to put together gutsy game-winning drives on occasion.

    Also, one of the best backups, and can be a temporary serviceable fill-in starter.

    Maybe he’s got a season in him like Kitna in 2003? I wouldn’t bet money on it, but it is possible.

  12. Great player with a BIG heart. It’s too bad his bones are made of glass.
    2-3 games, then IR. And that is not a put down, it’s a sad fact.

  13. I can’t help but wonder how many Bengals fans who thought of Gradkowski as a total scrub when he was a Cleveland Brown will now tout him as a great signing?

    Then again, when Andy Dalton is the alternative, then even Derek Anderson or Jake Delhomme might be considered a great signing, ha… Go get ’em, Bengals!

  14. Does Bruce know what he’s getting himself into?

    Good luck, and GO STEELERS!

  15. The Bengals only gave up 28 sacks last year, so Gradkowski might have a chance to show something… if he has any sort of running game to help him out.

  16. @trickbunny
    I think he has beaten the bengals every time hes played them.. I could be wrong but I can’t think of a time hes lost against them…. But any way a great signing to fill that gap.

    @glungeWhos He gonna throw to? Is that a serious question? Gresham… Shipley.. ocho… Aj… Simpson… Pick one

    Jus sayin’

  17. Bruce Seriously Bruce that’s your answer Mike Brown to getting a vet that can help bring the kid along? What’s the plan I can see it now:

    Bruce: Kid see how I read the defense, move my feet and communicate with the line

    Andy:Yes Sir

    Bruce:Do the opposite and you’ll be All-Pro

    Andy:Okay, but why did they bring you hear

    Bruce:I called in a favor from an old coach of mine, I think you might have met him at ESPN HQ? He say’s he loves everything about you

    Andy: You mean the crazy guy that yells at every college QB he meets & constantly brings up 2002?

    Bruce: Ya him

  18. I remember Bruce Gradkowski beating us bengals twice. He did it as a rookie for the bucs, and I remember thinking, ok this guy isnt the next manning or brady, but hes no bust either. This guy is OK. Then he took the raiders and led them to 2 last minute scoring drives against us bengals, and I couldnt decide if it was just a defensive meltdown, or this guy plays alot better in the clutch. I think it was a bit of both. Bottom line is, this kid is going to be a mediocre QB as a starter, but a great guy to have on your team as a backup. Reminds me a little of kitna but with a better arm, He aint gonna win the game for ya usually, but he wont lose it for ya either, which is exactly what the bengals need at the moment.
    Welcome aboard Bruce, Please beat out dalton for the starting job so the kid can have a year to learn behind you, give him time to develop chemistry with the receivers and team, and mentor him so that he can take the reins next year. In the mean time gradkowxki, win us some games, dont be the model of what NOT to do for dalton. 🙂 Best of luck, and WHODEY.
    Time to move on from Carson “Pick 6” Palmer

  19. Well … Gradkowski plays with a lot of fervor. And Palmer’s never been very demonstrative about playing with passion. So this could be a good thing.

  20. I don’t know if Cincinnati is big enough for two Bruce’s.

    At least we know this guy is successful in Paul Brown Stadium.

  21. Good luck, Grads… We loved you in the East Bay… No doubt the dude is a GAMER!! It’ll be interesting to see how he does…

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